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While I understand the concern, it’s important to point out that malware risks are everywhere on the Internet. And while there have been known security issues with Discord in the past, there are steps you can take to minimize this risk.

Set complex passwords for your accounts and try not to use the same password in multiple places. Turn on 2FA for any and all accounts that support it, and use diligence and caution when clicking links and/or downloading/running anything. Keep your OS up-to-date along with whatever antivirus/antimalware solution you use.

If you do all that, I see no reason you can’t join and enjoy the community along with all the benefits and connections it affords.


Discord may not be for everyone, and that’s okay! This is why we also have an in-game Community that Alliance members on the Wyrmrest Accord server can access for networking and to find roleplay.

Networking Platforms

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scooch /10char


Just gonna nudge this thread a bit.

We’ve gotten pretty big since this idea eventually sprung into existence. So much organic RP comes out of even the most basic interactions. We’ve got a great community, and even greater plans, come say hi!


Up to the top with ye.


As promised in the main post, the WRA community is already hard at work, networking and collaborating together to help expand this project’s goal of fostering more open roleplay on our server.

To those of you who have joined WCP platforms for networking, to stay up-to-date on upcoming RP events, or simply to hang out, please know that every bit helps! We are so pleased to have you and are so grateful for your continued enthusiasm and love for Wyrmrest Accord.

To those who have yet to join, please know this community is happy to have you whether you host events, attend them, or simply wish to be in-the-know about when they are happening. Here’s a look at some upcoming RP events on our server…

Upcoming Events

:sparkles: [N-RP] Lounging in Legerdemain - Metal & Wings, March 24
When: 3/24/2022 5:30pm (server)
Where: Legerdemain Lounge, Dalaran (Northrend)

is back in town and hosting another bar night. Come on out to eat, drink, socialize, and look forward to meeting a very special guest!

:earth_asia: [N-RP] Dance of the Earthmother
When: 3/24/2022 6:00pm (server)
Where: Outskirts of Feralas (Coords: 88, 32)

invites everyone to the first Dance of the Earthmother of the new year! Aid them in their ritual to help the Earth Mother with her transition from frigid Winter to breezy Spring, followed by an eventide of feasting and dancing.

:books: [A/N-RP] Kalimdor United Monthly Storytelling Event!
When: 3/26/2022 5:00pm (server)
Where: Stone Circle of Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas

Denizens of Kalimdor come together during this monthly gathering to tell stories, recite poetry, sing songs, and express themselves creatively in a myriad of different ways. This month’s theme is Favorite Foods!

:tea: [N-RP] Quilen & Cloud Teahouse Open In Sri-La!
When: 3/27/2022 4:00pm (server)
Where: Sri-La Inn, Sri-La Village (OOC), Kunbo’s Wharf (IC)

Join Kunbo and friends for his weekly teahouse event in Sri-La! Enjoy pandaren cuisine with a local flair and a friendly, casual atmosphere. Life is meant to be savored!

:bow_and_arrow: [A-RP] Open Combat Training: Archery Drills
When: 3/27/2022 5:30pm (server)
Where: Warrior’s Terrace, Darnassus (OOC), Mount Hyjal (IC)

The invite all interested in learning to defend themselves and their lands to a public drill session, focused on archery techniques.

:cake: [N-RP] Fancy Cakes is Moving - April 2022
When: 4/03/2022 5:00pm (server)
Where: Antonidas Memorial, Dalaran (Legion)

Fancy Cakes is moving its operations to Dalaran! Come enjoy what this long-time weekly cafe event has to offer.

:crossed_swords: [A-RP] Public Combat Drills
When: 4/03/2022 5:30pm (server)
Where: Warrior’s Terrace, Darnassus (OOC), Mount Hyjal (IC)

The invite all interested in learning to defend themselves and their lands to a public combat training session.

NOTE: You need the Dazzling Rod toy for this event.

