Remove natural velf options

Just cuz you got the creativity of a pencil doesnt mean it’s a bad idea. OOooo tentacle limb boring. Old copy pasted belf options, omg so fun!! Please…


You know what I really want? Class skins.

If that does happen, I want Paladins to get a void knight skin. But a skin is just a skin, meaning they’re still paladins using holy light masked under whimsical magic to LOOK like void.

Then see velf players cry and snot all over the place on how its not fair.

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Ones is aesthetically pleasing and the other is a 2nd graders macaroni painting.

You trying to turn void elves into K’thir is laughable design wise, I’d rather have actual K’thir than your pathetic ideas. :heart:

It should have been given to them before, because Void Elves themselves are the most contrived lore mess in the entire game and there shouldn’t even be enough of them to make up a football team, let alone an allied race.

The whole thing was literally a way for the devs to bend over backwards to avoid giving Alliance high elves as an allied race. You know, the allied race that makes sense. Which would be fine except they have high elf NPCs everywhere. You go to Stormwind and there are high elf NPCs wandering around all over the place, you look at any 7th Legion group and there are high elves.

They created an allied race out of the blue to avoid giving high elves to the Alliance while also adding more high elves into the game than ever before. I didn’t even want high elves or care about them but it was just such a dumb situation that now I feel it’s necessary.


One is boring crap that isn’t even new.

The other is completely unique and fits the void theme, in VOID elf.

Horde kul tirans exist.

Alliance golbins exist.

Having high elf NPC’s didnt entitled those babies to anything.

I agree velves shouldn’t exist. NB should have gone to the alliance and the horde should have gotten sanlyan.

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I have zero creativity.

I’m so uncreative I sold my first painting in second grade. I got paid so much adjusted for inflation that had I been paid now I could have bought a new ipad. No creativity here.

That’s why I write computer programs. I’m so uncreative I took a class that teaches how to program visual art in a language called processing. So uncreative.

My creativity is so barren that I 3d model in blender and maya, and texture in Photoshop and Substance. Absolutely devoid of an ounce of creativity.

My creativity is so vacant that I design and sell clothes on Second Life, and make raster graphics for Indy games including to sell to users of the game I used to be an artist on. And I couldn’t have gotten that job due to creativity or anything like that.

I’m so uncreative I wrote an incomplete 120,000 word anthology backstory for my core set of wow characters.

I’m totally not getting a software engineering and art new media degree to create things. Nope.

No sir. No creativity here.



they are just grasping at straws here to keep people subbed, taking wild swings while not addressing the major core issues of the game that players have pointed out time and time again that need fixing

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This guy gets it.

Yeah highly requested trumps new any day, and the Alliance high elves aesthetic has been requested longer than your fake care for void customization for void elves.

Blizzard agrees, and understand how profitable giving that aesthetic to the alliance will be for them.

There’s nothing unique about making a race be all about one thing, it’s completely bland and one note, much like your ideas.

Unique would of been making void Ethereals or K’thir an AR.

Not ruining the blood elf rig by hot gluing tentacles and eyes balls in places they don’t belong.

I’ll trust blizzard to design aesthetically pleasing customization, not an angry horde fan boy who can’t stand seeing the Alliance be happy. :kissing_heart:


yes they still would but with a unique twist could be a new class for alliance only called rift knights or rift wardens . Where they channel stuff thru the void instead .

No, High Elves for Alliance, and Ogres for Horde. This was a total no-brainer, the allied races that had been part of the Alliance and Horde for years.

Giving them these options just makes sense in terms of lore, same as how Wildhammer options are baked into Dwarf options even though the PC Dwarf is a canon Bronzebeard.

More options are good for everyone, I’d rather they do something than nothing, they shouldn’t kowtow to contrarians looking for a molehill to die on who disregard lore implications because ‘iT’s MoRe UnIqUe’.

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What good has having all of their assets cloned done for Blood Elves? We didn’t get anything in return. We didn’t even get scars or tattoos.

Then the obvious solution would be to want more for Blood Elves, I’d think. Which they should do, we should not give them an excuse to not work on something they said was going to be ongoing.

Stop with your headcannon. Paladins are light zealots, not matter what flavor, no matter what their source of light is. Not void.

Wanna be a RifT WaRDen so bad then roll a warrior. You still have you velf racials, so there.

Okay great so you admit that natural elves are a case of blizzard being sell outs and having zero integrity for their lore. Okay cool, good for you. Have fun playing with your bastardized “VOID” elf. Sucks you cant be a paladin, wonder why.

So an entire new race for horde and a copy paste horde race for alliance? Haha, no way.

no i wll not void elf paladins must come

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What a new and clever idea. I should totally suggest options for Blood Elves. I’ve never thought of or done that before. And no one has ever copied posts I’ve made suggesting such things and linked them before. You’re so clever.

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Nope, wrong as usual.

What world of Warcraft considers the group high elf to be, is an alliance group of thalassian elves, it exactly fits the lore.

Not to mention void elves, from their addition, have had blood and high elves with them in their rift.

This is par the course, but thank you for admitting you know nothing of lore for the race you pretend to care so much about.


The allied races we have now are copy/paste and were slapped together using assets they had made for the customization overhaul. They could have added a ton of options for High Elves, such as warpaint, different hair, eye colours, etc.


Better one;

Sylvanas leads the Forsaken, yet the PC can’t look like Sylvanas.
Jaina leads the Kultiran, but the PC can’t be normal, or even skinny like other Kultirans.