Remove natural velf options

I just want simple things.
Like tattoo’s or facepaint for my non-orcish characters.


That’s a velf warrior.

Priests aren’t like paladins where LFD can be shadow and Velves/undead can be holy / discipline.
Priests channel the light, paladins are imbued with it.

A velf becoming a pally would blow the hell up.

And no, “void paladins” aren’t a thing since paladins are strictly light based zealots.

Sit back and wait for it to happen.

How about we start small and give Worgen the respect they deserve? A good maintained Worgen-race improves the chance for the Horde getting the Saberon immensely.

Oh, my personal wish would be to give Trolls and Goblins beards.


Never underestimate Blizzard’s ability to mess with lore for the “rule of cool” lol. I could see something along the lines of “even though most void entities have a natural distaste for the Light, the Ren’dorei, due to their loose connection to the Sunwell, have found a way to channel the Light in harmonious balance with the Void.” Not saying they would do that as it’s absurd, but I’ve learned to never put anything past Blizzard when it comes to lore lol.

If it does then blizzard has no scruples left to any type of lore when it comes to race / class combos. Migth as well open them all up with the most absurd explanation.

Oh maghar warlocks exist because they have thuper strong willpower and dont let their appearance go green.

Oh, velf paladins exist because they implanted a crystal up their corn hole that stores all their light.

Oh, Tauren rogues are a thing now because they step REALLY soft so they dont clop clop clop everywhere

Rcae / class restrictions adds to the lore so really hope that doesnt happen.

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Hair colors aren’t hairstyles. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Still wrong!

Growing arms isn’t “awesome.” ROFLMAO

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This can actually happen because they never drank the blood. This is not a weird what if scenario, it is actually very possible.

Options do not subtract, they add to feasible lore.

Blizzard quite obviously doesn’t care about expanding a niche theme in the void when they literally already did that with the OG void elves.

You want to be one note, there’s plenty of customization for void elves to do so, could there be more in the future? Why not? If the demand is there and is big enough.

I obviously don’t remotely believe you care either way about void elf customization, you, much like the rest of the antis, only care about turning void elves into the opposite of high elf customization, if anything, you hurt void customization for void elves more than high elf fans do.

Ask the antis how trying to deny plausible player request is going for them on the eve of their 3rd loss. :rofl:


If I remember correctly the Grimtotem had rogues so they do exist. But it’s still a silly race/class combo that really doesn’t make sense unless Tauren all of a sudden start wearing padded cloth on their feet so they don’t make clop clop clop sounds whenever they walk lol

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Using mechagnome tech to give void elves a tentacle limb isn’t awesome? Christ you’re boring.

Velves have pretty similar hair styles to belves, not all of them have tentacles. Gicing them natural hair pretty much removes any lines between the races.

Maghar are against anything having to do with Fel. Begin around lots of fel turn non practitioners in the MU timeline green. How is an actual practitioner gonna resist turning green. Unless like i said, oooo THUPER strong willpower.

I want tattoos and scars for my Belf.

And freckles.

And it’d be nice if they separated the mustache and beard geometry so there can be lots of combinations like they did for other races.

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I didn’t know this. But I think it also not stopped the Bronzebeard Dwarves (or Dark Iron Drwarves, I don’t know) to teach the other group to use fel magic either.

I think if Blizzard wants to make it available then they will find a way to do it.

True, I would cite Perith Stormhoof as an example, but the Grimtotems are a lot more solid for that.

I would also name the Draenei who are hunters and silent, I forget the name of their organization, but you help in Draenor AU. Theoretically they do clop clop clop, but still somehow that doesn’t stop them from being stealthy.

Edit : Remeber, they call Rangari

yes for void elf paladins but i dont want just light powers i want everything to be void powers. Then they could introduce heritage weapon sets .

The capacity to learn and use it isnt the issue.

Being a maghar orc is all about not being corrupted by fel. Maghar translates to uncorrupted.

So blizzard opening up all race/class combos with crap lore like, willpower prevents the green skin change, removes all the charm from the lore.

There’s reasons why race/ class combos restriction exist.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

You make it too easy for blizzard to ignore terrible concepts.


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That’s true. Although the Rangari were mostly in the Wilds (not city folk) so they’re mostly walking on soft earth. That can at least explain some of it away but yeah, they did find a way to be silent so it’s not impossible!

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