TurboHud, Bannable or Not?


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I know this is against the ToS. It is clearly something which Blizzard can ban players for when applying the rules as they are written, especially the part that reveals the map.

The meat
I have never used this program because I am worried about being banned however it is clearly very popular and there are a lot of youtubers and streams who use it. I would love to try it, it looks really informative, and whilst I am very much against the map revealing side of it, the numbers to me seem like a harmless way of checking your progress. Imagine a casual who sees one of these popular streams, decides to pay for, download and play the game as they have seen online, assuming something so public must be ok, only to be banned.

A simple question
Are players actually banned for using TurboHud? Or is it usually another offence such as that Bot that is available?

On that front too, why is there not a detector built into the launcher for such things? Sure the criminals will circumvent it, but it would at least significantly reduce the number of botters through it being more difficult to achieve and also just the fear factor of having a big brightly coloured cheat detector in the launcher.

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It’s great you should get it.
no you won’t be banned for it


THUD can get you suspended.

Send any proof of infractions to the Hacks team.



Using THUD can bring you a suspension.

Will you be suspended? That’s the big mystery. If it was up to me, I’d ban every single cheater on the spot. Monthly active user numbers can sod off.


Let’s hope they’ll do this in D4. If they release 2 expansions per year, at some point it will be quite expensive to be a cheater.


devil’s advocate here, I am willing to admit I have installed and looked at the features of turbohud in the past. (watch me get banned now) While i don’t use it i do know what it’s capable of… and some of the things are no different than what you can get in standard addons to wow. It would be great if D3(or dare I say D4) had a modding system similar to wow with addons that are legit and can be used without having to resort to a maphacking piece of software.

For example;

  • you can get a proper readout of your dps over the course of a rift or greater rift. (similar to a damage meter)
  • you can set up icons for various buffs and move them around your screen (IE CoE timer, stacks of various buffs etc) similar to weak auras in wow…
  • you can set up audio triggers for various things and events (IE a power pylon appears on your map, or a primal drops.) Similar to DBM or even the drop filters in PoE.

all that said, in the end it’s a maphack and I agree those that use it actively shouldn’t. I can see the temptation though haha.


There was a huge banwave that occurred many months ago or last year and many botters and turbohud users were banned.

Now, I wasn’t playing during that time, and I am not sure the people who kept saying they only used turbohud were actually “ONLY” using turobhud or were they botting and hiding that fact.

Personally, I wouldn’t use it if you can learn to do it all manually.

I don’t play the game due to always having to pick up death’s breaths instead of being able to auto loot them. I hate having to click click click every few seconds.


TH should not be allowed. It just does way to much. I am guessing Blizzard will do a banwave when D4 is just about ready to be released. :\


Blizzard isint going to do a banwave. A banwave right now is not going to be like 10% of the playerbase, it’s going to be an Avengers threat level Thanos snapping his infinity stones to wipe out 50% of the playerbase. What is a game without people to play, they too scared to do it.


Even if it wiped over 99% of the playerbase, it’s still not a valid excuse not to do it. Cheating is cheating, period. If a player chooses to cheat in online game, he/she should always be punished.


They could ban you for it if they chose to do so if that’s the question.

I don’t believe they actively ban people for using it though. Back when I actually played a lot it was extremely popular and nobody was getting banned for it. The occasional person claiming they were banned for “only” using THUD is probably either lying and did something else, or wasn’t even banned at all and is just trying to use scare tactics to discourage you from doing something they don’t like.

edit: looking it up since I haven’t looked at it in years, the creator now posts this warning on the releases “I highly recommend for every user in the TOP100 on any leaderboard: do not use TurboHUD or any other tools!
If you do, then you may risk your account, the fair competition and the future of TurboHUD as well.”

Back in the day I don’t believe that was ever posted, so it’s possible they selectively ban high ranking players for using it occasionally while ignoring non-competitive users?


Using Thud or any 3rd Party program is a banable offence. Blizzard have a history however of just being out right lazy when it comes to banning anybody for anything.

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Hey Dtune -

TurboHud has some cool features, but on the other hand, has some features that give players more of an advantage. In the past, TurboHud fell by the wayside and didn’t catch the attention of anti-cheat programs.

We’ll have more to say on this in the very near future, but to answer your question, TurboHud is seen as a program that should not be used in the game in its current state.

As for bots, their time is coming.

Botters, are you scared?
Banwave Request Please
Will be there any action against botters?
Is the Discord Overlay allowed?
Maintenance Mode
What is going on in the control room
What is going on in the control room

Well I’m sure many players will appreciate hearing that.


Literally so happy to hear this. I prefer competing with other real players not bots.


Well, at least we finally recieved some sort of an official statement regarding THUD. Since it does give an advantage, I really hope you put it in the same category with bots, and punish the users equally.


i’m beginning to like you.


Best gaming news in 2019 after D4 reveal! Let’s hope this happens before D4 launch!

What is going on in the control room

always funny to see the plebs that will never be even in the top 1K on a leaderboard or even make more paragon then someone would in the first week of season playing with an experienced group talk about the competitive sides of D3. i dont like the Bots either the best time in the game was the 3 weeks when it was Bot Free in Season 12. the on screen information for THuD is a must for top tier front page clears. the Map hack side can go away as far as i am concerned as people need to learn map layouts themselves. but you need to know the affixes and be able to see the elites in a field of a 100+ mobs on screen to be effective. as someone that has cleared front page by the end of a season multiple times completely 3rd party clean it is extremely tough to do. BLizzard need to Hire the Turbo HUD team and allow the add on with some restrictions to remove the full screen maphack which is the only real advantage. the minimap hack is nothing really and i dont see an issue with that one. but as for the on screen info its a must and i can tell you right now you think the game is dead now, you ban anyone using THUD [which has never been banned for before anyone claims they have heard of people being Banned for it] there will be no one playing this game at all and blizzard will shut the servers down 100% guarantee the botters keep this game alive by buying 2+ new accounts every season as well and having them running i have seen pictures of people running like 10 accounts at once which is 10 accounts bought and is also counted towards active users playing which is all Blizzard look at is the total of Active users. you kill 90% of the Active Users and the 10% of the people that play will be the same 1K paragon 1-2 hour a week players crying in this chat. so Blizzard will not support servers that cost them money instead of make them money. but hey i Love POE and only play the first day of season for the journey now anyway game has been a ghost town since season 13. enjoy the death.


Okay, and what about macros-users? I see them as cheaters as well .)