D4 separate forum

All the D4 topics need to be moved out of the D3 General Discussion forums.
Clutter, speculation, and not pertaining to D3 at all.
Needs to all be moved to Games and Technology sub forum
I would hope this can be cleaned up within a few days at least.


It was only recently pinned, so you may have missed it, but Nevalistis addressed this already :blush:

“Because we’re heads down in development, we’re not launching a dedicated forum for Diablo IV yet

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Diablo 4 won’t get a separate forum, at least not yet.

This comes with a caveat; we’re still a way out from launch. Because we’re heads down in development, we’re not launching a dedicated forum for Diablo IV yet .

Taken from here:


There is a sub forum that would be the proper place to have other game discussions already built in these forums. Needs to be used for D4 not in General…

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They already practically gave the okay, so unless blizzard change their mind regarding the placement for Diablo 4 discussion, that won’t happen.

Why isn’t D4 coming to the switch? D3 did & overwatch 2 is.

they should just remove the 3, and then this will be just the Diablo forums


How can you have a focused place to discuss D4 based on a couple videos and a alpha demo in the D3 forums?

As suggested by the topic OP
Please separate the non-shipping D4 topics from D3 forums so we can be existing in the present not speculating about something two years from now. Thanks!


hi where you can post ideas that can be used in some way in the game.
to some extent or entirely

They are putting it out there . Sadly though blizz just listens to the masses. I got a better idea,just let devs do there thing. If you have to hire back some of the old school devs from blizz north, To many devs have been pushed aside over the last 20 years for the sake of money. I like blizz when they where yound and profit was not the goal :slight_smile:

Please. For the love of God.

D4 is basically vaporware right now. It is 2 years away and will likely be delayed beyond that.


I somewhat like the idea of the new mechanic to items demonic and such… but it feels like they accidentally missed the mark at least in the example items posted…
One great thing about D2 is going through the game and picking up an item that’s blue and by rare chance its just loaded with stat and rivals other end game items.

If you add more affixes and then assign a stat to their use, you’re going to pick up an item and half the affixes won’t work… so in real time experience you won’t get that feeling of oh **** I got lucky slap it on its boss.

Like if they split the affixes into points required for the bonus it reduces the affixes as some of them don’t work from the start, perhaps add more that work independent of that new design implementation even if they aren’t a huge benefit.

Also, figuring out where to post feedback for what on this string of threads is incredibly confusing.

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I couldn’t agree more.

So how do they regulate who has posting rights? There are no D4 licenses yet. Maybe use D3 accounts, D2 accounts (if they still exist)…

Besides if you don’t what to be called a troll,it prob better to post on another forums. There is more intelligent forums out there other then this one :slight_smile:

I have some really bad news for you…

My excitement for Diablo 4 is tempered by the fact stating PC which usually doesn’t include Apple/Mac version. Latest trend in game releases ( Overwatch, Destiny 2 ) confirms this trend. Hope not but Blizzard Activision money managers will probably decide this. so it goes

You can’t really hate Blizzard for this. Apple can be pretty oppressive about what gets on their devices and things like universal updates to the game could literally be held up by their approval process.

I imagine their requested cut of game profits is otherwise unfavorable, too.

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Grim Dawn / Ashes of Malmouth equivalence expansion for D4 once D4 is settled and under way, mix,n,match classes to create more interesting and diversified fighting classes ?
Might be a winner.