[H] Royal Apothecary Society is now recruiting for Shadowlands!

“If we are to make our place in this world, then we will do so through study, and through the will to ignore our fading human instincts.”

—Apothecary Zinge

The dust from the Fourth War settles. The machine of war grinds to a halt. A gnawing peace takes hold of the Horde and its people. And a dark new frontier unfurls before our very eyes even as the lands of Azeroth fall quiet.

Rise up, Forsaken. Rise to meet the destiny that awaits you. We have suffered much, yet we are not broken. We have lost much, yet we are not defeated. We are not monsters, nor are we the mindless wretches of a ghoul army.

We are a force even more terrifying. We are the chill in a coward’s spine. We are the instruments of an unyielding ire. We are the Forsaken, unfettered by morality and unburdened by fear, and when our enemies speak our name in hushed whispers, it will be in tales of acidic blight, flesh-woven monstrosities, and virulent plagues. Woe to those who would threaten the Horde. Woe to those who would oppose the Forsaken.

Do not shy from dark paths, if those paths should lead to victory.

We are Royal Apothecary Society, and we have updated our forum post! Yay!

This August saw us celebrating the tenth anniversary of our guild’s creation! Somehow we’re still here and we’re still active with a wonderful community of aggressively friendly people. Should you be interested in Forsaken and specifically apothecary-related RP, our guild is absolutely the right place for you.

:spiral_notepad: OOC Information

While we are ICly an evil-aligned apothecary guild hell-bent on dark research and shady scheming, OOCly our community is friendly and supportive! Our goal is to maintain an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to people from all different walks of life so long as they’re equally committed to treating people excellently, having a blast RPing, and playing the game together with friends.

We have regularly scheduled events both in-game and occasionally in our IC Discord channels as well (in order to better accommodate our members from various time zones)! Though our main focus is roleplay, some of us also enjoy PvE and PvP, and we have opt-in roles in our Discord to help our members find like-minded people for a variety of gameplay content.

:scroll: IC Information

For lore-friendliness purposes, our guild RPs as one “branch” of the greater Society. We’ve created a simple headcanon in which the R.A.S. is split up into different branches with a number/dash/letter designation (15-A, 17-C, 27-B, and so forth). It helps explain who all of those random apothecary NPCs running around in-game are: they’re members from different branches!

Once you’ve begun your path toward induction into the mad scientist war criminal hall of fame, you will have the opportunity to join one of our three departments:

:test_tube: Research & Development

Example Jobs: Blight making, herb and material collection, creation of other poisons and toxins, research of all kinds (magical, medical, etc.).

These are the classic “mad scientist” types. Have you ever picked an herb and wondered how many different ways you could blend it up and create something truly diabolical? Maybe you’ve dreamed about creating a poisonous gas that causes the victim to fall into a permanent waking nightmare?

If you’re all about helping Junior Apothecary Holland find that perfect doom weed to gloom weed ratio, or brewing the perfect vrykul blood plague with Chief Plaguebringer Harris, look no further than Research & Development.

:syringe: Testing

Example Jobs: Fleshcrafting, test subject retrieval, skeletal warhorse creation, abomination stitching, infirmary work, testing of poisons and toxins in a controlled environment.

Testing is the next step of a developing project. You can’t just charge onto a battlefield with your newly concocted strain of plague—first you have to make sure it actually works!

Do you like conducting experiments on the living? Administering poisons and toxins or retrieving fresh bodies for the purpose of constructing all manner of abominable flesh creations? Then Testing is the department for you!

:bomb: Implantation

Example Jobs: Plague Spreaders (Sludge Guards), catapult operators, armor and weaponsmiths, blightguards, deathguards, and general soldiery.

So maybe you’re more of the “jock” type. Maybe you like getting your hands dirty. Maybe you’re most at home when you’re up close and personal, pressing the big red button or protecting your fellow apothecary who’s manning that plague catapult. Heck, maybe you’re the one manning the plague catapult!

Implantation is all about getting those tested poisons and other ghastly creations out into the field where they can wreak proper havoc. Strap on a gas mask, grab that plague canister, and get spraying! Our enemies aren’t going to melt themselves!

:white_check_mark: IC & OOC Requirements

There are several requirements both in and out of character to consider before joining:

  • We are an undead only guild. Death knights of any race fall under this category and are therefore welcome!

  • We do not accept characters under level 20. If you already have a “main” character in the guild who is over level 20, feel free to bring in an alt of any level!

