I stopped gaining honor and got deranked to corporal

I certainly hope after this there is some kind of catch up mechanism to finish the honor chain. I think I’m on pace to get it done on NA but less than halfway on EU/Asia where I need cards more. And now Asia is stalled out without a quest to progress.

On EU I was 220/660 on the quest for Lieutenant Commander, won against a Horde player, got 40 honor and advanced to 260/660. I think the only issue is when you complete a stage. You don’t get the next stage and get demoted to initial rank. Your achievement still has the right total honor. Does that match everyone’s experience? It think it matches most reports so far.

Same here! Reached the last quest after earning 900 honor, then the quest disappeared. I an still HK grandmarshal though and it says I earn honor, but I cannot see my quest progression.

I’d guess it has something to do with them removing the “double” Seasonal Event Quest.

I made a ticket with support, but the answer was that they are not aware of any issues around honor ranks. Now what? We are ignored.

Support doesn’t seem to know about it but the devs are looking into it, according to Gallon.

Same problem here. Downgraded from field marshal to soldier.

Same thing happened to me, i got demoted to “Private” and Alliance Quest disappeared.


Same problem here, i can get more honor, my quest dissapear

Yea. I would say that is accurate.

I hit Warlord (900/900) playing a mix of ranked standard and casual duels on US Servers. Received golden copy of reward card, and expected to start for High Warlord my next match.

Started my next game and noticed I was now at Scout rank (where the rank shows below your name.). After that game I checked quest log and found that the quest was gone.

I played a few more matches in ranked standard and noticed I still collected Honor Points though.

I started a ticket maybe 24 hours ago with Blizzard and my response suggested trying to get this problem known to the Bug Forum.

Appeared it worked, since someone stated that our issue is now under the thread Known Issues for 22.2.2 (I think that is right?). So hopefully a resolution soon.


I hit warlod and the Honor system vanish and I’m now consider a scout if I refer to my title while I play rank and when I win it say I got Honor point as a field marshal.


Well, there’s no need to guess since here’s the link: 22.2 Known Issues

“[Added 2/8] We are investigating reports that the Honor Event ended early yesterday.”
“We are also aware that the the Alterac Valley event rewards have ended prematurely for people who have not yet completed their Honor Track. We are investigating the issue at this time.”

A quick fix seems obvious to me - look at the honor, look at what the cards people have, do a database update or whatever that restores the quest to people at the right level (based on the cards from the chain in the collection) with the right amount of honor in progress for that level (based on the tracked value from the achievement). Why they won’t just do that as a triage measure and then get back to their investigating, I don’t know. The clock is ticking on getting to the end.


Thank you for sharing that.

I agree with your response about the fix. Seems logical and perfectly fair.

Thanks again.

Happened to me too. Went from Marshal to Private with no Honorquest.

As of today my quest has now been restored, it was just the honor i gathered before this fix that didnt counted towards the quest.

My quest restored as well today when i logged in (before like 5 minutes). Hope it get fixed for all of you as well.

It restored at the point it was before disappeared.

been fixe but you lost any Honor you might have won during the bug sadly. I probably lost around 200 Honor points :frowning:

My rank was restored. Thank you for taking care of this.

Rank and questline are restored, the honor points earned yesterday hasn‘t been counted. But in the gameplay achievement you can see the correct amount. Hopefully they will adjust it.

I lost all my honor towards grand marshal rank, I was about halfway to the end. Instead after the patch I am close to zero, as if my I just reached a new rank but I didn’t. So I actually lost honor. My achievement shows I am 6600/7200 so at least that is correct. I submitted a ticket.