Based on the D4 post count I think a D4 forum is needed

Don’t you think so? At least a game critique suggestion thread.

Why? So 1 D3 topic can be posted every 4 hours for 2 people to view? Theres alot of good discussions going on and to not care about that while actively playing D3 doesn’t make sense.

Like the ones Nevalistis posted?

Yes, but with Subject headers.

Yes there are a lot of good discussions going on, I’d hate to see some them get obscured.

As I was thinking about it. I don’t think her list includes certain subjects.

Here is what I’m observing:

  • stats/attributes
    • is Attack/Defence too simple?
  • trading
    • some want unlimited trading.
  • skills/talent tree
    • is it too simple?
  • solo play in a open shared world
  • it’s a reskin/ripoff of …
    • I placed “too cartoony” complaints here

I’m sure my list can be defined better. What about you.

It needs a dedicated sub-forum (and enforcement) at minimum. Too much for one pinned thread, General or Games and tech.


Yes this is what I had in mind
A place to be able to sort through the subject so the correct developer/department can see them.

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And forum members need that as well! :grinning:

Ok … a sub-forum similar to “PTR Discussion” and “PTR Bug Report”.

I’m down with that.

(The flagging system needs a “wrong sub forum” flag)

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