PSA: How To Report Gold Sellers In Classic WOW

The Classic WOW gold sellers have a new trick and it makes it hard to report them any other way other than manually opening a ticket. But here’s what you do instead:

  • Decline their chat channel invitation
  • Note their name and message them something “Hey!”
  • Right-click their name after you send the message and click “Report Player For” and choose “Spamming”.
  • In the details box, put something like: “Invited me to a chat channel with the name of a gold selling website”

All done.


Thanks Pzykotik! This is definitely more complicated than we would like for submitting a report - we prefer that to be very easy. I will say that the behavior has been noted and reported to the developers. I don’t have anything specific to share regarding how it will be addressed though.

If you want to take these steps to report individuals, you’re more than welcome to! But at the same time I wanted to post and let everyone know that it’s being looked into.


I report each and every one I find.


gold spammer in classic [Removed by Moderator] plz keep classic clean how to report this ???

The very first post in this thread explains how to report it Grom.

Please edit out the link to the image so that we’re not helping to advertise for them :wink:


Il vous suffit de rechercher le nom de la personne qui vous a invité sur la chaîne, de lui envoyer un message, de cliquer dessus avec le bouton droit de la souris et de la signaler.


im french and not sure i understand well what the Customer Support saying i use the google translate and what i understand , he look to talk like a politicien he post something that bring us anywhere , where im suppose to report this ???

  • Refuser leur invitation au canal de discussion
  • Notez leur nom et envoyez-leur un message “Hey!”
  • Cliquez avec le bouton droit sur leur nom après avoir envoyé le message, cliquez sur “Signaler le joueur pour” et choisissez “Spamming”.
  • Dans la boîte de détails, mettez quelque chose comme: “m’a invité à un canal de discussion avec le nom d’un site Web de vente d’or”…

ok thank
sadly is a bit complicated ,
he need a most a tutorial to report gold seller
i dont understand why blizzard dont have a easier process
ok thank you for time to answer me, have a great day /bow merci

Ils travaillent sur une solution permanente, ce n’est qu’une façon de le faire pour le moment.


je comprends merci , i understand thank you


Appreciate the translation Pzykotik :heart:


I’m editing my post as I see now it’s in the first post on how to report them. I use a whisper mod (WIM), so that option doesn’t work for me.

We need an easier way, that doesn’t require me to talk to them to report them.

The devs know it’s not ideal. Hopefully they’ll come up with something to make it simpler.

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The sad truth is as long as theres people that want stuff now and easy there will be cockroaches like gold sellers that will take advantage of gullible people that put there account and CC at risk untill people stop being stupid there will always be people that take advantage of that.

Most of the time, reporting gold sellers, etc. disconnects me from the server. >.< I don’t know if the reporting system works. I’ve seen a bot running for over 48 hours straight with extremely obvious paths, movements, actions, looting, etc.

Actualy dc when reporting is usualy due to a corrupted UI try a full UI reset


I send the spammer a whisper then right click and report their name.

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There has been a bug that can cause disconnects if you do multiple ones too quickly. The Devs are aware and investigating it.

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Awesome, I had come here wondering the same thing. Thanks to Blizzard also for looking into it.