New Customization Options for Blood Elves and Void Elves

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I try to avoid switching alts when posting on the forums. I usually only do so in cases where the alt in question is relevant to the topic I am responding to, like say posting in a Warlock-centric thread on my Warlock for example. But even then it’s rare I do so. Wouldn’t want someone calling me a hypocrite for criticizing others for alt hoping in the same topic over and over. :roll_eyes:


That’s not what happened when Hyper joined the discord.

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well i’m compiling belf customizations list, as a belf max level char. so no one can say i shouldnt do so just cause i’m alliance. clearly i want options for my belfs, too. i’m elf fan. clearly.

yes, i have an interest in belf customizations, too.

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thats cuz you were scared to talk to me. i was in the voice channel, to prove i really am an old lady. he’d jump in for a split second, say something really fast, then jump back out. almost like he was afraid if he heard my voice he’d become brainwashed into hyper’s helf army or something haha.


I’ve been working on a list of my own.

Blood Elves have several subgroups which we would like to see more customization for.

Farstrider Fantasy:
Farstriders are the Blood Elf ranger faction. They have nature themes and are seen in Warcraft 2 and 3. They’re an important part of the Thalassian military.

Customization features which appeal to the Farstrider Fantasy are:

  • Tattoos like the one seen in Warcraft 2.
  • Feathers in hair for nature themes.
  • Arguably braids both long and short to keep hair from being caught in bow strings.

Magister Fantasy:
Magisters are the Blood Elf caster fantasy. Powerful mages of Quel’thalas and an important part of the Thalassian nation.

  • Runic tatoos.
  • Longer hairstyles for ladies.
  • Eyes that match spell color effects for various casters such as orange for fire.
  • Hair crystals.

Blood Knight Fantasy:
Blood Knights are the Blood Elf Paladin faction. Once gritty, they’ve been redeemed by the Light.

  • Scars because close combat injuries happen.
  • Torn or damaged ears.
  • Light colored tatoos to go with the golden eyes.

Other additions:


  • Druids — Sin’dorei magisters have manipulated nature for ages. If Kultirans can be Druids, why not? They can be motivated by a desire to heal the Dead Scar and can have a redemption arc like Blood Knights did.
  • Shaman — Some people are requesting this. The healing to the Dead Scar narrative can be used here too technically.


  • Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
  • Two-tone hair colors.
  • Since Void Elves are getting our skin colors can we get their hairstyles?
  • Afro-ethnic hairstyles like afros and dreadlocks to go with our dark skin colors.
  • More hairstyles for all races would be great tbh.

Facial Hair:

  • Wizard Beards.
  • More options in general, see Night Elven implimentation.

Dark Ranger Theme:
Dark Rangers are undead Rangers but use the Blood Elf rig. The skins for them and eyes for them already exists and it’s just a matter of turning them on. They could also add a Blood Elf rig to Forsaken as a toggle or choice but Forsaken players might not like that.

  • Unlock undead skin for all classes.
  • Unlock red eyes.

The more out there themes:

Darkfallen Theme:
Darkfallen are undead Blood Elves found in Northrend. They’re vampyres and tried to join The Horde during BfA.

  • Undead Skins
  • Red eyes
  • Bat-like ears
  • Claws
  • Fangs
  • Possibly bat wings.

Felblood Elf Theme:
Felblood Elves are Blood Elves who overloaded on the fel and mutated. They have bright colorful skin, horns blackened hands, and little feathery winglets.

  • Colorful skins with darkened cracked hands.
  • Unlocking DH horns for all classes.
  • Wings/winglets, dark, light, possibly matching hair color.

Please let me know if I missed anything.


What? No void hair effects? To make them cool like the dark irons? Booooo! :open_mouth:


I think that’s still the only time the voice channel has been used. Unless the people who actually organize wow stuff in game have been using one

well i wanted pink, lavender and light blue hair colors for my velfs. for my belfs, since we’re going with the sun elf theme, also, something like nightborne mana hair but in shiny gold, so it shimmers, if you get my meaning, kael’thas mage orbs. they hover around your head like kael’s did/does. loved that effect from first time i saw it. maybe in diff colors, depending on eye color or class. full body shield like spellbreakers have. also a very iconic belf thing.

someone mentioned freckles.

lol. well i’m use to using voice channel on discord, cause i only use discord for lfrs, guild runs, that kinda thing and its just so much easier than trying to type it.

Honestly I’m not a fan of the tentacles or the voidy effects on em. Lol

Though hey, why not? Void effect hair!


I just want dark rangers to be an option. It’s likely it would be for belves rather than the forsaken though.

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I love the idea of feathers in the hair, as well as a strawberry blonde option.


As proved by your mog.

Feathers in the hair for nelfs too. Plus platinum blonde.

For blood elves I think scars, maybe fel and arcane radiation would be cool effects. Not to make Blood Elves too edgy, but I think the scars that Lor’themar are a nice touch.


The nelf dark rangers can go rot.

I’m wearing this because it’s purple.

Arcane radiation is a cool idea!


Can and do.

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I like the idea of each Elf race sharing their aesthetics with the secondary elf on that faction and vice versa. By that i mean Blood Elves/Nightborne sharing certain things with each other and Night Elves/Void elves sharing certain things with eachother.

A lot of Night Elf hairstyles would fit the High Elf look for both males and females. I’m a fan of the leaf aesthetic for them too. Would really fit the old school Celtic theme of the High Elf ranger look.


A lot of sass going on in this thread.


That’s because I’m here.