The cleric that opened the gate to the abyss in the cinematic

It will be interesting to see/hear why heaven has closed it gates, what politics occurred (or whatever). And what effect that has on the grim world of Sanctuary.

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What you goin’ on about?

Inspiring brainstorming speculation as it pertains to the game lore as the last thread attempting to do so with regard to game mechanics was hijacked and shut down.


I don’t know why but that Horadric fellow in the cutscene talking at the gravesite is part of the storyline to find Tyrael - Just an uninspired guess on my part.

If I were to guess, then I’d say it was decided as a compromise between Imperius, Auriel, and Itherael. We know Imperius seeks or at least wouldn’t mind Humanity’s destruction, while Auriel, and by extension Itherael, wishes the opposite. That said, Malthael’s destruction at the hands of the Nephalem probably caused Heaven (or at least most of it) to see the Nephalem as well as Humanity in a negative light (or at least an even greater negative light than before).

After all, if Tyrael, a being who perhaps had the greatest faith in humanity, began to see the Nephalem in a new light after they bested Malthael, and pondered whether they will continue fighting for the light or succumb to corruption and cause the doom of all of Creation itself, it wouldn’t be far fetch to see Heaven grow even more weary, and/or spiteful of mankind.

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Someone else made a post about a Witcher 3 fellow being the creative director of D4, so maybe we will see a story worthy of lore. That was pretty good story telling and quest creation.

Why do you log into the forum every day. There’s lots of games I don’t play, hell there’s even a lot games I do play, but you won’t find me on any of their forums.

They have already said a number of times that the events in D4 take place decades after the events in D3. So, could it be that the old man at the grave is Lorath Nahr a member of the Horadrim brotherhood now as an old man? He has the Horadrim symbol on and they referenced the Horadrim as old men talking to graves, in one of the panels.

Could be, I don’t think it’s Tyrael in the grave even though the fellow might be talking to him.

The guy in the grave I heard was the brother of whoever was talking to it in the trailer.

When he said Brother, I took it as his brother Horadrim.

Could be anything, not enough info was given for me, but maybe someone who read the lore knows better.

Well, I’m just guessing myself!

I’m still excited for any breadcrumbs they give us in February. :grinning:

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10 years…

It says 30 years. Not 10.

first i was like “omg no, each game, tyrael becomes lamer and lamer” but then i saw, this guy is toooo small, to be tyrael and i was kinda relieved xD

It’s definitely not Tyrael.

ofc not
even in human form he would have whiped the floor with those bandits and lesser demons

Is the next question going to be “why are you even excited for D4? You don’t play D3” ?

lmao :frowning: