[H-RP] The Magus Sodality is seeking more scholars!

Hello, all!

The Magus Sodality is an organization for magic users and scholars of all types to come together to research, study, and learn. It is open to all who are interested in any type of magic, from the mystical to the elemental, otherworldly and beyond. Of course, there is also a place for those who have an interest in supporting magic-users in other ways, such as protective services. The Sodality is a neutral-based organization and welcomes all, regardless of allegiance or conflict. Everyone supports each other under one goal: uniting magic and knowledge on Azeroth and discovering as much as we can.

With the recent discovery of the Shadowlands, the Sodality is ready to begin some discoveries of a lifetime. While we aren’t leaving Azeroth behind completely, we’re ready to dive into the otherworldly magics of the afterlife and expand our knowledge like never before!

OOC Info: Hello! We’re a guild of folks who like RP and magical shenanigans! All characters are welcome, from students to professors to researchers alike. Despite the name, your character does not have to be a mage or explicitly interested in the Arcane. They could be a Druid, a Warlock, a Shaman… etcetera. They don’t even have to be a magic user at all. An organization can’t just thrive on the wizards alone!

With Shadowlands well underway, the Sodality is gearing up to go on some of the most risky adventures they’ve been on yet! We’re just beginning to dive into narrative RP content in Shadowlands and would love to have more people along on the journey with us.

While we are a heavy RP guild, with this expansion we are toying with the idea of doing some mythics and raids as a guild group.

All we ask is that folks who are interested be an adult (21+), be respectful to others, and be ready to do some sweet storytelling!

Feel free to message Tephaine in-game or contact me on Discord at Zoe#4444 if you are interested, or have any questions about the guild. Thanks!