WoW Classic Bug Report Forum Guidelines - 10/23/2019


In the weeks since the launch of WoW Classic, we’ve received many detailed bug reports that have helped us reproduce and identify fixes for numerous bugs. In order to stay effective, we’d like to outline some guidelines for how this forum should and shouldn’t be used. This will help us identify and squash bugs and inconsistencies between WoW Classic and the original game.

WoW Classic Bug Report Forum Guidelines:

Please do not post off-topic banter or discussions.

  • The purpose of these forums is to report bugs which our Quality Assurance team may review, reproduce, and work to fix. Unproductive conjecture or discourse distracts our analysts from finding and reproducing bugs.
  • Topics or replies that are not focused on reporting bugs or providing steps or other evidence to reproduce the issue will be removed.

Please provide clear steps to reproduce your issue. In the case of inconsistencies between Classic and Original WoW, please also provide some sort of evidence or analysis to support the claim.

  • Since the beginning of the WoW Classic Closed Beta, there have been many cases where, after careful research and investigation internally, our analysts discovered that the reported issue actually behaved as intended and mirrors the original game.
  • We’re suggesting that with any 1.12 vs. Classic bug reports, we need links to videos, screenshots, or some other forms of analysis to support the claim. Unsupported claims have resulted in the spread of misinformation, and have made it much more time consuming to produce fixes for actual bugs.

Please do not ask for a Blizzard/Blue response in your posts.

  • Not getting a Blizzard/Blue reply does not mean that your issue is or is not a bug, and it does not mean that your post has been ignored. We read every single post in this forum. We cannot reply to all (or even most) threads.

Please keep these guidelines in mind before making a post in this forum. Going forward, we intend to strictly remove unproductive posts.

How to Report Bugs:

  1. Start with a brief summary of the issue you are reporting. Try to keep this to one sentence if possible.
  2. Provide detailed, numbered steps listing out the actions required to reproduce the issue you encountered.
  3. Provide a conclusion at the end highlighting the expected behavior as well as the incorrect or bugged behavior.
  4. It’s also always a good idea to include the name of your character and what realm and region you were playing on when you encountered the issue.


Bug: Phase shift cannot be cast on a Warlock’s Imp Pet if the Imp despawns with Phase Shift active.

  1. Log into the game as level 60 Warlock with an Imp pet and Phase Shift trained.

  2. Summon your Imp, set it to Passive and ensure that Phase Shift is active.

  3. Engage some enemies and die so that your Imp despawns.

  4. Resurrect at your corpse and re-summon your Imp.

  5. Attempt to cast Phase Shift.

    Expected Result: Phase Shift should be able to be cast on your Imp after being summoned.
    Actual Result: Phase Shift cannot be cast on your Imp.

Character: Testwarlock
Realm: Skeram-US

Our goal is to make this forum a valuable resource for players to use to report bugs and help us squash as many bugs as we can. Thank you very much for your reports!