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Guild Name: Darkfallen Mercenaries
Faction: Horde
Looking for: RPers, PVEers and PVPers, any level or race Currently no organized teams.

IC Info:

Are you looking for adventure? Fame? Riches? Do you like mysteries? Darkfallen Mercenaries is now hiring bold and intrepid soldiers of fortune, explorers and investigators to uhh…boldly soldier, explore and investigate! No experience required, we’re desperate! I mean uhhh…we’re willing to train.

Join our team today and see the world!

*Travel not guaranteed.
**Riches not guaranteed.
***Darkfallen Mercenaries is not liable for any injuries or loss suffered while on the job. You may have to sign a simple waiver….

OOC Info:

Darkfallen Mercenaries is a small company based out of Orgrimmar, but who venture out into the world for the purpose of exploration, investigation, relic recovery, bounty hunting, crime solving, guarding and mercenary-ing (that’s a real word - honest). We hold both non-roll and d20 RP events across Azeroth, and also attend the RP events of other guilds and groups. We’ve been active for a few weeks now. Our d20 system is pretty simple to pick up, but adds a bit of randomness to event outcomes.

We’re a medium/heavy RP guild with a side of leveling and PVE/PVP and all are welcome. RP events are generally held sometime between Thursday and Sunday evenings and last for a couple of hours. You can also find us occasionally doing some walk-up RP in cities in between those times. Most events are plot based and we would like all our RPer to have the opportunity to play a part. Any class/race/level is welcome, but we will be venturing to max-level areas and may require higher level characters for this.

We’re looking for RPers and other players without a home, but we’re not necessarily looking for players who are online 24/7. We’re adults and realize that we all have responsibilities and other interests. That being said, for RPers we’d like players who want to participate in online events 1-2x a week, develop interesting and complex characters and work together to build a fun and exciting story.

For PVEers/PVPers and levelers, we’re most active in the evenings and weekends and you don’t have to participate in RP if you aren’t an RPer. You do have to be respectful to RP, however. RP griefing will not be tolerated.

If that sounds like you, then reply to this post, whisper Kirsy/Kirsey online or send in-game mail and we’ll get you signed up!

For RPers: use of TRP/MRP/XRP - with at least the start of an RP profile
For PVEers: recommended DBM and Details
For PVPers: do your thing
For Everyone: Discord
Please be 18+ and mature. Gchat and Discord may be NSFW


Guild Name: South Seas Expeditions
Guild Server: US-Wyrmrest Accord
Guild Faction: Horde
Guild Type: PvX/RP

Searching for fun in the sun in far-off lands? Care to dare against pits of snakes for the uncertain promise of fantastical treasures? Wanting to sign up with other dashing adventurers to tackle tough terrors and foes? ALL ON AN AMAZING BUDGET?!? Look no further and sign on with today!

From their humble beginnings as a budget travel agency and subsidiary of its parent company (who has absolutely no ties with smuggling), South Seas Exports, South Seas Expeditions provides a variety of services to the modern adventurer - and at affordable guild prices. From expedition planning to dungeon delving, vacation reconnaissance or dig-site security, South Seas Expeditions can provide enthusiastically imaginative solutions at magnificently discounted rates!

(A guild put together by family and friends with casual PvX and RP aspirations. We wanna have fun, come up with wild adventure stories, and work together in a laid-back and helpful environment. All races and classes wanted and welcome, everyone has the desire to go out and adventure!)


Guild Name: Shadowed Star
Faction: Horde
Description: The Shadowed Star is a Forsaken paramilitary guild with a focus on a peculiar populist form of Shadow worship. Check out our forum post listed below for more info
Races Allowed: Undead characters of any race
Leaders: Vagrul (GM) and Eilianna (officer)
Who/How to Contact: Whisper either Eilianna or I in game. My Discord is Vagrul#5479. My BTag is Premium#1726
RP/PVP/PVE: Our focus is on RP but we do have members that participate in PVP and PVE
Requirements: General Lore-compliance, short interview and abiding by our rules.
Currently Seeking: Undead and Death Knight RPers
Most Active Playtime: Generally 4-7 P.M Server Time with events typically beginning at 5 P.M Server time.
Forum Post: [H-RP] <Shadowed Star> Undead/ Death Knight Military RP Guild. Recruiting for Shadowlands


Guild Name: Jai’altors Vigil
Faction: Alliance
Description: Jai’alator’s Vigil is an order with roots in the fields of Ancient Kaldorei Military, Religious groups, and Researchers, founded by an old and ever-dutiful family and thier close allies.

