Random bug list for 1.14 Classic Era

Several pets used to make noises when you clicked on them, but they no longer do after the recent ‘patch’.

Hyacinth macaw for example, used to chirp when clicked. Please fix


Bugged Horde vs Horde battlegrounds are still occurring. Both teams rez at same graveyard and have the same objective (both teams need to return Ally flag to Horde base at WSG and in AB Horde will always win because all flags are captured by Horde).


Per hotfix notes dated 12 OCT 2021:

WoW Classic

  • Restored the green face paint for male Trolls that had picked the corresponding hair color.

Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23691036/hotfixes-october-12-2021

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When swaping gear, sometimes the belt doesnt display correctly, and appears to have the pants appearance. Confirmed by several players

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Adding a new bug to this list:

  1. Void zones during KT appear super tiny when they spawn, but they still cause AOE damage based on a big radius.
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Doing quests below your character level not awarding the correct reputation values.

Ex. Quests 5 levels below the player should reward full reputation, however only 20% is being rewarded. I suspect the same is happening quests level 1-4 below the player.

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Yes this is happening and it should not be like this.

Reported bugs that I have yet to confirm myself

  • In Tanaris, some wooden plank boards are replaced with upside-down palm trees underwater.

  • Tauren’s War Stomp sound is exactly the same when you repair at the npc.

Is this affecting both the bead and feather turn ins?

Also shaman weapon effects still are not displaying.

Yes it’s affecting feather and bead turn ins and scourgestone turn ins also.

My brother and I experimented yesterday and you get less rep once you’re just 2 levels above the quest level, so you only get full rep when you are at the same level as the quest or 1 level above.

Previously as with experience gains, it didn’t start decreasing until you were 6 levels above the quest level. Experience is still behaving the same.

We’ve basically stopped questing and leveling characters because reputation was already a grind, now it’s even worse.

I need to see this in person. This is too goofy to be true lol

But bugs still in:

-That Guild Tabard glitch hiding belts. Pls blizz.

(Also Is your rp guild about the scarlet crusade? Why havent I seen yall on grobb? We’d love to roleplay with yall over in Tirisfal ;; )

I’m an optimistic fool and hoping the extended downtime today means some of these issues are being addressed.

They weren’t. However, maybe the expected twelve hour (!?!) down time today will.

I believe the extra downtime is to add seasonal servers to the client which will unlock on Thursday and next Tuesday. So if anything, we need to be vigilant to see if any SoM changes mess up the Era servers. I’ll be keeping an eye out as well for any issues.

Also there is yet another bug:

  • World Bosses have not spawned since the October 26th maintenance.

New bug as of the November 9th maintenance:

  • Lordaeron’s Blessing buff is now removed from players when entering Naxx.

Bumping for visibility. Please fix the borked World Boss spawns and reputation rewards for rep turn-in!

New bugs as of the November 10, 2021 patch

  • “Additional XP is being awarded for certain quests. I turned in “Verifying the Corruption” and received 2 XP values on my screen; one was 6800, the other was ~1750 (The total value does not correspond to the SoM values, not that there should be any more than the 6800 xp). Additionally, a DING sound was made as if I made it to the next level, and my character did a fist emote, similar to the /train emote.” -Another player

  • “ After yesterday’s patch, the warrior trinket Diamond Flask’s 60-second strength buff persists even after swapping the trinket out. Right now, you can pop Diamond Flask right before entering combat, switch it out for a different trinket, and get the benefits of both.” - Shard-Whitemane

  1. Argent Dawn turn in rep awarding 5 points in stead of 25 for scourge stones
  2. World bosses on classic era haven’t spawned since Oct 26
  3. Tier 2 helm on Priest and Mage not showing up
  4. Pickpocket loot window not appearing for Humanoids in Hearthglen area (aka rogues can no longer pickpocket here)
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UBRS is crashing the server every time we attempt to initiate the first boss (Pyroseer) encounter.


Please create one bug report thread per issue. Thank you!