22.2 Known Issues

Hello all, follow this post for information and updates about Known Issues with the 22.2 patch.

  • If Google Play users cannot see the update when it becomes available on other mobile devices (expected to be around 1 p.m. PT today), we recommend the same workaround as with the prior updates that did not immediately appear on Google Play: open your profile icon in the top right → open “Manage apps & device” → select “Updates available” → select “Update All.” That should cause the update to appear on your devices once available.
  • Players who have not yet updated to the 22.2 Patch will not be able to see this week’s new Tavern Brawl until after they update to Patch 22.2.
  • As documented in the 22.2 Patch Notes, the patch will be launching with Kael’thas, Silas Darkmoon, and Chenvaala temporarily deactivated in Battlegrounds while we work on an issue found in testing.
  • The Immovable Object remains… unmoved. Unfortunately, we were not able to fix the bug with the “You Are Not Worthy” achievement in Patch 22.2. The fix is being worked on and planned for a future update.
  • [Resolved 1/25] We are aware that the Heavy Armor treasure is not currently working as intended. We expect the issue to be resolved in a hotfix we are putting together for later today.
  • [Updated 1/25] We are aware that some Mercenaries’ Equipment are shown as unlocking at Task 1 and 6, instead of Task 2 and 7. That appears to be a visual bug only, with the Equipment actually unlocking at the intended Tasks like before. The solution to this visual bug is planned for Patch 22.4.
  • [Resolved 1/26] We are tracking reports of issues with the Shop. Update: Upon investigation, it does not appear there were any widespread Shop issues related to this patch. We will continue to track any individual reports we receive.
  • [Resolved 1/27] We are aware of a bug that made 1000-win portraits no longer available after the patch launched. We’ve identified the problem and are working on a how to resolve it in a future update. The fix to this issue is rolling out to each region now.
  • We are investigating issues with the Battlegrounds leaderboard not locking at the end of last season and with some players’ ability to properly roll into this next Battlegrounds season.
  • [Resolved 1/26] We’re aware that the first time you add Attack to your hero after playing Wildheart Guff, that Attack gain does not count for progressing Lost in the Park (the Druid Questline). We are resolving this issue in Ranked Standard with a hotfix update tonight and plan to resolve the issue fully in a hotfix within the next day or two. Update: This issue will be resolved for all Modes with today’s hotfix.
  • [Partially Resolved 2/1] There is a bug where if you don’t own a Mercenary, but do have enough Coins to craft the Mercenary, the game will offer you the option to put that Mercenary into the Training Grounds. But since you don’t own the Mercenary, the server rejects that selection and nothing happens. We’re investigating this bug. In the meantime, you can restart your client to remove the Mercenary you don’t own from your Training Grounds slot and put a proper selection in there. Update: Update: There was an edge case where players who placed on Merc they did not own and one Merc they did own into the Training Grounds would then be unable to interact with the Training Grounds. After today’s hotfix, those players will be able to interact with the Training Grounds again after either exiting to the main menu or restarting their client. A more permanent fix is planned for 22.4 which will avoid this issue by blocking players from placing Mercs they don’t own into the Training Grounds. After the 2/1 hotfix rolls out, the restart should also work for players who crafted the Mercenary they did not own while the Mercenary was stuck in the Training Grounds.
  • [Resolved 1/25] We are aware of an edge-case bug where selecting the Mysterious Stranger during a Bounty can cause a client crash. This issue will be fixed in a hotfix going out today.
  • [Updated 1/28] We are investigating an issue involving players getting stuck when finishing a Heroic Duels run. Update: A workaround to this issue has been found and has been shared in the new post dedicated to this issue. You can find more information in that dedicated post.
  • [Resolved 1/26] We are aware that Elemental Chaos in Duels is being improperly treated as a Battlecry effect. The team is looking into correcting this issue soon. Update: We determined that more new Duels cards also improperly received this treatment. All those cards were corrected in today’s hotfix.
  • [Resolved 2/1] We are tracking an issue where Duels runs are setting players to the wrong life totals based on how far they are into that run. We are investigating the cause of this issue and the solution to it.
  • [Resolved 1/26] We discovered that the combination of Tentacle of C’Thun (C’Thun’s Battlegrounds Buddy) and Titanic Guardian (Pyramad’s Battlegrounds Buddy) could cause an infinite loop that resulted in a game crash. After today’s hotfix, neither Buddy will trigger off the other gaining stats.
  • [Resolved 1/27] We are aware that the refund period for cards that were changed with the 22.2 Patch was cut short for a short time today. This is resolved in today’s hotfix. Please confirm the dust amount before you disenchant your cards as the hotfix will be rolling out region by region.
  • [Resolved 2/9] We have released a hotfix that resolved the issue of the Honor Event ending early.


1/25 Update: The team is smoothing out a few launch issues, so the 22.2 mobile release has been slightly delayed. We know how excited our mobile players are, so we’re trying to get the release out as soon as possible.

1/25 Update 2: The mobile patch has started rolling out on storefronts and should be available on all devices soon.

1/25 Update 3: Patch 22.2 is now available in the Google Play store. You may need to use the workaround listed above to make the update show up. The patch is now available on all devices.

1/25 Hotfixes: We rolled out a small hotfix earlier today resolved the Heavy Armor bug mentioned above. We are now in the process of rolling out another hotfix that 1) fixes the Mysterious Stranger bug mentioned above; and 2) partially resolves the Guff Questline bug mentioned above. The Guff-Questline fix in this hotfix will fix the bug in Ranked Standard only. We are planning another hotfix to fix the bug in all other modes and formats; we are hoping to release that hotfix tomorrow.


