Please let SoM players transfer to TBC/WOTLK when it is over

You don’t like the extra piece per boss?

For som it’s fine, bc 1 year. For og classic no, bc 2 years. All that extra gear will trivialize everything even further than classic values did


I get what you’re saying but maybe I’m just a glass half full kind of person. I’m leveling a couple of characters on a TBCC server through Azeroth/1-60 content. At the moment since we’re riding the hype leading to Wrath, I’ve not lacked for a group even as dps. Beforehand though that was more difficult.

Some folks maybe on other servers/faction might not have the pop (or be facing closure) that would appreciate any kind of influx. I just don’t know. But there is a reason “slap in the face” is a meme in the forum (especially retail/live GD). But we all see things a bit differently at times. I just hope the TBCC consolidation helps the folks on the super low pop servers that have had so many issues with being able to field enough players for content after transfers decimated them.

No. You should have rolled on the original or crusade realms.

they literally told you people it would just be a ladder season, chars deleted after…why do people people think SOM would ever transfer over? makes 0 logical sense, Som will just be like a path of exile league or how arpg seasons function.

Hi Everyone,

Since the very beginning of Season of Mastery the topic of where seasonal characters would end up when the season ends has been a hot topic of discussion for not only the community, but for our team internally as well. We’ve spent a ton of times talking amongst ourselves, talking to SoM players, and reading comments on these forums and social media, and it’s very clear that there’s a strong desire to be able to continue the adventures of your seasonal characters in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. We are excited to let everyone know that there will be a way for Season of Mastery characters to transfer to either Classic Era or Wrath of the Lich King Classic for free when the current season begins to wind down.

It’s likely you’ll have questions around this, and we hope to be able to share more details soon. As for timing, this is still quite a ways off and will happen sometime well after the release of Naxxramas in SoM. We want to make sure that Naxxramas has plenty of time to breathe before we start this process and players start to find their new forever homes for their seasonal characters.

Thanks a ton for all of the feedback on this.


Sorry for the Classic Era players that may have been looking forward to possible increases to populations there. Maybe now there will be further server connections to assist Era?


Get wrecked


Imagine doing this, effectively providing a fast track leveling pathway but not having RDF in at launch. SMH


im glad we are letting more r14s and scarab lords into wotlk


If they would have said this at the beginning of the season they would have had a lot more people play it.


Good to hear about the transfers. I didn’t want to say goodbye to the druid I leveled and I am glad that I don’t have to.

As an aside, I just logged into Obsidian Edge for the first time since last year and that man is that server is completely dead. I was the only person logged in on Horde side. It was never very busy but there was an okay population last year.

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This times a thousand. All these welfare rank 14s and Scarab Lords coming into Wrath servers is a joke. Worse than the phase 6 rank 14s by far.


I demand that SOM Scarab Lords have to farm the other 20,000 fragments before using their mount on WOTLK servers. #fakescarablords


This title isn’t as prestigious as it was back then anyway.

Scarab Lord on retail = respect. On Classic = who care.


enable earthfury free transfer we were playing for months in that server with 100 population Horde side

Lol who still plays retail?


Will this be a free transfer to any of the servers, or will SoM characters be funneled to low pop servers that are set to die anyway as an attempt to fix server balance, also will there be a way for us to faction change our character as well?

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Tbh even on retail I imagine the person bought the scarab lord character

Why no TBC SoM?