Today’s the Vigil’s focus is to protect and perserve what the Kaldorei hold left, while taking caution from thier past, yet doing what they can to protect it. Recovering items of importance, hunting threats new and old, and seeking answers to old long asked questions.

Races Allowed: Kaldorei (Main Focus) + Kalimdor Races (Draenei/Worgen)
Leaders: Naelir (GM) Moonrage (CoGM) Elistrâe (â = alt+131) (Recruiter)
Who/How to Contact: Discord: Braxis#1996 or ingame, Naelir
RP/PVP/PVE: The guilds main focus is RP. We do have members that are part of the Kaldorei of WRA Raid Team and a few interested in PvP as well. We will be doing PvE/P events everynow and then.
Requirements: General compliance with lore, short interview or website application.
Currently Seeking: Kaldorei and Kalimdor citizens eager to keep the peace and history of Kalimdor safe. Officer and Recruiter Positions also are currently open.
Most Active Playtime: 4-8pm ST. Average time for our events range between 5 - 6pm ST for the start time.
Forum Post: [A-RP] The Vigil of Jai'alator - Recruiting - #2 by Gwyneth-wyrmrest-accord



Ishnu’alah Wyrmrest Accord!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. A special welcome to anyone who is new to the server today. Please feel free to make a thread on these forums to ask questions about the realm.

If you’d like to add information to our directory (listed above), please share the content of either your guild, community, or roleplaying resource. Thank you!

I’m going to add a convenient ‘back to the top’ link below the line, for a quick access point back to the original directory post for you all. Stay safe out there! Be good to each other! And happy gaming!

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Guild Name: History
Faction: Alliance
Description: History is a package delivery company headquarted in Boralus, Kul Tiras, but has chapters expanding in Stormwind City and beyond. Also known to be hired out for general contract work, it isn’t unheard of for History to scale their corporate ethics and values to get the job done.

A lighthearted RP guild, History aims to be a content-driven group who wants to explore what Shadowlands has to offer in terms of Mythic+, PvP, and more.

Races Allowed: All Alliance Races
Leaders: Irvìng, Trissenor, Walelar
Who/How to Contact: Discord, BattleNet, Ingame, Recruitment Post
Requirements: Agreement of rules, guild application, and IC/OOC chat/interview
Currently Seeking: Any and all players of race/class combinations.
Forum Post: [A-RP/PvX] Recruitment Thread

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Updated information for The Grim please

Guild Name: The Grim
Description: The Grim seeks to protect and further the Horde by destroying its enemies, whether that be the Alliance or some other threat. We believe that, for political reasons, our leaders are not always able to take the action necessary to do what’s best to benefit the Horde. The Grim is willing to do whatever is necessary to eliminate any threat, even if it means that some see us as radical or evil. Everything we do, we do for this one single goal: Peace through annihilation.
Races Allowed: Playable Horde races only. Any level.
Leader(s): Canaie, Dustfingur, Feyde, Keliceru, Khorviss, Syreenna
**Who to Contact:**Leaders
RP/PVP/PVE?: We RP, raid current content on Normal & Heroic and for meta achievements, PVP (casual PVP, RBG’s, arenas), Mythic+, special holiday events, old raids for achievements/transmogs.
Requirements: Recruitment is always open for the playable races of the Horde. Any character who wants to work things out with the Alliance, or be friends with them, is not suitable for The Grim. We have no class or level restrictions. Evil characters are welcome.
Currently Seeking: Anyone who enjoys their character and is looking for a friendly and active community. We do not recruit for specific roles, but versatility is a plus.
Most Active Playtime: Events usually start at 5:30 or 6:00pm server time
Forum Post: [H-RP/PVE/PVP] The Grim

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Guild Name: The Call

Faction: Alliance

Description: (OOC) We’re a group of adults who have real life priorities, but we continue to enjoy the game through RP and PvP. We’re very social and communicate mostly through our Discord. We look for fights in-game and normally fight larger groups of Horde, so be prepared to adapt to any situation. We also take part in scheduled RP and RP-PvP events with Horde guilds.

