Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

I do agree - but given how this topic has been going on for a decade (I think), it is at the time to close this chapter for good.

Yes, agree. The elf-situation is well known topic and adds only to the bigger and more on-going problems, especially on the Alliance-side. I’m pretty sure it would give them a small boost in players if these hair colors would be available to them. And at the moment, they truly need any help they can get.

“They”? You mean “Us”. This is one of the core problems I have read time and time again here on the American forums. You really shouldn’t think this way because it’s insensitive. You’re still interacting with human beings. And yes, the game is being driven by it’s war gimmick but the Horde isn’t the only faction who had a connection to blond elves.

Your happiness is an egoistical issue where you would go to the defenses about a hair colorization while not losing anything on your side at all. You simply do not like the idea how another fair-skinned elf version could have the same options available as you. Instead on focusing on the actual problem, the game director, you channel your dislike towards players (“them”) instead the actual core issue.

Do not get me wrong, I do understand where you come from and how important faction and race pride has to be in such games. Channel the anger in productivity and actually rally for more unique Blood Elf features. Warmongering because of hair colors is unhealthy in my personal opinion.


If you’ve actually been reading these threads, you would know we have tons of requests for belf customization.

And Zandrae in particular posts his list every so often.


Yes. Same goes to the splendid Worgen topic as well which has a lot of great ideas.

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Then you’re all welcome to drop it.

Ion doesn’t consult with us personally about whether the hair colours should be added and we’re denying it to you. Blizzard chose not to add them when it was an entirely logical time to add them when they added everything else, this entire discussion is a refusal to accept that decision.

The chapter could be much more easily closed by the people actually choosing to keep it open.

As is yours.


It’s a reasonable request which is why it will keep on going for many years to come.


My community is the Blood Elf community and the High Elf community means harm to it. If they didn’t they’d take their compromise and stop demanding more.

Their demands and being unwilling to accept compromise is an egotistical issue.

I lose what little is left that is unique about the race I main, enjoy, and am deeply invested in the lore of.

What would I get in return for making a race neutral bait and switch when I didn’t sign up for that?

I care about Blood Elves. I don’t want them to lose what little they have left of an identity.

I can multitask.

Clearly you don’t or you wouldn’t be attacking the thing I love and personally insulting me by calling me egotistical for wanting to protect what I love from vicious poachers.

Excuse me. I’ve done that. In fact I’ve kept a master list for a long time. However unlike high elf fans who keep making an issue I don’t post it over and over and over again.

Here’s my list right here.

Blood Elves have several subgroups which we would like to see more customization for.

Farstrider Fantasy:
Farstriders are the Blood Elf ranger faction. They have nature themes and are seen in Warcraft 2 and 3. They’re an important part of the Thalassian military.

Customization features which appeal to the Farstrider Fantasy are:

  • Tattoos like the one seen in Warcraft 2.
  • Feathers in hair for nature themes.
  • Arguably braids both long and short to keep hair from being caught in bow strings.

Magister Fantasy:
Magisters are the Blood Elf caster fantasy. Powerful mages of Quel’thalas and an important part of the Thalassian nation.

  • Runic tatoos.
  • Longer hairstyles for ladies.
  • Eyes that match spell color effects for various casters such as orange for fire.
  • Hair crystals.

Blood Knight Fantasy:
Blood Knights are the Blood Elf Paladin faction. Once gritty, they’ve been redeemed by the Light.

  • Scars because close combat injuries happen.
  • Torn or damaged ears.
  • Light colored tatoos to go with the golden eyes.

Other additions:


  • Druids — Sin’dorei magisters have manipulated nature for ages. If Kultirans can be Druids, why not? They can be motivated by a desire to heal the Dead Scar and can have a redemption arc like Blood Knights did.
  • Shaman — Some people are requesting this. The healing to the Dead Scar narrative can be used here too technically.


  • Strawberry Blonde hair color.
  • Pure white hair color.
  • Two-tone hair colors.
  • Luminescent two-tone light hair. (Similar to DI fire hair but light.)
  • Possibly unrealistic anime hair colors.
  • Since Void Elves are getting our skin colors can we get their hairstyles?
  • Afro-ethnic hairstyles like afros and dreadlocks to go with our dark skin colors.
  • More hairstyles for all races would be great tbh.

Facial Hair:

  • Wizard Beards.
  • More options in general, see Night Elven implimentation.


