Physical Blizzard authenticator

I’ve been searching all over the place, and I can’t see a place where it says that these have been discontinued. But the link to the store where they used to sell them is just a 404 now.

So, does Blizzard no longer provide hardware authentication? I’m starting to make the move away from phone apps and into authentication hardware like a yubikey.

It’s in the gear store…somewhere, they changed the store again.

I just did another search in the store. There’s nothing. Unless they aren’t calling them “authenticators” anymore.

yeah, when I searched for it, I got a link to a bunch of paintings. I know they didn’t discontinue them, I’m thinking they got dropped by accident from the store. Hopefully a SFA can chime in…I’m at a loss.

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Yeah I’m hoping this is simply an oversight. Phones can die, get bricked, get stolen or hacked, or you can simply want to get a new phone and have to go through the pain in the butt of moving all of your authenticator apps to it.

I’m just ready to go to a simple hardware device like a yubikey. I know blizzard won’t support the yubikey, but I I wouldn’t mind going back to a physical Blizzard authenticator. I had one but the battery died some years ago.

I had to force it and this is what i got

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“We can’t find products matching the selection.”

Hmm, still shows:

We can't find products matching the selection.

Also, the Authenticator Support Article was updated 2 weeks ago and doesn’t seem to make any reference to physical ones now.

Perhaps it is just an oversight and they will be available once again. We will need to see if Blizzard can make an official statement about it.

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Well that doesn’t look too good.

Hoping for a blue response to confirm that the physical authenticator is no more.

With the support article change, it does look like it’s been removed from the store instead of just being out of stock.

Pretty sure there was a similar post on the forum recently, maybe a week ago, with replies from the SFA’s.

When items are out of stock and there’s only one option for it (i.e. one size, one color, etc.), that page is removed from the Gear Store. It’ll return if they ever get more in stock.

Normally that’s true. This time however, they removed all reference to the physical authenticator from the authenticator support article about two weeks ago when the authenticator article was last updated.

We no longer manufacture, or offer physical authenticators. Sorry!


Wow…ok that is totally unexpected!

I still have mine. I assume it will be supported as long as the battery lasts. Is that the case? I really really dislike phone apps.


Yes, they’re still supported just no longer manufactured.


Q: Will there be a new physical authenticator down the pipeline, or should we just think of it gone from now on?


I don’t have any information to share on that front :frowning:


Oh damn…nooooooo

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