No more physical authenticators?

(Sorelai) #14

You can use SMS instead of the Authenticator if you don’t have access to the device.

(Akston) #15

Couldn’t you use an android emulator (on your pc), and then use the App through it?

(Tandryst) #16

Thank you lol I’m in NW Arkansas though. :slight_smile:

(Alluringdawn) #17

Physical authenticators are gone? But I still have two more ready to use from Blizzcon. :octopus:

(Nayaga) #18

I bet a used iPad or touch would run in without a data plan. Just WiFi connection

(Rhielle) #19

Indeed, physical authenticators are no more.

(Cilest) #20

I m on a phone plan with my mom got a moto 5 I think that is what it is. We are on google fi. I pay her 30 bucks a month.

(Nayaga) #21

That’s a good idea.

(Alluringdawn) #22

But they still work…
I could corner the market.

(Cilest) #23

I think you can. Nox I think it is called. I remember setting something up a while ago when I wanted custom license plates in GTA Online.

(Akston) #24

I am testing it out now, using MEmu

(Rhielle) #25

That post doesn’t say they don’t work. It just says they’re no longer making them.

(Alluringdawn) #26


(Akston) #27

Just confirmed. Not that I expected problems, but at least I can say with first hand knowledge that you can use an android emulator on your PC to use the Bnet Authenticator.


well if theyre going to no longer make them what will happen to the corehound pup battle pet? will it become added to the Blizz store line up?

and possibly those that bought the mobile one in the past will have it changed to where the pet isn’t bound to them requiring the authenticator

(Alluringdawn) #29

The requirements will likely be transferred to the app. Pretty sure the pet is already tied to the app and physical authenticator as long as your account is flagged with one or the other.

(Akston) #30

You don’t need a physical authenticator to access the core hound pup.

Example, when I just set back up the authenticator app using the android emulator, I now have access to it. I didn’t 10 mins ago.


yeah my question is though for people not using a phone app due to not having or wanting to use an emul version is Blizzard going to put the pet in the store same price as most other NCPs?

im sure a lot of pet collectors will jump on it and buy them if that happens

(Akston) #32

I am sure it will continue to be tied to having an authenticator active on your account.

Its sorta their promotion to get people to secure their account.

When accounts get hacked, Blizzard is typically willing to work with you to fix the issue. But obviously they would like less accounts to get hacked, to thin out that particular line. Offering a pet to people securing their account is one way to do it. Offering the same pet independent would sorta hurt that initiative.

(Tiapriestess) #33

It’s when the battery fails that it will be a problem. If it’s a newer purchase, it’ll last a few years yet. If it’s an older one, you’ll want to get it removed and migrate to the mobile app ASAP.

For those that don’t have smartphones, if you have any iOS or Android tablet or device running iOS 6 or Android Lollipop (5.1.1) or later, you can use the mobile app just fine so long as your device is properly time-synced (passcodes are linked to the time of day and an out of sync clock will give you incorrect codes and lock your account instead of logging you in).

The beauty of the mobile app is that once you have the serial number and restore code, you can use it on multiple devices at the same time. I have the authenticator on both my Note 8 and Galaxy Tab A 10.1" so that I can use whichever one is handy when I’m at home as I don’t keep my phone next to me at home since it has no signal here.

It should be noted that you can use the authenticator even if it has no wifi or celluar signal. As long as the clock is correctly set on your device, you can get the code from the app the old fashioned way and type it in manually at the keyboard. Blizzard wisely kept both methods available to players due to the various situations they find themselves in even nowadays. :slight_smile: