Authenticater Removal?


Thank you all. I got the answer I was looking for. if I could I’d bless you with some extra experience on the next kill! I’ve had it since Wrath and the battery still works. Here’s to hoping it lives a long life. And if not I’ll try to pry it open and replace the battery.

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That right there will kill it. It’s designed to self destruct when tampered with.

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Would need a citation on that.


Really? I did not know that. I guess if the battery dies on me it wouldn’t really do much harm to try then.

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It’s the technology behind the keyfob. It literally snaps the chip inside in half, the moment the case is cracked open.


That is pretty ingenious. Like the stickers in store bought PCs that change color when exposes to oxygen, meaning you opened the panel. I wonder why they didn’t make it so players could replace the battery?

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Security. Banks, Financial institutions, and some government enities use the same keyfob.


That explains it then. It’s borrowed technology.

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Good read if you are interested on the tech behind it.

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From a recent thread asking about the physical authenticators.

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Regarding transitioning from a keychain authenticator:

  • Having your existing mobile number registered with Blizzards SMS protect isn’t necessary but does make transition easier and faster.
  • You don’t actually need a functioning phone with a sim card in it. You can use any old smart phone with wifi.
  • There are a few Android operating system emulators for windows and macs that are free with ads. If you install an emulator, you can download the Blizzard authentication app from the Google Play store. -

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Serioulsly? no just google it.

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If you make the assertion, you need to back it up with evidence. I sincerely doubt that anyone’s hacked the authenticator app itself.

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That’s not how citations work.

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Okay, I did… There is no record of the mobile authenticator being hacked. Stop spreading fear and misinformation.

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It’s not misinformation at all, it happened YEARS ago. Stop being so closed minded and blind to the truth. Several accounts as a result were compromised.

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I think you are not remembering correctly, or you are reading misinformation about the “authenticator compromise”.

There are two incidents that I remember.

1: Around 2012. Blizzard had a compromise of it’s data base, during which encrypted data was taken, including some players mobile authenticator serial numbers, and passwords. Both of which were as mentioned, in an encrypted.

It was shortly after Blizzard posted this compromise that Blizzard issued password resets, reset everyones secret question/answers, and updated everyone who had the mobile authenticator with new serial numbers.

No one to my knowledge was ever compromised by this.

2: 2010. There was a man in the middle virus attack. This did lead to some accounts being compromised, but was really hard to pull off and was not a compromise in the actual authenticator code.

What that did was allow an attacker to misdirect the account login attempt from Blizzard’s server to their computer. This gave the attacker a small window to attempt to log into the victims account using the information, as the code the authenticator gives expires rather quickly.

neither of these incidents included an actual compromise of the authenicator code.

Vulnerable mobile authenticators
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Then it’s on you to prove it. “Google it” is not acceptable.

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So you couldn’t find it on Google either huh?!? 'Cause I looked but didn’t find anything about the authenticators being hacked.

Thankfully, Kozzae has covered the two topics I would have as well to help clear up what you must be mis-remembering or confused about.

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