  • Freckles
  • Shiny/Metallic skin tones to reflect the magical nature of Blood Elves.


  • Ear armor.

Light Forged themes:

  • Halos
  • Auras
  • Glowing/Light tattoos
  • Gold tattoos
  • Light runes
  • Light miasma

Dark Ranger Theme:
Dark Rangers are undead Rangers but use the Blood Elf rig. The skins for them and eyes for them already exists and it’s just a matter of turning them on. They could also add a Blood Elf rig to Forsaken as a toggle or choice but Forsaken players might not like that.

  • Unlock undead skin for all classes.
  • Unlock red eyes.

The more out there themes:

Darkfallen Theme:
Darkfallen are undead Blood Elves found in Northrend. They’re vampyres and tried to join The Horde during BfA.

  • Undead Skins
  • Red eyes
  • Bat-like ears
  • Claws
  • Fangs
  • Possibly bat wings.

Felblood Elf Theme:
Felblood Elves are Blood Elves who overloaded on the fel and mutated. They have bright colorful skin, horns blackened hands, and little feathery winglets.

  • Colorful skins with darkened cracked hands.
  • Unlocking DH horns for all classes.
  • Wings/winglets, dark, light, possibly matching hair color.

Please let me know if I missed anything.

The Blood Elf identity is important to me.

I know you have a hard time thinking of Blood Elf players as people but if you prick me I bleed.

I will never support Blood Elf assets for Void Elves so long as High Elf fans remain unempatheic to our needs.

Until Blood Elves get a full customization pass I don’t particularly care to lend my energy to helping anyone else. High Elf fans never try to help us out, why should we sit back quietly and let them pick our avatar clean?

This is what a full customization pass looks like:

  • Runic Tattoos
  • Farstrider Tattoos
  • Scars
  • Hair feathers
  • Jewelry for men
  • Afro-ethnic hairstyles
  • Separating mustache from beard so we can choose combinations

Until I see my needs met, and see others pushing for meeting those needs I’m not going to ally with those who want to do my favorite race harm.


Okay, and so is my position.

Your opinion is not inherently worth more than mine.


Oh and by the way, totally ignoring the feelings and needs of the Blood Elf player base is also insensitive. Get better.


Love the lower part of the posting but I want to address this.

I stated it as “egoistical” because it is clear you care very much about the game which is good. But the dosis is unhealthy because you take the game too seriously. At the end of the day the Void Elves would be fine as they are currently in the game, but all of this is not worth fighting against another people.

I believe you feel this way because you know that I’m actually right. There was no need to address the “worth” of our postings, everyone is equal and has a different opinion. Feel free to criticize other opinions.


Why are you singling out Lann?
Also … kind of creepy.

It’s not the ‘proper’ way to go when you only see one side and have come here to attack.


Christ and I thought I was condescending.


First of all:

  1. excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself; self-centered.

My wanting to protect Blood Elves has nothing to do with me personally or my ego and has everything to do with the love of the game.

Second of all:
You are not my therapist or my psychiatrist. You are in no position to decide if my care about the game is healthy or unhealthy. You’re totally out of line here.

This is your opinion.

I disagree. I love Blood Elves and want them to keep what little distinction that hasn’t yet been robbed.

If the issue is not worth fighting over then High Elf fans can accept the compromise they have been graciously given.


Everything I want is on this list!


That always seems to happen to Lann lately in these threads.

And I absolutely agree.


Yeah, they are targeting Lann and then talking about empathy.


Seems like they’ve decided to direct their ire at Lann now. It used to be me.


While trying to diagnose me.


I actually looked for a posting you made some days ago if it is of any interest of you. Lann was also fine enough for me because you two are the omnipresent people I always recognize in these topics.

I’m still conflicted how I should feel about you but because I’m taking part in these discussions… we will see how it will go on from now on!

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Now now you have to realize that only those who stand to gain something are right. We who stand to lose things are just a bunch of horrible nasty people. I’m expecting the whole, but Blood Elves aren’t losing anything. Yeah tell the only bakery shop in town they aren’t losing anything when another bakery opens up next door to them. Tell Blizzard they aren’t losing anything if someone makes a 90% copy of World of Warcraft and calls it World at War.


I will totally tell my therapist that some bloke on the wow forums who is upset that I disagree with him says that I care too much about my hobby.

I predict she’ll laugh and tell me you’re spewing rubbish.