Twisting Blades modifier CD reset bug

It seems Twisting Blades was shadow nerfed and it doesn’t work correctly atm it seems.

It says in-game (Advanced Twisting Blades):
When your Twisting Blades return, your active Cooldowns are reduced by 0.10 second per enemy they passed through, up to 2 seconds.

Unfortunately, it seems it only gives the CDR for the first enemy it hits/sometimes it resets nothing, even after passing through a lot of monsters.


So after some people checked it in Discord it seems it is 2sec CD per skill? I don’t know? Which would be absolutely trash.

It seems it works but it’s not a lot at all and kills this class completely. I started this class to have mobility and not just facetank like other classes. Now, it still feels like someone cut off the legs of the Rogue.

Please revert this change, Blizzard. Or reduce the dmg of TB a bit and increase it to 0.15/0.20 and remove the 2 sec cap. And also add all the information on how a skill exactly works.


I have the same issue, advanced twisted blade doesnt work at all, doesnt reduce Cd from the enemies that passes through.


Yeah I’ve noticed and not getting Any cool down reduction from it. Making nightmare solos very difficult atm


Yep… whatever nerf they did is not working correctly.


They just patched it. Is it still not working?

This is not the issue. The issue is, that the Twisting Blades kinda don’t give any CDR per enemy hit. It is currently more like “0.10 on first monster they pass through” … not even that.


I understand. But I thought this patch was supposed to fix that.

Nah. It feels more like they changed the tooltip when they first nerfed the CDR but forgot to change the skill itself. Now they also changed the skill so it matches the tooltip and now it’s not working anymore at all like the tooltip

Yup got the same issue, after some testing, it does reset only on the first hit on an enemy on every blade. So we’re kinda always off on cd, it feel wrong and build breaking. Seems like a bug tho


It has to a bug, it is not even reaching the 2s limit.
Was this even play tested before they pushed it out?

Definitely not tested because it’s obvious to anyone who plays TB.

Even if it’s working as intended, it is really really bad. It just fells like they ripped off the legs of the Rogue

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Feels unplayable now. Massive nerf. Guess I’m done till season 1.


can we get a response to this from blizzard? twisting blades also does not always return back now


the tool tip says Per Enemy hit. it would make no sense to only be the first mob.



preposition: per

  1. for each (used with units to express a rate).

Yes but while playing it, it feels and looks like it only gives you the CDR on the first hit. Blizzard should check that and, if it’s working as intended, buff it again. I am currently playing Rogue that has no legs

Glad to see this here, I was wondering why my build is completely not functional anymore. Guess I’ll roll a new toon for the time being, because TB rogue is unplayable.

Really feels off.

Tested it with spiders, massive number of enemies, the CDR feels inexistent.

This hotfix doesnt seem to have done anything.

This sucks.


Build is completely unplayable now. How long until you guys nerf Flurry?

Please advise so I cannot waste my time gearing out my character for now another build.

having the same issue here, cds are not been reduced AT ALL, I’ve tested it a lot, and it just doesn’t get reduced.

completly unplayable atm.