Quilen & Cloud Teahouse Open In Sri-La!

Quilen & Cloud Teahouse

“Slow down. Life is meant to be savored."

Sundays at 4 PM in Sri La

HOME LOCATION: Sri-La Inn, Sri-La Village (OOC) Kunbo’s Wharf (IC)
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Upcoming special Teahouse events:

Phase 1 (aka “The Feast”)
Start Location: Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
the outdoor seating area near the pond side of the village

Start Time: 4:30 PM (half-hour later than usual)

be sure to see Zidormi at the Seat of Knowledge and make sure you are in the old pre-BFA version of the zone. Also Chromie-time off.

Kunbo will be preparing food to order

phase 2 (aka the “Beach Party”)
Location: Turtle Beach, Krasarang Wilds
if you take a break after teahouse, gather beginning at sometime after 8 PM
bonfire snacks, general merriment, including Wanderer’s Festival activities at 9 PM
inky black potions strongly recommended for evening ambience at both phases.



Jade (jasmine), also available chilled
Black Turtle (smoked during curing)
Ruby Dragon (with cherry & mild spice)
Roasted Barley (have it Grummle-style, add some yak butter!)
Honeymint, also available chilled

Falling Blossoms, pressed from fruit blossom petals
Blue Child, snow plums picked by moonlight

Tea Bone Soup
yellow tea leaves, sliced 100 year eggs, lemongrass, fish backbone broth

Four Celestials Soup
green (spinach flour) noodles, red bell pepper, black morels, white jasmine blossoms, vegetable broth

kernel corn, potato chunks & shallots in thick pumpkin soup, served in a hollowed out rye bread loaf with toasted croutons. Melted cheese optional.

Garden mixed vegetables
Grotto kimchee with squid ink
Spider Surpise minced crab, with red bean paste & rice
Riverbank salmon & cranberries
Spring bamboo shoots & lemongrass
Summer forest mushrooms & jasmine blossoms
Autumn stewed apricots & bamboo shoots
Winter spicy yak, rice, onion & garlic chunks

Seabreeze Noodles spinach noodles, pricklevine juice & olive oil dressing, crumbled salty yak cheese, sprinkle of black turtle tea leaves

Dragon Candy - red hot spicy jawbreakers
Honey-Dipped Deep-Fried Sweet Buns

available for private parties or offsite catering

What’s Up at the Teahouse:

“Slow down. Life is meant to be savored”:
Immersive IC socializing.

Non-aligned: All amiable characters of any affiliation are welcome! No Fighting, No Biting. Leave politics & religion outside.

Mandatory-use Weapons Rack is prominently placed (OOC = mailbox). This includes staves of all descriptions, as well as anything that appears weapon-like even if it’s not a weapon IC.

Come when you want & leave when you need to.

  • In keeping with the relaxed ambience, we operate on “Pandaren Time”. Life is meant to be savored slowly, as the saying goes. Doors open when the staff gets there – might be earlier than the official start time or a few minutes late.
  • Pandaren is our first language, so expect the locals to be nomnomming from time to time.
  • All patrons are welcome to use elixir of tongues, but not required. Some genuine IC translation is available. …
  • Inky Black Potions recommended as well. Evenings by the seashore are indescribable.

No Fighting, No Biting

  • Leave politics & religion outside.
  • Mandatory-use Weapons Rack is prominently placed (OOC = mailbox). This includes staves and potentially weapon-like off-hand items of all descriptions. Rare exceptions for IC health-related support may be made - if arranged in advance.

In addition to the scheduled public evenings, from time to time the teahouse may be open for special events. For example, we might be setting up our portable tea stand at an open event. Or celebrating a holiday together off somewhere else. Or, a guild or other group might reserve the premises for a private function. To kick off this new kind of fun …

Kunbo’s shipping warehouse in Sri-La Village has been renovated as a improved and more spacious teahouse with modest living quarters upstairs. Coming to the teahouse is coming to his home - a quiet corner away from the hurlyburly where you can take off your shoes, enjoy a tasty bite & a cuppa, and a friendly conversation with some interesting people.

