28 Changes In D2: Resurrected [+More Post-Launch]

[ 28 ] Current Changes in Diablo 2: Resurrected.

[Updated 09/21/21]

NEW PLAYERS GUIDE: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/ptbwd7/d2_resurrected_new_players_guide/

  1. Auto Gold Pick-up
  2. Advanced Stats Screen (Shows total FCR, LL, Magic Find ext)
  3. Stash size increased to 10x10 + Added 3 more Shared Tabs.
  4. Gamble Refresh Button + Item no longer disappears when buying multiple of the same type.
  5. Cow King Kill Causing Lock-out Removed
  6. Ability to link items in the chat window to show other players.
  7. No game creation limit. (do limitless pindle-runs! :exploding_head:)
  8. New Battlenet System. (consoles need lobbies still)
  9. No character expiration. (20 character limit hopefully won’t be max on launch)
  10. Ladder-Only Unique Items Unlocked for Non-ladder (Single Player gets Anni/Torch)
  11. Ladder-Only Runewords + Cube Recipes Unlocked for Single Player + Non-ladder
  12. “Endgame” Events Unlocked for Single Player. (Uber Diablo spawned with 1 soj, Bnet is ~75-120)
  13. Playable on Xbox, PS, Switch with cross-progression.
  14. Global servers (No US East/West forcing you to re-create. Simply switch regions before lanch to play with anyone on PC)
  15. More Details for Mercenary abilities
  16. Hold shift to compare items to equipped (no recommendations, just shows items side by side)
  17. Enable loot drop names to be up all the time instead of holding Alt.
  18. Ctrl click items into stash instead of drag & drop
  19. WSG, Ebug, Strength, NHAM(?) & Sin Trap Bugs Removed (we should get a list of all soon)
  20. Unique Appearance of all items now show properly on your character when equipped. (@10:00 min, Diablo 2: Resurrected Deep Dive Panel | BlizzCon 2021 - YouTube)
  21. Character selection screen has ultra close-up of your character + A Detailed back-drop of current Act for increased immersion. (underrated addition)
  22. Wide-screen Support up to 19:9 (removal of black-bars while zoomed-in possible compromise) (control zoom while holding F + Mouse wheel.)
  23. More Accessibility Options (controller support, change text size, colorblindness, etc)
  24. TCP/IP removal (Lame. maybe brought back in a future patch?)
  25. Increased overall map visibility. (comparison video: https://youtu.be/JUZkCIRT09U)
  26. Completely New Graphics Engine with Remastered Cinematics and Sounds (obvsly)
  27. Optional toggle for “Miss” text to appear on monsters for better combat feedback.
  28. Added In-Game Clock.
  29. More Changes Coming Post Launch. Survey sent out 8/27/21. List of questions:

Rob Gallerani confirms post-launch plans to add more features:

Rod replied suggesting they would remove black bars when you zoom in, everyone can control how far you zoom by holding F and using the mouse wheel:

Rod replied saying personal loot “isn’t being done” and to stop fighting about it:

*CONSOLE LOBBIES, TCP/IP & Ultrawide Update posted by PezRadar:


PezRadar replied on both twitter and reddit to reveal more bug fixes:

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/pphqa1/pezradar_confirmed_via_twitter_trapsin_bug_will/hd656vl?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  2. https://twitter.com/PezRadar/status/1438551858960736292?s=20

NEW PLAYERS GUIDE: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/ptbwd7/d2_resurrected_new_players_guide/

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#15 - removal of local LAN play forcing all games to be online at all times.


Do you want to add something about supporting non 4:3 screen dimensions up to 19:9 (I think now)?

i didn’t list that because you couldn’t count it as an “improvement”. Its only a negative lol.

ah right, the widescreen thing. Thanks, adding to list.

Oh, I misread then. I thought you wanted all the changes, regardless. Some see it a positive. I do not, but I am not them.

There are a few more negatives:
#17 load screens
#18 messed up text rendering (and frame rate?) in classic perspective

but i dont mind too much.

You will be able to play offline singleplayer.