  • Since the RP associated with Forsaken apothecaries can often lead us into the dark and gruesome, we do not accept players under the age of 18 (and thus bill ourselves as a “Mature” guild). The exception to this is openly sexual RP or content of any kind, which we do not tolerate or accept within the context of guild events, or public chat or RP.

  • Above all, be respectful. No discriminatory remarks such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. will be tolerated. We have people of all ages, races, sexes, beliefs, etc. in this guild, and our goal is to create an environment that is welcoming and friendly to anyone and everyone.

:incoming_envelope: Getting in Touch

If you’re interested in joining and would like to speak with an officer, feel free to contact any of the following people:

Rank In-Game Name Discord
Grand Apothecary :dagger: Plagueguts Plagueguts#1665
High Apothecary :fleur_de_lis: Maerlyn Mefis#2995
High Apothecary :chess_pawn: Seenwood Grandest Nerd#7384

“Once more unto the blight, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our Lordaeron dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility (how revolting!):
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the darkhound;
Stiffen the sinews, unclot the blood,
Reveal fair nature as hard-favour’d rage.”

—William Blightspeare, or something like that

We are extremely excited for Shadowlands and the Scourge Invasion! Come join the toxic fun! War crimes are great when you don’t get caught!


A wonderful group to work with as well as lovely people to be around. If you’re a Forsaken RPer you’ll never find a more perfect match.

Also, use my promo-code ‘CEASE’ for a 35% discount on all Plagueguts plushies and Royal Apothecary Society merchandise!


Grand Apothecary Plagueguts manages a deadly-efficient cell of the Royal Apothecary Society. They are dependable, ruthless, and… actually surprisingly good conversation. Shadows Guide, comrades!


Join the Testing department, you’ll be exempt from mandatory medical exams.

(no you won’t)


Testing? In YOUR undead apothecary guild? It’s more likely than you think!

Make sure to ignore all of those pesky human instincts as well, it’s not like we can hear our moral inhibitions over the harmonic sound of SCIENCE.

I love you too.


Always kind to my crew, and have been very open to chat during our interactions! If you are an undead looking for an undead guild this may be the crew for you! :smiley:


Filthy monarchists; the lot of them! They’d sell their mother’s bones to secure a comfortable place in the horde!


I support these people.


Five stars for these fine forsaken folks!
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Ahoy there me hearties. Got a weather eye on yer postings, I do. Been wondering if there be a spot among ye for an old sailor as such th’ likes of me? Perhaps these implantation blokes, aye?

Interested to speak some more, says I. Will seek ye out for a parley, matey. Mark me words.



Absolutely love this fine group of dead folks. Maybe I’ll finally finish leveling my little priestess…


ABSOLUTELY. Lets be real, Implantation is best department. Cause its mine.

RAS is having the pre-patch events in the next few days after Tuesday. Which last year our pre-patch event was the siege of Lordaeron and we had a blast. This year is particularly special as well. Absolutely reach out to anyone and they will get a Senior Apothecary or one of us officers for an interview.


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Give it a shot, level that priestess. We have an aggressively friendly community, so don’t be afraid to reach out. :slight_smile:


Or maybe I should just do what I’ve been dancing around for like eight years and finally kill Lari so she can come play with you guys full-time versus staring longingly in the window…


Go for it. Being undead is great. Imagine a whole world united under undeath.

What a fantastic idea.


Love this guild, highly recommend it.


Did somebody say blight?

Also Testing Department is #1. Fite me.


This guild was recommended to me in another thread so I thought I might ask a few questions here if that’s okay.

This particular character is a Slyvanas loyalist. Would she need to keep that hidden or is there a place for loyalists in the guild?

Secondly, I enjoy PvE about as much as RP and would like to have a group to do some casual raiding and regular mythic + runs with. Is there an interest in the guild for that?



Hey Kaldriae!

Oh boy, if your character is an undercover Sylvanas loyalist, you’ll be in good hands here. While the guild isn’t openly loyal to Sylvanas (thanks to the stupid annoying patch of annoyingness called 8.2.5 where our beloved Banshee Queen was unceremoniously ripped away from us and everyone who didn’t immediately agree that she was bad got ARRESTED), we do have plenty of characters who are secretly still very loyal to the Dark Lady—including most of the leadership!

But you didn’t hear that from me. :innocent:

Regarding PvE, while we don’t have any official guild raid team or M+ group, I know that me and a few others in the guild are definitely interested in running content whenever we can. We have an @PvE role tag in our Discord specifically for those occasions!