“Kunbo’s Wharf” is a little bit of unobtrusive headcanon. As we all know, settlements the world over are larger than in-game. Made a map showing the approximate location within Sri-La Village.

<<>> tinyurl dot com/QCTeaSriLaMap

A more detailed IC description of the renovated Quilen & Cloud Teahouse is in the works.

“Slow down. Life is meant to be savored.”


I’ve tested it for over 1 1/2 hours with a lvl 28. Including running around the Village. No eagles!

This means low-level characters are safe. No mobs!
So find a way to Sri-La, no need to level-up.

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Nice! I’ll try to bring a date with me :wink:
Looking forward to this <3


I’m happy to see the teahouse coming back this month! It’s my favorite place in all of Pandaria. (Nazgo’s, too, ICly!) :slight_smile:

Thank you for that!

Which reminds me, I should make it clear that only this first special event is restricted to Pandaren. Expect more things open to all in the future. Like a beach bash sometime during the summer.

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I can try to drop in on a Pandaren that day if I am not working at the time.

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I will try to make it!

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Thanks again for the comments. With all the IC & OOC changes that affect the life of the teahouse your encouragement is what keeps me going.

Been looking through the more obscure foods available ingame, putting together some things to try out on our test run this Sunday.


Just a quick reminder - Sunday, 7 PM. Sri-La Village.


Pandaren preview tonight 7 PM - alts & first-time characters welcome. Because we’ll all be speaking Pandaren no need for elixirs.

Grand Opening: next Sunday the 22nd, 7 PM elixirs optional. We have staff available that speak both major languages & can accommodate you through IC translation - which can be fun in and of itself.

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Thank you very much everyone that came out last night. I was sorry to have to log after a mere four hours. But at least you helped get some good additions to the Spring menu.

So our Grand Opening next Sunday is going to include a few dishes that Pandaren feel Kunbo prepares well enough to share with the world.

Grand Opening this coming Sunday ( March 22) at 7 PM in Sri-La at the building next to the flight master.

The IC weapons rack is easy to spot - it’s where the ingame mailbox is.

New menu items: clay pot fish (whole fresh-caught, baked in individual vessels in a savory lemongrass sauce ), sticky buns generously coated with honey then deep-fried, and a spring salad including young greens, shoots, & edible wildflower petals, with a light dressing of diced lushrooms in plum vinaigrette.

Many of your favorite dishes are still available, along with a wide variety of teas & other beverages.

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Menu as seen IC:


Reminder -

Grand (re)Opening tonight 7 PM Sri-La Inn. Be sure to check out the new more extensive menu at the link in the previous post.

special note - in the past on a few occasions we’ve seen the sadness of Horde characters showing up, feeling out-numbered, then leaving before yet another one comes along & repeats the process. Well, we’ve made an extra effort behind the scenes to get the word out that everybody is welcome who can behave amiably. This seems to have paid off. There are rumbles of quite a few more showing up this time. So if you show up & don’t see many others wearing the same color tabard as you - stick around. Often times people show up a bit late.

Only a couple of hours to go.

Did i mention that the food’s always free? :panda_face: :ramen:

Open for business as of … now!

big hugs & thanks to everyone who came out last night & made the grand opening a success!

Next Sunday (29th) we’ll be making our monthly excursion to the Wanderers’ Festival. Teahouse time & location as usual, then depart from there about 10:30 pm for Turtle Beach in Krasarang.

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Teahouse this Sunday - kettle burbling usual place & time ( 7 PM, Sri-La). Depart teahouse for beach excursion about 10:30 PM.

Close to having all the April dates worked out. On time for once. First one will be on Sunday the 5th. Will update OP when the details are settled.

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Looking forward to seeing you all tonight. Lots more room in the new digs. Check the new menu & let your mouth start watering in anticipation.


Only a couple-three hours to go. Kunbo is in Halfhill atm, getting whatever goodies he can’t grow or catch for himself.