:sake: [A-RP] The Mistcrane Teahouse (Recurring)
When: 4/09/2022 5:00pm (server)
Where: Paw’don Village, The Jade Forest

Patrons of the Alliance are invited to sit back, relax, and enjoy eachother’s company at this cozy monthly teahouse featuring an array of Kaldorei and Pandaren cuisine.

:stew: [A-RP] April 22nd, 6 PM. Free Food, Drinks at the Blue Recluse
When: 4/22/2022 6:00pm (server)
Where: The Blue Recluse, Stormwind City

An anonymous benefactor has agreed to pay for all food and drinks of visitors to the Blue Recluse from dusk until dawn. Come on down and don some Noblegarden attire to celebrate the season!

:cherry_blossom: [A-RP] Noblegarden in Thundermar - April 23rd
When: 4/22/2022 4:30pm (server)
Where: Thundermar, Twilight Highlands

Ever the patrons of nature, residents of Thundermar have graciously chosen to open their Noblegarden revelries this year to allies from across Azeroth. It’s sure to be an eggcellent eggsperience!

Reminders for these events are posted in the WCP Discord, and participants are welcome to use the in-game WCP community channel to chat together as events occur live.

Those interested in joining the project, either to network, or simply to stay up-to-date on events, can access our platforms from the links below. All are welcome :sparkling_heart:

Thank you all for your continued contributions to the Wyrmrest Accord community!
~ The WCP Moderator Team

Networking Platforms

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Moderated by: Maeshkin, Thomas, Feyawen, Raseri, and Cyli


The Wrymrest Community is alive and well with the networking and roleplay that this project encourages. Give it a look if you’re:

Recruiting for your guild!

Looking for a guild to join!

Hoping to find new friends and active RP!

Looking to join ongoing plotlines and campaigns such as Year 35!

Or just looking for a neat place to hang out.


what if i am looking for someone to level and rp with like how i see people do on the classic servers
like for reals i was leveling and someone sent me some in-rp mail to my hunter and there was a new gun and a scope and all this fresh ammo
does anyone on wyrmrestaccord do cute stuff like that???


Yeah I love it when folks do stuff like that!

I used to send little rp gifts by mail all the time (mostly just level-appropriate food I cooked for them to give them stat buffs) back when I was subscribed! Its always a nice surprise and roleplaying through sending in-character mail lets you take your time and think through what your character would say in a stress-free way.

Its also a great way to keep in touch with friends when you can’t be online at the same time!

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I used to do a lot of in game mail.

One of my favorites was my undead sending part of Varian’s letter to Anduin to someone with absolutely no context to why or how they have it and why they’re sending it to them. The OOC response was like WHY WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS.

Another time someone in PnP died and Juspeon still sent them a Christmas gift with no explanation or context how or why Juspeon was able to send a dead person a present from the living world to the afterlife and also the fact Juspeon doesn’t even know they’re dead was very funny. I sent them a ghost kitty :ghost::heart_eyes_cat:


I often preface the actual mail content with a short text describing the delivery. Often a Grummle knocking on the door and handing over a package with some grubby fingerprints and weatherstains from being carried halfway cross Azeroth. :smiley:

Thank you @Wyrmmie for honoring a cross-faction event meant to give everyone a chance to leave the swords outside and relax by including it in your list. fingers crossed for being able soon to link up groups cross faction so we can put the oft-needed ooc chat in a separate channel.


well that sure answers the mail rp but what about the leveling rp?
i need that good good adventurer lifestyle rp. cookin’ stag meat out in ashenvale and whipping naga booty on the strand like i used to.
maybe next expac won’t be set in a completely different plane of existence and justifying adventurer rp will be easier.

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Leveling RP was one of my favorite things about WoW back in Classic. I remember being part of an all-paladin guild, and how our IC ranks only scaled when we hit specific level milestones or profession milestones. Using a system like that now, while it could work, would not be nearly as fun or practical in retail, because of all of the systems. But it was exceptionally fun and engaging.