(IC) We are righteous avengers doing what must be done, public perception be damned. The genocide the Horde has perpetrated may be ignored by the weak leadership of Stormwind, but the murders of sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, friends and loved ones by the bloodthirsty and complicit Horde military can never be forgiven.
We will act in the best interest of the innocent and persecuted peoples no matter the cost to public standing. The Horde must not and will not be allowed to murder and pillage across Azeroth anymore.

Races Allowed: All
Leader(s): Maecenas/Jaeroth/Sarrass
Who/How to Contact: Anyone in-Game (can refer you to someone to chat with), Recruitment Post
Requirements: Any skill level is okay, as long as you’re willing to learn and grow! Warmode is not required but is highly encouraged.
Currently Seeking: We have a policy of play what you want.
Most Active Playtime: Evenings and Weekends (EST)
Forum Post: [A-RP-PvP] Have You Heard The Call?


Guild Name: The Forward Line
Faction: Horde

Description: A task force standing in defense of the Horde’s ideals, the Line is a close-knit and organized band of the like-minded champions that operates outside of the Horde’s military command. Comprised of soldiers, specialists, and mystics, the Line draws strengths from the Horde’s myriad walks of life.

The Forward Line is a guild of players who celebrate the archetypes of the Warcraft setting and tell stories reinforcing the lore whenever possible.

Races Allowed: All races recognized as members of the Horde may be considered.

Leader(s): Dayon, Kaeska, Rokkhan, Linston, Traiy

Who/How to Contact: Dayon can be reached via in-game contact.

Requirements: Reasonable adherence to race and class fantasy.
Currently Seeking: Players that are looking for a small, close-knit guild to invest their time in, with characters that are inspired by the pillars of the Warcraft mythos.
Most Active Playtime: Weekends, 6PM Server Time and later.
Forum Post: N/A

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Edits made. Thank you everyone for your updates and submissions.

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Updated information for Royal Apothecary Society, please! Thank you!

Guild Name: Royal Apothecary Society
Description: Royal Apothecary Society is a forsaken/apothecary themed RP guild, based off the lore organization in game. We deal primarily in sinister magic, mad science, bio-weapons, and chemicals. We’re all about brewing up blight, perfecting plagues, and delivering these toxic payloads to their destinations. Whether you’re a researcher, an engineer, a doctor, a soldier, an assassin, or any combination of the above, if your loyalty is to the Forsaken and your passion is science, we have a place for you among our ranks.
Races Allowed: Forsaken/Undead Only
Leader(s): Grand Apothecary Ethyl Plagueguts, High Apothecary Maerlyn Eldham, and High Apothecary Thaddeus Seenwood
Who to Contact: Plagueguts, Maerlyn, Seenwood, or those of Senior Apothecary Rank in game
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP is our primary focus, though we occasionally have a PVE night.
Requirements: Undead-only guild, Level 20 requirement, Age 18+ guild, OOC and IC interview
Currently Seeking: Forsaken RPers!
Most Active Playtime: Evenings EST/PST.

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Hello, leader of chu chu noodle co here, attempting to rebuild for sl, could I please have the hiatus tag removed from our guild listing pretty please?

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Guild Name: A Motley Crew
Faction: Horde
Description: As the name of the guild may suggest, A Motley Crew is – a motley crew. A group of individuals that specialize in just about everything, from killing the occasional scary beasty to protecting and smuggling cargo. Some are in it for the gold, others, the adventure.
Races Allowed: All! The guild is settled with the Horde, but doesn’t mind covering up for the sneaky alliance folk.
Leader(s): Nevelis
Who/How to Contact: Nevelis, by in game mail or whisper!
RP/PVP/PVE?: The guild is flagged RP-PVX! We intend to do just about everything!
Requirements: The only requirement is that you RP a creature from the warcraft universe. I don’t intend to enforce strict roleplay rules.
Currently Seeking: Currently looking for literally everything, as the guild just opened for recruitment! Especially looking for people that are interested in casual mythic keys and other lazy progression!
Most Active Playtime: GM (Nevelis) is EST, so typically active till around 10pm server!
Forum Post: [H-RPPVX] < A Motley Crew > Welcoming new, old, and returning players!

