[A-RP-PvP] Have You Heard The Call?

A poster is tacked to the message boards in all major Alliance cities. It reads:

Calling all citizens of the Alliance!

Are you sick of the weakness of the Boy King? Do you yearn for the days when the Alliance was a force to be reckoned with and didn’t stand by as savages murder our families?

You have been Called!


Who We Are


We are righteous avengers doing what must be done, public perception be damned. The genocide the Horde has perpetrated may be ignored by the weak leadership of Stormwind, but the murders of sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, friends and loved ones by the bloodthirsty and complicit Horde military can never be forgiven.

We will act in the best interest of the innocent and persecuted peoples no matter the cost to public standing. The Horde must not and will not be allowed to murder and pillage across Azeroth anymore.

Out of character

We are an RP-PvP guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Formerly Call of Lordaeron, the treatment of Lordaeron’s story by Blizzard has essentially forced us to rebrand and refocus our efforts to greater Azeroth. We live and operate in warmode, though if guilds would like to work with us outside warmode, we are happy to do so.

Guild Information * Priorities: RP, WPvP
* Timezone: EST
* Warmode: Active for guild events, highly encouraged everywhere else.
* Event Scheduling: In-game calendar
* Officers/Council Members: Maecenas, Jaeroth, Sarrass
OOC Information * The guild's focuses are RP and WPvP. Our members all have differing priorities within and around that scope, but scheduled events will be RP events and PvP shenanigans.
* The only exception would be limited PvE, given the current projected situation with PvP gearing in Shadowlands. We will have to temporarily prioritize PvE, mostly in the form of M+ for targeted gearing.
* Roleplay events and cooperative RP-PvP events with other guilds are scheduled via the in-game calendar.
Member Expectations * We primarily communicate with each other over Discord, both chat and voice.
* Being in a Discord voice channel with us during PvP and RP events is required, though having a mic is not a requirement. We primarily coordinate over voice, so it helps the guild if everyone is able to listen in.
* We are concerned with quality over quantity. This means that in many, if not most, PvP engagements we'll be outnumbered. We thrive in this kind of environment, and we expect members to handle dying in a video game like an adult. It will happen. A lot.
* That being said, we take applicants of all skill and experience levels. We expect people to have a drive to improve, and we are more than willing to help people wherever improvement is needed. This includes RP, PvP, and PvE.
* We expect members to uphold a certain level of maturity in all things. This includes in and out of guild events. Don't be toxic.
* Discrimination or toxicity towards anyone of a different race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, or ability level will *not* be tolerated.

Contact Maecenas, Jaeroth, or Sarrass for more information or to apply. Tear down this farcical armistice, take up arms against the abominable Horde!


Hope you aren’t slapped in irons for defying treaties like we do


Welcome back to you all! As discussed, I hope we get to do some crossfaction in the near future.

also gosh darnit crowley you sniped the first response from me


I’m just too fast. I’m always hearing the call of Lordaeron.

Since I live there.


Here are a couple of imgur albums of some old screenshots from that multi-month long campaign back in 2018. Credit to Raz’aghar for saving them!


Despite overwhelming numbers, the Vol’kar were thrashed savagely by the Call of Lordaeron multiple times. We still reference old tactics and moments from the Battle of Strahnbrad. The infamous “Emberbrook Shuffle”, where Eranon devised the plan to juke the CoL and it worked - and the CoL’s own double deathgrip strategy that was just absolutely devastating. We’ve tried to recreate that several times in our own PvP adventures the past year.



My PoV from those fights. I wish I still had the raw footage, I’d recompile it because apparently not many people share my obsession with mashup music (feel free to mute it if you don’t :stuck_out_tongue:).


You know, you all keep calling him that but I am pretty sure he could mess you up in a fight.
Just sayin…


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Good ol’ fashioned RP-PvP. No treaty, no peace, no handholding with the Horde. Be sure to hear from me soon.


Did Raz get ahold of you? If not, my btag is Fred#1662. I’ll be home from work around 6PM EST.

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I mistakenly thought this was your Discord lol

My bad! I’ll get to you today.

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TFW Shadowlands is in less than a week!



A scribble can be seen on several of the posters in Stormwind City.

The Call has been mobilized to Northrend. All able-bodied recruits are asked to check in to the Argent Crusade Tournament grounds. Look for Jaeroth, Sarrass, or Livea.



Bump for what was actually a much-better-than-expected expansion launch! It seems the Horde enjoy taking dirt naps even in the afterlife.

A successful first week of Shadowlands! We’re still recruiting! If you’re sick of watching the Alliance sit by while the Horde continues to prove why it is a blight on Azeroth, you have a place with The Call!


Haven’t seen any of you yet but I’m about to turn on WMode and see what all the fuss is about in our shard. :eyes:


Come on in, the water’s great!

Up to the top!

Still recruiting. Come for the fun, stay for the rants about Roman history.

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Tell me about the aqueduct.

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We are still recruiting! Could use some more healers for sure, as well as someone proficient with their tank spec for M0/M+ gearing runs.