[D4] Light mechanic

First off let me state that I think the game looks promising so far. If the devs are willing to listen and make things better we might have the best Diablo game yet.

I wanted to talk about the light mechanic for a moment. Currently I think it’s a tiny bit too bright. I would love it if you could get + or - light radius on gear. The darker you are the easier it is to sneak past mobs. The brighter you are the farther away mobs will aggro you.

The reason this could be great is if they add an assassin class they could make abilities reduce your light to 0 and allow you to see in the dark which could increase your assassination abilities damage or critical chance.

I’m sure there are many other benefits but I just think it could help the flow of the game for builds that want to be tanks vs builds that want to be DPS.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this idea?

Please use an existing D4 thread or the dedicated sticky.

Thank you.