Diablo IV Announcement Discussion

Watched the feed on Blizzard about 20 minutes ago
Diablo IV revealed
Because I’m and old cuss there’s probably stuff I did not include cause I forgot!

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I did /twenty characters

The forced multiplayer bulltshiet is really disappointing. Exactly what the hell does blizzard have against solo players? What the hell did we ever do to you?


As always, the Blizzard cinematics look fabulous. Other details about the game seem neat, but we’ll have to wait and see on those. One sticking point for me is that I’m not that happy about only having three classes, and gender-locked ones at that. I really hope Blizzard reconsiders this.

What I really loved is how the itemization will work. :slight_smile: Barbs with more than 2 weapon slots. That was always a fantasy of me. Distinct slots to a specif class.

Open World is not mine and I discontinued a lot of game series that went this route. But for Diablo I will see how it will pun out and how it feels.

I play mostly solo. And the world wide boss events bugged me a little. That’s something you won’t be able to do solo? :confused:

But the new tone you guys set is amazing. And I strongly hope there are story additions and even more than only 5 classes over the course of D4 existency. :slight_smile:


saw it in the gameplay demo.

No gender lock here. They even show that there will be huge character customize. They also said there will be 5 class.


That’s not true there will be 5 classes for D4 at release and you can change your gender and look.


Ah ok, that’s great to hear!

Devs you are best!!! :smiley:


A bit early to say for sure.

Not too fond on the game being open world or that players can inspect each other’s gear (will there be an option to hide your gear, stats, and skill tree?).

However, the game overall looks quite promising and holds potential. I’m personally looking forward to pvp (I only hope that it’s not hostile based, like in Diablo 2, if it is, please give pve players ways to protect themselves).


My first impressions:

  1. Intro cinematic has to be the best Diablo cinematic ever. Greatly done, the summonning, repeating words, kind of like the books you encountered in the laberyth from D1. Aestethics are fenomenal, the blood, the petals, the cultist taking Lilith’s hand… I am impressed, well done!

  2. Gameplay seems very interesting too, maybe too early to give a firm opinion but looks in the good direction, skills, talents, points to invest, legendary powers, runes… amazing, keep it up! The graphics and combat style reminds me of Wolcen a bit, that huuuuge Sanctuary map looks promising too.

TL:DR: Clap, clap, clap, bravo!


They stated that there will be PVP areas (what ever that means) I think PVE will be ok.


That’s good, glad to hear that.

Here’s hoping PvP won’t affect PvE balancing and trading doesn’t screw up loot drops.


It was stated that this will not be likely ( too hard) - Several streamers were given permission to post the play demos, so we will see more preliminary game play footage.

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It looks really fine, but i hope there will be no forced MMO thing, it’s bad for the feel of the game. I’d really like to see a solo mode for the story.


Certainly will be interesting to see how they pull it off!

How will the leveling system work? Max level was 99 in D2, 70 in D3 (without Paragon). Will there be a similar system to Paragon in D4?

I’m also a very story linear player, meaning I start from the beginning and play through it to the end. Will that be an option?

Difficulties wise, we had 3 in D1, 3 in D2, and 20 in D3. I’m in favor of a multi tier difficulty system with a base system comprised of 2-4 difficulties, a 2nd tier (or ring) would have 5-10 difficulties, and a 3rd ring would have 10-15 difficulties. This ensures maximum playability and replayability. What are the plans for difficulties?


My one unanswered question is will open world be instanced or MMO like. Don’t know yet. There is a panel tomorrow for some more details on game design.