Missing hero skin

Wanderer Rexxar disappeared from my collection i raised a ticket, and they said they cant do anything and told me to post here.


I have the same problems. All my 1000 hero skins are gone and I cannot select them. I have been able to do so before the patch but after the new patch I cannot seem to select the skins.


The 1000 win portrait issue has been reported and is Known:

Help by searching first before posting to reduce duplicate issue threads.


I’m missing mine as well. Granted I only have a single 1k hero skin, but is my favorite and I do want it back.

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Better get fixed. Im not the same without my King Anduin i worked so hard for!

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My 1000 win Thrall is missing from the hero selection and in game but still shows up as the selected hero for the deck until I try to change it. I hope this gets fixed. Kind of stupid that things can just go missing in this game!!!

Bei mir das gleiche , Hexenmeister und Priester fehlen , wie haste das problem behoben ?