Well specifically if something can be viewed from EITHER side as a positive. removing TCP/IP is ONLY negative from anyones point of view, isn’t it? lol


Also maybe clarify it is now 3 shared stash tabs. The chest/each stash tab is now 10x10 if you want more specificity.

Also accessibility options (controller support, changing text size, red green colorblindness, etc…)

Why would you not list negative points when you want to find out what the “fuzz is about”?


No. Clearly it was removed to facilitate what someone considers positive, for whatever reason (security, supposedly).

But, I won’t derail further. Enjoy your train.

i mean, fixing WSG singlehandedly killed pvp balance for any pvp that takes place on a slightly higher level than random duel games. So i dont see how thats gonna be weighed up by anything else on that list.

because removal of TCP/IP isn’t game breaking nor is it worthy of a “refund” comment. it was stripped for security reasons. its also 2021, whos throwing LAN parties? just play with whoever you want on NL or ladder.

well if that’s your argument then wouldn’t it only be a positive thing then? wouldn’t everyone benefit from better security?

I’ve seen plenty of threads detailing how fixing WSG is actually positive. so clearly the other side thinks its a good change, so it didn’t “kill pvp balance” for everyone.

updated. Besides TCP/IP, i miss anything else?

PS thanks everyone for proving my point. Freaking out over something insignificant and completely ignore 99% of the other awesome improvements. Did removing TCP/IP suck? Sure, for a very very tiny minority of people using it in 2021. But it still doesn’t hold a candle to the vast list of improvements we got.


For the accessibility stuff, I most likely don’t remember everything but here is the link to their blog post.
How We’re Making Diablo® II: Resurrected™ More Accessible to Everyone — Diablo II: Resurrected — Blizzard News

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where are those threads supposed to be?

Not everyone seems against it. And people always play with rules when you PVP in tournaments, so new rules will just need to be formed.

How exactly is PVP destroyed when you can’t use a glitch to get out of stun effects? This seems like one of those weird ones people are choosing their hill to die on.


I love these changes and am very excited to play.

I fear I won’t have much reason to keep playing however (after the nostalgia wears off in a few months) if they don’t make some additional changes or add additional content. For the same reason I’ve gone back to D2 periodically for the last 20 years rather then *kept playing D2 consistently.

The game has really no end game. The replay ability comes from trying out new builds and perhaps pvp. But guess what… I’ve tried most interesting builds over the years. And seeing as nothings changing balance wise, slapping a new coat of paint on the same playground doesn’t fix a lack end game.

The reason I have in many threads pushed for VV to consider other changes is because myself and likely numerous others are hoping not for a reason to play D2R but rather a reason to keep playing D2R.

I suspect many changes I am hoping for (things like map or corruption are potential examples) are not likely and certainly won’t be near launch. But if no one advocates for this stuff then it definately won’t happen rather than just probably won’t.

It would break my heart to see D2R bring a D2 community back together and then watch it die in darkness in 2 years.

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I am not freaking out about anything.
I dont mind the WSG change, i dont mind the TCP/IP drop and i dont mind the font display.
But you said you want to get to the bottom of it, yet you prefer only to look at one side of the arguments. That is not really an objective approach.

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Your arguing that the “fuss” is because TCP/IP was removed? i added it to the list for arguments sake, but in 2021 this isn’t the reason people are upset.

I also didn’t post this to be objective, im obviously on the pro-changes side and love everything they’ve done (yes except TCP) . I posted this to point out how 99% are obvious improvements and there shouldn’t be any whining on either side.

if you have a better reason for why people are upset, id love to know. TCP isn’t it.

i mean yea man if you’ve played the crap out of D2 over 20 years and literally tested out every possible build and done the holy grail then of course you won’t want to play it beyond a few months. not everyone is like that Llama guy who can play this stuff on repeat forever. I haven’t played D2 in years and didn’t do everything there is to do back then so i know ill have fun for years to come.


There are people who are upset with removal of TCP/IP. There a a few threads on it on the forums.

A lot of players play Single Player and are mad they are losing access to local play with friends and family.

Its clear You dont care about it, but its not true to say others dont care.