Just Ban Quest?

Baku is fun to play tho, and still allows for homebrew concoctions. Questline decks are prebuilt predictable nonsense I wont waste my time playing against. Take a free win from me but I wont indulge you in letting you complete a questline.

I do have a 2nd mind about this that contradicts myself and I am fully aware of it. I will indulge in Druid Questline but only when I am doing so in a Baku deck. It is a quick approach to completion using only my hero ability and no predictable card plays like it would have to be in standard. (Not that I ever play standard). Gets me to Silver 5 and then I quit playing it because I dont enjoy the monotony of seeing the same decks from each class over and over. Its more fun in silver and Bronze where I never see the same decks twice.

My point is I agree with the overall idea of getting rid of questlines in order to save the game from being boring. Id like to see streamers adopt a plan to collectively not use them/avoid playing against them, purposefully staying below a certain rank in order to avoid seeing them. I mean its boring to watch someone stream a game of solitaire. If they want the views they would more likely change games than do any of the above. Either way, the game devs would react to that whole community shifting in response to questlines than any of us b****ing about em here.

And in order to make it fair in wild and allow them to flourish there, Id propose that questline decks can only be matched against other questline decks. This way everyone wins and no one is left insta quitting, or watching solitaire, or leaving the game entirely. Quest line players now have to race their solitaire deck against another solitaire deck racing them. I honestly dont see a downside to this solution.

It’s actually back in wild, unless it’s banned in the other modes now. i’ve been eating faces with it again recently. :rofl:

And it’s only OP against people that don’t know how to play. :eyes:

They also banned Stealer of Souls.

By your logic they should ban all mini set cards!

no sed is still banned in wild

there is a way to use it in wild but its a bug

People just don’t understand.

It’s banned from going into a “Wild deck” in the deck creation process.

There’s nothing stopping a person from creating a Standard deck that contains the card, and queueing up Wild.


the card is banned in wild

it should be unplayable in wild

regardlwess of if its standard legal

it should never be allowed their

is thie problem
standard decks are no longer wild decks by defalt

cards are banned in wild now
so decks used in wild cant include the banned cards

its a bug

banned from wild is waht we were told
banned form wild is the exspectation

banned is unplayable
not wat we see

It’s banned from “Wild deck” creation.

I don’t understand why that’s so complicated for you.

" Dev Comment: After monitoring both Standard and Wild since the release of Stormwind, we’ve decided to both increase the damage required on the first two steps for Standard and ban the Questline in Wild. In Standard, we are slightly upping the amount of damage needed to complete the Questline to slow down the speed at which Tamsin locks up games. In Wild, where there are many more efficient self-damaging cards, The Demon Seed can be completed at an unintentionally fast rate. We are banning the card to protect the format from the problematic gameplay it created. When The Demon Seed rotates to Wild, we will unban it and reposition the card to be more appropriate for the format."

banned from wild’

noot standart ddeck used in wild

the format

That makes perfect sense. If you read the whole paragraph, and not the small snippet that you are raging about, including the whole, “where there are many more efficient self damaging cards”.

Well, you can’t use those “more efficient self damaging cards” with it anymore. Mission accomplished!

the crad is banned in wild

that is what they sayed

demon seed is banned in wild

its a bug that stadnart decks can use it in wild

its not banned unlesse it cant be played in wild

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It is?

Which dev confirmed it? Where?

Why do you care? It’s not a great deck in Wild.

The patch notes don’t specifically say “bug”.

the patch notes specify banned in wild

what dev said that?

Here’s the list. It’s not in it.

what dev sayed its banned from wild deck creation only

demon seed is banned from wild
patches note says so

If you think it’s a bug, what are you getting from arguing about it with me?

Go ahead and report it!

Then when Gnome tells you that it’s indeed a bug, you will have shown me.

I mean I really don’t care either way. People stop playing a bad deck. They’re already not playing it at Legend, so I don’t care.

i have
just not here

still waitint for you to show where a dev has sayed its intended
the patch notes i sayed are from devs

sound confident in yooure claim
why evade it now?

Did you report over a week ago?

Because if you did, then they blew you off.

Again. When a Blizzard employee actually says bug, then we can say they’re treating it as such, it’s innocent of the accusation that it’s a bug as of last week.

stop trolling you know it isnt