It’s awesome to see Wyrmrest Accord is still chugging along despite the growing Alliance-Horde imbalance on the server. I don’t roleplay much anymore, but back when I did as the co-GM of Lioncrest there was tons of involvement going on. Stormwind was bustling with active public roleplay almost daily, which felt quite refreshing after coming from a dried out Emerald Dream.

It seems like despite the loss of public RP for the Alliance, guild activity is still booming. Capitalize on the guild-centric stuff is a great way to go, IMO. If your competitor (Moon Guard) has quantity, beat them in quality. That how it seemed for a time before I stepped away from the RP scene, but times have certainly changed since. It could be different now.

Community activities are excellent and highly encouraged, and I’m happy to the calendar stacked! I’d be willing to come back to roleplaying just because of WrA community events. However, I wouldn’t return to WrA roleplay for nearly 80% of the events shared in the recent update. That’s in no offense to any of the coordinators or the ideas behind them necessarily. Why is because 80% of the events are tavern based and many of them are happening back to back.

Gloss it up however you like, WoW RP’s largest community event cop-out is tavern-based roleplay. It’s done all the time that’s it’s cliché. And I could always go to Moon Guard for that over WrA where there’s much more players at a time and probably find some wild :poop: to boot! But tavern roleplay does have its benefits. It’s a great launch point for a new adventure, for a new RP group, to meet new people, or to hear the stories of other peoples experiences and share your own. There’s also nothing wrong with just getting together to have a good time. But tavern roleplay also has to be supplemented by something else to give the tavern time more substance. So, is the responsibility for that on the player, the the guilds, or the community? It’s complex. I believe it’s mainly on the player to find things to do besides tavern RP, or guilds to host things other than at the taverns, but I do think the community at large can take responsibility for getting more varied with its event strategies.

Here’s what I’m really trying to get at: Dare to get experimental with community activities. I challenge guilds looking to host community events to do more than just tavern stuff. Try hosting a brief one-shot adventure exploring somewhere or rallying to confront a challenge. If it’s too hard or doesn’t go to plan, learn from the experience and try again! I’ll always incentivize getting out in the world first before ever clinging to the tavern space. Trailing behind the competitor with all the same things they could do or are doing wont revitalize WrA Alliance as much, if it’s still regarded as in trouble. Innovate.

Anyway, best of luck to the WCP project. I’m proud of the effort being put into it and I hope WRA’s Alliance-side remains strong. You can take what I’ve typed with a pinch of salt since I’ve not RP’d for maybe a year now and I’ll take no offense by you doing so. I hope it was fair advice anyway. I’ll happily put aside time to explore WrA Alliance RP once again if I can find all the right convincing reasons. Keep up the hard work! :+1:



Uh…if you took the time to really look around at not only this thread but others on the forum or if you were to join the Discord to see more of what’s happening, you’d see that the community is hosting far more than just tavern events until we’re blue in the face. There is the Year of the Scourge stuff, the Y35 stuff, the multiple guild plots that are not tavern-based being highlighted here on the forums in threads like the Sunreavers recruitment thread or the Duskwatch Saberguard thread. Non-tavern-based events are even more visible in the WCP Discord. Hell, just last week there was a Kirin Tor Conclave (also advertised here in a forum thread) that had multiple guilds from all over the server involved and covered all sorts of topics and themes.

Your position on tavern events and such is noted. But do know that we’re way ahead of you on shaking it up a bit beyond that.


A good example of the out-in-the-world sort of events you’re probably looking for, would be the weeks that our horde-aligned guild, the Saberguard, journeyed to Duskwood and was confronted with the Alliance locals and teamed up with them to take out a rogue necromancer our guild was tracking down about a month ago or so.


Awesome! I’m glad to know there’s plenty of stuff going on not just in taverns. You’re right that I barely know what’s really going on; I was running off of only some loose info. :sweat_smile: Goes to show everyone’s on the right track.


Bumpity Bump! The WCP community has been great! The Discord is lively with lots of discussion and encouragement all around. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for including my event in your list! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


A bumpity bump for monday. How are we this week?

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