1/26 Hotfix: We are in the process of rolling out a hotfix that will: 1) correct some Duels spells that were improperly treated like Battlecry effects; 2) prevent an interaction that caused some game crashes in Battlegrounds; and 3) will complete the Guff-Questline bug fix that was partially hotfixed yesterday. These three fixes are further documented above. In this hotfix, we will also move the Duels Treasure Shadowcasting 101 from Pool 1 to Pool 2 Ultra Rare.


1/27 Hotfix: We are in the process of rolling out a hotfix that will: 1) allow players who placed a Merc they don’t own in the Training Grounds to exit to the main menu or restart their client in order to reset the Training Grounds; and 2) re-instate the full Dust refund period for eligible cards that were changed in Patch 22.2. Please confirm dust values before disenchanting any cards, to make sure that the hotfix has been rolled out in your region.

Earlier today, in a separate update, we also addressed the missing 1000-win Portraits. That update should be completing soon.


2/1 Hotfix: we are in the process of rolling out a hotfix. That includes both game updates and balance changes for Battlegrounds and Duels. You can read the details of the hotfix here.


2/2 Update: We have awarded Arcane Dust refunds to anybody who disenchanted any cards that should have been eligible for dust refunds during the brief period on January 27 when that refund period was unintentionally cut short.


2/8 Update: We’ve just released Patch 22.2.2. This Patch includes a few bug fixes, but it is primarily a scheduled balance Patch for the new content that was added in Patch 22.2. Earlier this morning, we rolled out a refund for a small number of players who received a regular Lok’holar prior to claiming the Lok’holar on the rewards track.

We are also aware that the the Alterac Valley event rewards have ended prematurely for people who have not yet completed their Honor Track. We are investigating the issue at this time.


2/9 Update: We’re in the process of rolling out a hotfix that will turn the Honor Track back on for players who haven’t yet completed it. Players are expected to pick right back up where they were before it ended early. This hotfix also includes a bug fix that will stop Battle Tactics (Vanndar’s Hero Power in Duels) from improperly being able to reduce the cost of Neutral Spells as well as minions.


We will continue to monitor the patch launch and update this post when we have more information.


Almost all of my mercenaries progress pre-patch is gone. Most of the heroes I unlocked, their levels, their equipment, all of the bosses I defeated - all gone. I only had 3 heroes left to collect and had completed all of the normal mode content as well as about half of the heroics. Heroic mode is no longer unlocked as well, despite having paid the gold to unlock it previously. The majority of my mercenaries were at level 30 and a decent number of them were near being maxed. Logging in, it’s almost like I never played the mode.


Have you tried restarting Hearthstone?
Are you sure you are on the correct Region (Americas, Europe, Asia)?

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Yes, first thing I tried. However, I stepped away from my computer for about an hour or so, restarted the battlenet app and opened Hearthstone yet again, and it appears to be fine.


Mysterious Stranger is intermittently causing disconnects when it is selected in the new bounties. When the problem happens, which has been happening about half the time for me so far, every time you click on Mysterious Stranger your connection is dropped. You can close Hearthstone, authenticate again, go back into the bounty, click on Mysterious Stranger again and it will disconnect you again. I have repeated this many times.

Not sure if this is true or not but please PAY YOUR QUALITY ASSURANCE TEAM.

It is obvious something is up. I’ve been hearing they are on strike because of low wages.

There are games by tiny indie developers with less bugs than this.

Hope things get better.


You should include what mercenaries are on your team. It could be a disconnect happening when a specific mercenaries task is offered.

I am unable to play Duels after installing patch 22.2 and finishing a run with the new Drek’tar hero.
When I enter Duels after I lost my third life and press Resume the button disapears and nothing happens.
The problem is both on PC an IOS.
Is this a know issue and how do I resolve it?


I mostly play duels and it’s not working at all for me.


There’s a bug with the Training Grounds. Mercenaries I don’t own were selectable for training. I selected one I own and one I don’t. It bugged. Now I can’t open the training grounds anymore. Already tried restarting the game a few times and it’s still bugged.


I am also not able to play duels after instal of latest patch. I press resume to continue my run from earlier yesterday and It just animates and then freezes.


No update for Google Play yet. Tried to update via the top right button according to the original post and selected update all apps but still nothing.


I am also having this exact same issue

“1/25 Update: The mobile patch has started rolling out on storefronts and should be available on all devices soon.”

Not seeing it on Play Store. Saw some Reddit posts saying the bad OS has the update but not Android yet. Any further updates please? (yes, workaround in Play Store has been tried)

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haha blizzard do blizzard things

blizzard owns google now ?

Google play is broken. Game is asking for an update that does not exist. How will players be compensated for the downtime?

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Add me to this list.

I am having a game freezing issue in Felwood 6 (Lord Banehollow Heroic). I am stuck on Mysterious Stranger. When I click on Visit, the game freezes. When I exit the game, I have the option to click Visit again, with the same results.

Baron Geddon
Balinda Stonehearth
Captain Valganger

I have all the task already completed for all the mercs other than the new ones. I also already have tasks at the campfire for Sinestra, Wrathion, & Balinda.

It seems that this error isn’t a one time error. I have found the Mysterious Stranger 3 times now with the exact same results. Nothing in the above post changed in my additional attempts.