D4 needs it's own forum category

Title… for obvious reasons.

General discussion forum is a mess. Please clean it up and create a new forum area for Diablo IV.

Thanks in advance


It did not help when they told people to post D4 feedback on the D3 General Forum. That is why the D2 fanboys flooded the D3 forum and started with the “it’s not like D2” or the “D4 is going to suck” comments. D4 really needs it’s own forum. How hard is it to create a forum? Just re-title one of the other ones that is never used.

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It’s annoying to see D4 discussions in a D3 forums. When I visit D3 forums im looking for D3 topics not D4. D4 should have it’s own section or its own forums.


I asked for it right after the announcement. It did not happen.

Blizzard probably considers it too early to have a Diablo 4 forum or even a subsection. As such we may see one some time next year, if we’re lucky that is.

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i keep wanting to go to the Diablo 4 game page instead of Diablo 3…
i’m sure everyone would very much appreciate having separate forums! i feel kinda bad with the flooding of D4 posts :sweat_smile:

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You mean like this one, right at the top of this page?

Your and others’ ignorance of this topic is exactly whry the GD Forum is the “mess” you describe.

Kind of a reason why I’m holding off on posting my own ideas, as I don’t want to flood the forums anymore than it already is.

Think outside of the box next time. One thread with over 700 posts covering dozens of subjects is not the same as a dedicated forum with separate sections. Some people like to go right to the subject they are looking for with out having to read a lot of junk on the way.


Yes, this was unbelievable lazy and annoying for us.


“Announcement discussion”

This includes the “Announcement” and MAYBE, the content shown at Blizzcon in the 1-2 days afterwards.

The announcement doesn’t last for several months.
If they really want the feedback, the should simply create a new topic or rename the existing one to “Focused feedback” or something like this.


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Yeah, I’ve said this before, and so did others…
Why can’t there at least be a D4 subsection, if not a completely new forum, I’ll never understand…

I see the logic in that. And it’s too bad that the users here don’t have the discipline to post in that thread, which is clearly what it was created for, under a like topic, rather than post thread after thread of the exact same crap in the D3 Forum.

They seem to forget that this is the D3 Forum, not a showcase for their stupid ideas about what D4 might become.


Only the naive or less educated would believe that a thread titled “Announcement Discussion…” (admittedly, an unfortunate title) would be intended solely to discuss the announcement of something. It’s fairly obvious that the thread is intended to discussed the subject of that announcement, which is Diablo IV.

Besides, I doubt that any user on this forum has the literary acumen to deconstruct the form of a piece of writing and then have sufficient command of the language to comment on it.

As for you, I think you are douching the best you can douche.