Stuck on old Duels match can not start New game

Having the same problem. This was after a few duels runs post-patch. Was on PC.

Duels is the main mode I play too so…:confused:

Just adding to the numbers here. Exact same issue. Duels is also my favorite way to play. Lame.


Adding to numbers as well. Thanks.

same problem cant start new run

Add me to this one too. Frustrating.

Hey everyone,

I asked around on this and found this is a known issue being looked into by the developers. It’s mentioned in the known issues in the Bug forums here.

To quote from the post:

  • [Added 1/25] We are investigating an issue involving players getting stuck when finishing a Heroic Duels run that they started in an older patch.

I wasn’t seeing any workarounds or solutions for this, so if it’s still affecting you, please post on the Bug forums and keep an eye out for future patches to address it. Thanks for the patience and understanding while it’s sorted out.


I am also getting the same issue although this was a new run with one of the new characters. I hope they can also patch the stuck screen for me as well and not limit it to old runs.

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Adding to numbers as well.

I also have the same issue, unable to play in Duels since the new patch.

Yes most of us are reporting an additional bug that is preventing it with runs started from the new patch not the older patch run. This is why we are bringing it up. Not the same bug.

As PhazicBam is mentioning, I have this issue on the new patch with a new duels run, it happened after the game froze right before getting the rewards after a finished duels run.

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Same issue… cannot start a new duels run no matter how many times I quit and restart. Please fix soon! this is pretty much the best play mode atm!!

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This. Exactly. Thanks for wording it so well

I also have this issue on the new patch. I click on the button to resume my duels, the button flips and then it just sits there and does nothing.

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Same issue - started a duel run after the patch and am unable to complete.

Found a work around, tapping at the bottom of the screen (Under “Season ends in > 1 month”) would bring up an empty deck list, while holding down, swipe to the right and it would open the vault of rewards and allow me to start a new run. This is on Android OS.

Hopefully it works for others.

should add, this is after selecting “resume”

Same here, one more to count!

Experiencing a similar problem. Just finished a (12-0) run with Mozaki, client was stuck after last win, can’t get back to duel run screen (gets stuck after clicking resume).
Also, I do not see the achievement (I should see the flawless Mozaki run)

I am seeing the empty deck list. What do you mean by “while holding down, swipe to the right”?

This is affecting me as well.