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The new trailer did an excellent job of capturing the darkness that a lot of us have been asking for; game play looks quite interesting and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how the game develops.

It’s nice to see that Blizzard was in fact listening and we can only hope that it’ll continue to translate into the final game.


Was watching some streamers play the Demo and I love the open world system as well as the gloriously grotesque cinematic. I hope more is revealed AKA release date? or perhaps a closed/open Beta so we can test some of the futures.

Regardless loved the gritty dark look and the skill tree coming back. Lets hope this continues and finally a great game comes out of it.


So far this is an excellent mash up of WoW and Diablo… yes i just used wow as a reference. I am excited!


Hope to see an Amazon with Javelin abilities!


I noticed the graphics are from '99, will those be improving?


i have to admit… it got me a little bit curious on how this game will turn out. Loving the skill tree.


I’m curious about the open world thingy. Huge open maps are fun, but some of my worse MMO experience (I barely ever played any MMO) took place in areas where there’s a huge density of players all wanting the same thing — fighting each other for it (racing for the kill).

How “open” is the game? Will we be able to control who we encounter? (AKA if we make it private, we can only meet players we allow in)


Where can you see skill tree?


I like what I have seen so far, but i will not preorder this game until reviews and stuff. Learned that lesson with D3… The only parts I did not really like are the open world segment and that inventory interface which really looks ugly (i guess they will make it much better until release). And damn the oldschool skill tree is back… finally :slight_smile:


It’s not releasing until 2021 at the absolute earliest then. Damn, I might not even be alive to experience the true Diablo II successor I always wanted.


MMO shared open world style gameplay is exciting to me. I really prefer playing alongside random adventurers.


looks great, do not do what d3 did and launch your beta to late!, get d4 beta out asap so we can all help!


Graphic-wise, you got my seal of approval. That Meteor looked SCRUUUUUUUUMPTIOUS.

Now let’s hope the game director learns from ~8 years of D3 mistakes and does NOT repeat them in D4.


When they said barb can use 4 weapons i was like YES! Also skill tree, rune word and open world sounds awesome too. Really like what they show today. This could be the game that I always wanted.


Well, looked pretty darn good to me. I just watched the detailed panel on revealing Diablo 4. I lot of my silly style concerns were put to rest. Still have a single question to resolve but no biggy. IDK I thought it was pretty darn good.
Open world
Solo-able (did not hear about any special SSF mode)
World monster (looked raid like)
Itemization does not just revolve around sets
Rune words
Assignable skill points in skill trees
Super character customization
Non-linear game progression
Barbarian was shown to have 4 weapon sets that can be linked to skills

I’m fairly impressed,
Some of the special streamers will get quarterly live feeds to show game development progress - DANG!


Looks good. Looks like maybe you learned from the horrors of Diablo 3. The D 4 site is up should we expect D 4 forums soon? :wink:

Where di you get all that information?

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