Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q3 October 2021

Hi all,

The third quarterly update for 2021 is now live!. This is intended to be a dedicated thread for the purpose of discussion and feedback, and our developers will be prioritizing reviewing feedback or discussion here.

Please note that this is a dedicated thread intended for player discussion and we may not respond to or immediately answer questions in this thread at this time. We may consider questions or feedback here for future inclusion in Quarterly Updates, and look forward to reading your thoughts!

If you’d like to recap or revisit previous posts on the announcement or ongoing insights on Diablo IV development, you can see everything here:


Ahh it is finally here. thanks!

This inspired me to smash my china cabinet and throw bean dip on the wall. What… it sounded like a good idea.

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Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to hear more.

Wah wah wah…


yea it sounds ok but as i called
not much to say about it, not much feedback to give

can’t wait for the next update which will cause a LOT of feedback and discussions


Nothing about music ??? You guys teased it as early as last year (june 2020 blog), can’t believe you still have nothing to share…

But thanks for the update anyway, and good luck to Joe Shely as new Game Director. :slight_smile:


This was very enjoyable to read (and listen to!). Just about everything was a delight to listen, from the fire spells (especially Inferno!) to the monsters (wood wraith). Once again a very enjoyable update, and looking forward to the next one.

Quick question will there be some subtle changes to the sound of skills when used in certain enviroments? Like some hissing sounds when fire is used in the rain?


There is not much feedback to give. Everything is very high quality and it is made from real-life sounds which gives it very high quality.

Can’t wait for the next update, which will lead to a lot of feedback and discussions.

Something that I want to hear more about is itemization. With the D2R launch, I really enjoy the D2 Itemization and I wish that D4 would have the same itemization that D2 has. Where weapons only work with melee skills and the affixes works like faster cast rate, cold dmg, etc works with magical spells. Also, with weapon ranges on weapons.

Something else I would like to hear more about is crafting and how robust that system is and I also want to hear more about runewords. I really like the D2 runewords and how they were in D2.

Something else that would interest me is character depth, and character customization. With skills and passives and how deep that system is.


As uninterested as I am in the blog topic (not because it is unimportant for a game, merely as a topic), at least we got a name on the new game director!

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what you on about? this update was huge to get a feeling about the game.

yaaaaay!!! :smiley: thanks Devs :wink:

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Amazing… Wood Wraith had some extra creaking i didn’t like though (unless there were Wood Wraiths i didn’t/couldn’t see). Foam in sea around rocks not moving just going up and down with the waves is slightly an issue. More foliage needs to move in wind (Dry Steppes) and when stepped on (Wraiths footsteps). Lots more burning and cinders on destruction of objects needed, and don’t have objects disappear after a few seconds please. However overall everything else is… FABULOUUUS!


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And we also know what is coming in the next blog. :point_down:

“As promised, our next blog will cover endgame systems and visual effects.”

So that 2.7.2 PTR… :slight_smile:


If I had to wager a guess, I’d say it would be some time this month.

If I had to be critical of anything, it was about the Scosglen Coast Ambient Sound Effects video.

The sounds are great, no problem there. But I noticed something odd.

The wave action on the water is much too fast for a coast. Needs to be slower, and a bit more random than was shown in that video. Not a huge thing, but noticeable if you are used to living near a coast.

It just didn’t look natural to me. Waves are naturally never that uniform and normally don’t transition that fast. Just FYI.

Otherwise, the sound effects are awesome, I’m impressed.


yea it definitely lets us get a feeling about the game but it doesn’t really require any feedback
pretty much everyone will be satisfied with the sound of diablo 4
this format is supposed to get the peoples opinions to help the devs create a better game
they don’t really need any advices about soundtracks and ambience^^


It sounds good I guess, and I’m sure some enjoy the behind the scenes tour you’re taking us on. As far as feedback goes however this update feels like yet another one where I can’t actually provide with anything of substance. For future reference I just wanna say that I personally don’t really care about how you’re doing things. I don’t need a crash course in either programming or game design, I just want to see what you’re doing and why (with emphasis on the former), so that I can give my input on it from the perspective of a gamer (and customer).

Fingers crossed for next update. Don’t let it be about how you designed the endgame and what programming tools you used please. Please focus on presenting what type of endgame you are envisioning in the most detailed manner. As for visual effects, well… I hope it doesn’t take up half the blog where you explain the behind the scenes process again.

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Sounds are amazing. That the sounds are great I always trust. But this Fire Dragon looked amazing, too.

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