Duels - Vanndar is the new OP hero

They are going to have to either up the cost of that hero power or remove the +1/+1 (or remove windfury as an option). It’s stupid broken. With Diablo gone and the other nerfs so far thing seem relatively balanced (for Duels anyway) but Vanndar is just stupid ridiculousness. No deck should have turn 3 lethal this easily.


Expecting balance or common sense from this batch of idiots isn’t a wise move. Did you see how long they kept Diablo Demon Seed active?


gotta agree.

As if the first few matches weren’t bad enough already. It didn’t need this

Drek’thar can spam Barov infinitely with Shadowcasting 101, which is a basic first pool treasure. Since their basic HP guarantees activation and then gets bonus attack from it, you can see how fun this match-up will be (on top of rotating spams of Healbot in between).

Pretending like Vanndar is the only problem is silly.

Difference you have to roll Shadowcasting. Vanndar is just OP without rng.

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This made me laugh - in a good way! :slight_smile:
Agreed, the nerfs were welcome, they should do them more often.
I also foresee that the passive that gives you a 1/1 cost 1 copy of the first minion played will be nerfed - I mean, as soon as I drew Loatheb I could keep any spell casting hero spell-locked till the end of the game.

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The Stormpike clan bows to no one.

I mind less ‘generic’ overpowered tier 1 treasures that are universally good for all classes. At least whatever your X build is of X class has a shot. That one passive though is almost an ‘I win’ if you have even a decent build. Definitely should be moved to Tier 2.

Wish granted.

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praised be

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