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Guild Name: Whitehorn Tribe
Faction: Horde (Neutral)
Description: The Whitehorn Tribe is a Tauren themed, casual RP & PVE guild - open to all races. We are dedicated to the protection of Azeroth and all her people. There is tribal lore about the Skyfather and the founding of the tribe. However no one is required to believe in him, or the Earthmother, just believe in a greater good. How the character serves this greater good is up to them and the path they choose to walk.
Races Allowed: All!
Leader(s): Kinarra / Wambleesha
**Who/How to Contact:**Kinarra or Wambleesh, by in game mail or whisper!
Requirements: Only that that the Character wants to serve a greater good.
Currently Seeking: Any race, any class
Most Active Playtime: GM/ Kinarra is US CST, with a currently open schedule. But late afternoons to night are best.
Forum Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-rpwhitehorn-tribe-returns-and-is-recruiting/767018

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Guild Name: The Magus Sodality
Faction: Horde (Neutral)
Description: The Magus Sodality is an organization for magic users and scholars of all types to come together to research, study, and learn. It is open to all who are interested in any type of magic, from the mystical to the elemental, otherworldly and beyond. Of course, there is also a place for those who have an interest in supporting magic-users in other ways, such as protective services. The Sodality is a neutral-based organization and welcomes all, regardless of allegiance or conflict. Everyone supports each other under one goal: uniting magic and knowledge on Azeroth and discovering as much as we can.
Races Allowed:
Leader(s): Archmage Yvatte
Who/How to Contact: Tephaine (Recruitment Officer), either in-game or on discord at Zoe#4444
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP heavy!! We also do PvE for fun, and am considering mythics and normal raids.
Requirements: We ask interested parties to be adults (21+), and an interest in fun!! We also do an IC interview but it’s mostly courtesy.
Currently Seeking: Anyone ready to engage in some magical shenanigans :slight_smile:
Most Active Playtime: Early afternoons and late evenings!
Forum Post: [H-RP] The Magus Sodality is seeking more scholars!

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Guilds added! Thank you for the new submissions!

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Guild Name: Warden of the Gold Isle
Faction: Horde (Neutral)
Description: The Wardens of the Gold Isle are the protectors of Minas’danil, the walls of which contain documents, tomes, and artifacts that date back to the times of Old Kalimdor. In a bid to prevent the further corruption of the elven people, the Wardens have locked these ancient composition within the walls of their great tower. Maintaining a vigil over Minas’danil, the wardens set out in search of more artifacts that they believe threaten the Sin’dorei way of life.
Races Allowed: Blood Elf
Leader(s): Lady Aelevea Summergaze
Who/How to Contact: Aelevea-WyrmestAccord
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP, PvP (light), PvE (light)
Requirements: Preferred 18+, level 50+, and contact in-game!
Currently Seeking: Cool writers 'n storytellers!
Most Active Playtime: Evenings!
Forum Post: Warden of the Gold Isle


Discord/or/Community Name: The Howling Owl
Theme/Focus: RP Events
Rules/Requirements: Be respectful to others. LGBT+ friendly
Owners/Mods: (Please include at least one way to contact via Discord in case invite link doesn’t work.) Saeil#1437
Faction/Neutral: Neutral
Invite Link: https:// discord .gg/jW2xYZn
Info: (Feel free to add a short description of the purpose of the discord/perks of it/anything you’d like others to know!) A faction neutral RP coffee shop/cocktail bar and nightclub that runs public RP events. While we are a guild, our Discord also has a public community area in our server as well as RP event info.

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Guild Name: Iron Coalition
About Us: We are a fresh Horde guild filled with some friends who just want to push content together. We have scheduled days throughout the week to do weekly content (torghast, covenant callings, etc.), raid Castle Nathria, push mythic keystones, as well as roleplay events & legacy content runs. Our goal for raiding is to progress and hopefully push some heroic content. We do raids on Thursdays & Saturdays (4 & 5 PM Server Time). While we are currently small in numbers, we have dedicated members that are active and always willing to help each other out. If you’re a casual or chill player that is looking for more friends, come hang out with us at Iron Coalition!
Requirements: We just want to hang out and have fun, so as long as you can be respectful, active, and cool, then we’d love to have you!
Contact Information: For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me! (Discord: Swoordz#0420, BattleNet: Swoordz #1221)
Faction: Horde
Invite Link: https:// discord .gg/tJP4DNRkkd
Most Active Playtime: Evenings & Weekends
Currently Seeking: Ranged DPS for Nathria & new friends to hang out with c:
Forum Post: https:// us.forums.blizzard .com/en/wow/t/iron-coalition-wants-you/820230

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As much as I would love Duskwood going on there, Lion’s Rest should be added to the roleplay hubs on Alliance side, people consistently rp there.

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