Remove natural velf options

You’re being awfully hostile over Void Elves discovering hair dye, my guy. I’m saying we should not give them any excuse to renege on adding new stuff, no matter what it is, so long as it lines up with lore. Blizzard abandons things at the drop of a hat, especially customization.

Allied races were already a way for them to take what they’d made for primary races and slap it together to make more money and burn more player time. You think if they decide to not give the hair colours to the Void Elves that they’ll magically decide to use those resources for Blood Elves? Hell no, they’ll do (or allow, I guess, since the art team likely wants to do more) the barest minimum and that will be it.


woo hoo! alliance have a mage trainer and uncorrupted elves that only appear with void elves if you have even unlocked void elves. oh and dont forget they have 2 elves that serve on a 7th legion airship


Dont hold your breath.

Look how cute you are.

High elves are elves that hail from quethalas. Most of them renamed themselves to blood elves following the sunwell’s destruction. Those that remained with the alliance simply refused to change their name. There is no difference between both groups other than political ones.

Void elves on the other hand are an evolution from the two and will never be the “HIGH” elf you want, no matter how many natural options blizz gives you.

No they’re not, every single AR had biological or magical differenced from their parent races, which is why they have their unique customizations in the first place.

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I’m happy for the jet black and potential white hair option.

But I know I will roll my eyes more than once when I go to Stormwind and see blonde “Void” Elves dethroning the growth potion Worgen as the most overused race.

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You forgot to mention the Thunder Island Elves, the ones who help you in the Stormguard Warfront. Forgot to mention those Quel’dorei team of island expeditions as well.xD

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No. I’m being hostile because you and your discord friends keep unironically telling me to request things as if I’m not just someone who does so frequently but also keeps and updates a master list to the best of my ability as my health permits and posts it when appropriate.

It’s super disingenuous for you to try that shtick with me.

Of course I’m going to be annoyed and sarcastic because you should have seen my posts over the last year or two listing requests when posting on your other toons.

Are a race and a group.

Alliance has the only group that actually calls themselves “High Elf”.

You have elves that call themselves blood elves, despite their origins.

Yes, political differences do matter.

No, you are not clever for regurgitating what you heard equally lore ignorant people say.

Nuance is important, it’s a shame you don’t understand what that is. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is why your side continues to lose, blizzard knows their game, a troll who sees the game through horde tinted glasses pretending to understand the nuance of an Alliance group, laughable. :rofl:


sorry i forgot about that group thats had like 2 moments of screen time over 17 years of the game and live in stormwind and serve the alliance and not dalaran and the kirin tor

and can you post on your void elf please. this gnome is too cute

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Honestly, thinking about it, natural hair colors wouldn’t really have been an issue. The pale uncorrupted skin is what kills it in combination to the hair colors.

LMAO, not when it comes to biology, haha.

As it remains the closest you can get to an actual high elf is by playing a blood elf. You know because their magical biology doesn’t prevent them from being pallies and dont turn into a void monster ever minutes in combat.

Playable High Elves have existed since TBC, learn to accept it.

Try harder.

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… Discord friends? I think you have me mixed up with someone else, this is the only character I ever post on. And I’m certainly not in any discords with you. I mostly post on the Story Forums, not here.

If you look at MY posts you’d see that I’ve been in support of everyone getting more, because I know they can do it, they always have been able to.


Damn it, now I’m heartbroken from taking this tread with acidity and hostility. I can’t handle compliments

Sorry guys for everything. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I don’t have Void Elves or Blood Elves, I only have one Shal’dorei =(


I don’t think you ever answered my question about how Blood Elves having everything cloned to Void Elves with absolutely nothing in return helps Blood Elves in any way shape or form. I also might just be forgetting because that happens to me sometimes.


High elves have been around in the alliance quests and scenarios longer than even blood elves have been a part of the horde, like it or not, there’s sprinklings of “high elf” in both factions.

And the game understands that difference, regardless of how loud you Reeee.

And with these new customization options, Alliance players have the closest canonical high elves in game, because they have always been an alliance group, regardless of the bigger race overall being in the horde.

Oh cute, you think this is a discussion, no sweetheart, this is just education for and at your expense. :heart:


Area Worgen expert on what he imagines the lore to be.

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Why not both? I would love some more void corrupted options. Like some real twisted, weird face stuff like on our boy Zuraal.

But on the flipside, the precedent has arguably always been there for normal looking options thanks to Alleria. Not to mention the presence of new students in telogrus rift, who would likely ease into things. Not get nearly taken over by the void.

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I think what a majority of the angst is from, is the fact that Void Elves have two distinct fantasies now. One where they can be a minion of the void with all that lies with it, and one where they can be a Blood Elf clone.

The reason Blood Elf players are upset is we haven’t gotten any different aesthetics. We’ve just had ours copied over. I would be way less upset if they also said “along with adding these hair styles, we are giving Blood Elves a dark ranger/San’layn option for a more unique fantasy”. Of course there would still be VE/HE fans who would be up in arms about it, but you would see less angry Blood Elf fans.

Look I understand you’re finally happy after 15 years of whining you mostly have gotten your way, but you cannot be surprised there are people upset by this. Quite honestly almost considered quitting when I saw the announcement of 5 natural hair colours as that would be the final nail in the coffin. By placating one group, they are essentially alienating another.


Is this really serious? Or was it just a hyperbole?

Then why does even the palest elf turn into a purple beast and can create kingdom hearts void portals? I’m talking from a canonical stand point not rp headcannon mumbo jumbo.

Doesn’t mean crap,

Horde has kul tiran npc’s and alliance has goblin np’cs. Doesnt mean they should be playable.

Truth is the horde got playable high elves since TBC and now you’re stuck with “Void-sometimes-high” elves.

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Serious as the grave. People can be upset about things and show their frustration with their wallet. Plenty of high elf fans have done it in the past.

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it will happen eventually look we got natural hair colors now