XP gains from PvP in Wrath Classic

Hey Everybody!

I’m here to talk to you about gaining experience from PvP in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

We’re going to re-introduce experience gain based on honor earned as well as the ability to turn off all experience gains, but we’ve decided not to bifurcate the matchmaking queue based on that feature.

The ability to earn experience from PvP was originally added to encourage people who enjoy PvP to do battlegrounds as part of their leveling up experience. However, this collides with the desires of a specialized PvP community, who enjoyed locking themselves to a particular level-bracket in PvP, such as level 19 Warsong Gulch. Since PvP experience would cost them the ability to lock themselves to a particular bracket, we also added NPCs who could turn off your ability to gain experience entirely.

Originally it was decided that these two groups shouldn’t play in the same matches with one another. Players who had disabled experience were separated into a different battleground queue, but the result of this decision was that neither group had enough players to find matches, defeating the point of both systems. What’s the point of giving experience in PvP if you can’t find a battleground match to do it in?

Having seen that effect, we’re going to keep these groups queuing together, so that both groups can find matches. While an individual who isn’t optimizing their capabilities for level 19 might not be able to compete on an individual level, it’s more fun to play a game with people of unequal capabilities than it is to not be able to play at all.

To summarize:

  • We’re restoring the ability to gain experience from PvP activities at the same rate present in patch 3.3.5
  • We’re restoring the ability to turn off your experience for 10g from Behsten and Slahtz in Stormwind and Orgrimmar and respectively.
  • We are not bifurcating the queue, and players who have turned off experience will continue to matchmake in the general pool so that everybody has the highest chance of finding a match.

I hope these changes help keep low level battlegrounds alive in Wrath of the Lich King.

Thanks for your interest and support!


Just make sure we can queue for bgs from the honor tab as intended, and not have to sit in the city.


Some people were wondering about this so this is good info, thanks.

Considering the low-level brackets of BGs are currently not really played in TBCC that decision makes sense too.


Nubs bout to get rolled, lol.


Great news, whens prepatch?


Good news overall, can we get any news about the fresh realms names?
I’m not even asking for the release date, all I wanna know is how many fresh servers will there be and their names :frowning:

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Came here to say this. Nubs gonna get rolled.

One of the few changes I can 100% get behind!


You know what kept low level battlegrounds alive? Having the option to queue from the PvP tab and not having to deal with terrain exploiting twinks anymore. PvP participation grew after the two got separated, but ofcourse you can’t help yourself and have to ruin something new again. Time to uninstall, goodbye.


Can we get literally any communication on anything else please? 40 threads about other things and this is what we get a blue post about


Why would anyone want to join a queue just to get pubstomped? One of the best things blizz ever did was separate the twinks so they could play each other instead of just vastly out gearing actual levelers—horrendous change.


Yup, they just can’t help themselves and ruin something yet again. So much fun getting 1 shot over and over, and having to deal with terrain exploiting losers, which is all they do. And it’s even worse these days because BGs have so much more twinks aswell. Seriously, screw these arrogant devs. I just uninstalled all the WoW clients and cancelled my sub.


All this change does is make it so anyone leveling fresh can’t level in BGs basically.

Or that’s just a mistake you make once.

Terrible change


1 - PLEASE add invisible walls to areas in BG’s that are clearly never intended for players to be able to parkour around (i.e. the cliff wall under the graveyards in WSG) to prevent players from abusing terrain mechanics and having fast pathing options that the majority of players are not really capable of reproducing.

2 - PLEASE implement bonus EXP to players leveling in PVP whose team has fewer players with EXP turned off, as these teams are at a gear and power disadvantage compared to their opponents, so losing will not feel nearly as detrimental and a waste of time.


ha ha ha ha ha ha (good move, Kaivax)

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People were asking about this too though. It’s not something hugely important to me but it was important to them.


Nonsense about the queues for xp uncapped low level players. I played on ruin horde back then and didn’t have wait time issues.

If engagement is low, buff the rewards to incentivize it. Removing twinks was the healthiest change blizzard ever made for low level BGs. People aren’t going to join just to get farmed and earn minuscule xp, especially new players.


So you care about people not being able to get BGs but not at all about people not being able to get dungeon groups?


Next will be an article about the Argent Tournament. Because, we all are interested…


And this is a big fat lie. PvP participation actually grew for xp on. But hey, lets make it even worse again for levellers, so terrain exploiting losers can 1 shot everyone who isn’t a twink. I’m so done with your stupid changes to WOTLK, enough is enough.