Recent Patch dust refund

Hello everyone,

I was checking my collection today to see if I could retrieve some dust from the nerfed cards from last patch but to me it seems that they aren’t on full dust refund at all.

Is that happening to everyone else or is just me?
I checked: wildpaw gnow, cloak of shadows and Scabbs.

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Oh yeah, I just checked all the nerfed cards as well and they’re no longer available for refund… I thought it lasted for like one or two weeks??

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I dusted when the patch came out and they were full refunded; I don’t see any reason why the refund period should have been reduced, so it’s probably a bug (imagine if they fix it in two weeks by saying “the refund period is now expired, as programmed, after 2 weeks” :joy: )

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according to the patch note, it should last for two weeks.

Unfortunately, I think the programming gives you a chance to get a refund the first time you look at your collection after the patch; however, if you don’t make the change the first time the refund goes away based on my experience.

There was/is an issue that caused the refund period to be cut short today.

They’re already putting out a hot fix to correct it and restore full refunds for the time they should be active. From the 22.2 Known Issues Thread in the Bug Report Forum:


Man, I give you mad props for being such an informative forum user. I really appreciate it.


Great! So that is the reason!

Thanks for sharing!

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