What is going on in the control room

:rofl::rofl:i know right

Avalon. why try to make a personal attack. try to address the subject. it may indeed help you

No personal attack, just a simple question, that you did not answer. No help from you required, I am doing just fine.

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Avalon. i have played d, d2 and d3 i have played from paunch day. i have played every season. why would that matter?

Because some people will jump on the forum and start running at the mouth and they do not even play the game. They act as if they know everything, when in reality they know nothing, they just want attention. People ask for blue and CM feedback, when we receive it the same know-it-all’s, berate the blues and CM. Others are just never happy with the answer, so they keep on talking.

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And you were told the answer. The answer is no, it does not mean botting is “awesome and legit”.

Then there is the big sticky thread at the top of the forum put up the other day reminding everyone that in addition to exploits, botting and cheating are actionable.

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you seem to have some kind of superiority or a complex of such here? your response is your opinion and i heard that. i was hoping that there were people of a more open mind. thanks for your imput. can we now listen to others

you know this thread is going to be locked soon :rofl::crazy_face:

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deRp. probably, but i will report it to trump :wink:

I will take a look at the webpage you suggest, because I am curious.
I think most of us would agree cheating of any kind is not legit, I do anyway.
I was just a little taken aback in the link to the thread that pointed out that specific person (without naming) on the leaderboard. But, and this is important, I did not want to start a rukus with you, tried to make my point without a personal attack or anything like that. Looks like I succeeded, as I did not intend this in my response.

It’s hard to type the written word to get it interpreted in the correct manner, as there is no body language, facial expressions or the like.
Have a good rest of your day, I’ll go check out that page.

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I obviously chose the wrong place to try and talk about a problem. seems i may now be considered that problem, ah such is life.
Bovie cheers. peace

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Yeah about aggressive posting.

He’s using a similar tactic as many of my logic obsessed friends. They have no conversational skills and conveying their ideas always comes off abrasive. It’s no wonder how no one listens to them. Frustrates them to no end, but they still can’t see it.

So i will exit here. leave people that prefer to address anything except reading and debating the subject. what anything else has to do with this i fail to comprehend. enjoy the day. I will not bother again.
to those that actually understood the point. thanks for your time.

I talked against botting back in the days at the old D2 forums (more than 10 years ago) and got banned by Bashiok (the blue) there.

I have many posts on D3 forums against botting/cheating.

When Matt told us botting’s end is coming my reaction was:

What do you want to happen exactly - they start banning all cheaters right now? This is not so easy to be done technically. They need to integrate first a 100% working automatic detection mechanism and then the game would be bot-free. There are also privacy issues with this.

Just be patient, this is to happen in the future. Matt is not trolling when he’s saying this and he’s not revealing any specific details about it - when it happens everyone will know immediately.


I think allot of people understood your post, it’s just some of us disagree with it. Which you didn’t like apparently.


I am not sure why a person would come to a gaming forum and accuse the developers of condoning cheating. When the CM and blues have on a number of occasion stated the opposite.

He wants either of two things:

  1. More information when banning starts so he stops botting before that
  2. Sooner start of banning so he enjoys pure game

We’ll never know I guess.

Hey folks,

This thread has nothing of substance or actionable feedback to it so we’re closing it.