Paladin threat?

Our pally tank is seeing his threat cut in half periodically in kara tonight. Anyone else having this issue?

known issue resolved by relogging
blizzard acknowledged it but so far no fix afaik

crazy thats still not fixed

We’ve been working on this issue since it was first reported Saturday night, and this morning we’ve now found a good way to reproduce it so that we can continue toward finding a fix (hopefully).

Thanks to everyone who reported it with details!

The game is only 17 years old. Give them time to iron out the bugs.

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Who’s we? Ya’ll got devs in ur guild?

Right? Like sheesh give this small Indy company a little breathing room and a chance!

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Paladins aren’t really a threat to anyone/anything so it’s working as intended

I C Wut U did thar

Still in an extended beta.

Smoll indie company.

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