New allied neutral race idea; Dalaran half elves

While the concept of using half elves isn’t relatively new, the idea of having a playable faction representing dalaran isn’t talked much on here and I think it could be new and refreshing to talk about it.

Dalaran, much like the pandaran is a neutral major force in WoW, but plays a bigger and more pivotal role in the story, is yet to be playable in a fashion. Which when I think about it is shame due to how rich in lore it has, the potential it can bring to RP stories over all. Yeah one can create a mage to RP as a dalaran mage, but there is much more to dalaran then that, like it’s founding and population, the factions within it and simply it’s diversity.

There is several things and ideas I would like to discuss about the idea and the reasonings I choose today the race in the title; let’s start with why half elves instead of either high elves, blood elves, or humans for dalarani;

Let’s start with cosmoetics;

First, half elves looks can be seperated from both playable humans and the playable thallassian elves while also sharing some similar looks at the same time. And being from dalaran, a different culture, they can potentially have a different body build as well akin to kul’tiran humans (please blizz do not make them look anywhere close to kul’tirans :sweat_smile:)

Second; They can be WoW’s version of the concept ashes of creation Tulnar concept, except with some limitations, borrowing cosmetic options from it’s parent races if you choose to, creating unique appearances for the charecters. Though I’d limit it to some capacity. The spirit of it though is to allow someone to look closely to humans with little elven looks or vice versa, or a mix of both. The risk is having a player look silly, but in a game with gnomes and goblins it isn’t that big of a deal. Obviously however they will need to have their own rig/model for the silhoute. The eyes I think should have a form of eye glow though to retain the idea that they do have thallassian origins.

Third racials; This is where the fun begins, with Dalaran being a place rich with arcane culture, the racials can stem from any type of arcane racials, they could potentially create a racial similar to vulperan’s with how diverse Dalaran’s arcane studies is.

Now how I vision what they can do with the story; Your player charecter during the unlock is called to Dalaran because there is another break out from the violet hold, they called on you to help along with a few agents from both the silvercovenent and the sunweavers to assist, the agents are new recruits, half elves that choose each faction to represent, despite how they feel about each other you and them must first regain control to the violet hold and find out what caused the break out, and if anything got loss, and they did get loss recapture it before harm to the dalarani citizenry occurs. (This can stem from any ideas, but maybe blizz could use a “devourer” for this)

Starting the new dalarani half elf, you will do some quests before you adventure, leading up to which faction you prefer, the silvercovenent (alliance leaning) or Sunweaver (horde leaning) factions, this choice would de facto choose what faction you ultimately play in and quest in.

If the story plays out, it allows the player to directly RP the sunweavers/silver covenent or if they desire to RP as a Dalarani if they desire. While it is quistionable if sunweavers would allow half elves into their ranks in reality I don’t think aethas would turn down any thallasian descent whom wish to be loyal to qual’thalas and dalaran and help with his studies.

I also think dalaran is the best place for half elves to be as a population and best represent both the humans of it and the thallassians portions as it was founded by both races.

Let me know your thoughts below or suggestions to add on to the list. Thank you for reading this post!

At request I will copy this from ashes wiki that describes how tulnar charecter creation works;,on%20Verra%20after%20the%20apocalypse.

Tulnar is the only [race] with the capability to adjust [racial appearance] in a significant manner.[[17]]

  • Tulnar [race] does not have sub-types, instead, players will be able to customize the appearance of Tulnar [characters].[[6]][[18]]
  • Players will have dials to adjust the reptilian, mammalian, humanoid, and other attributes of their Tulnar character in the [Character creator].[[6]][[19]]
    • Mammalian Tulnar may have snout features, fur and inverted knees.[[20]]
    • Reptilian Tulnar may have more circular eyes and head shape, and scaly skin.[[20]]
  • There are feline and bestial components that can be scaled up when creating a Tulnar character but Tulnar do not equal [furries].[[21]]
    • [Catgirl] and [Loli]) Tulnar are not able to be created.[[21]]

Basically it applies racial features from varies races and makes it customization options. What I am requesting is to use the concept to apply it to human/thallassian elves as a race itself as half elves by allowing you to choose what features of the 2 races you want prominent on the player charecter.


We can already have half elves though thanks to the shorter ear options.


I only read the first sentence or two but this feels like a “high elves but with more steps” thread.

Am I right?


lol dude, You’re obsessed with half elves. It’s just not a good idea.

We dont need any more of these, it’s getting weird.


sounded like adding playable humans and blood elves…again to the game to me



read the entire post.

It’s about making dalaran playable while adding extra flair to it.



I think we have enough flavors of ‘elf’ to choose from in game already, honestly.


Amani Trolls, there a tons of reasons why they should have been on the horde side, since vanilla and even in wc3 (intensely looking at thrall --__-- )


Before we add any more elf races, we need to add shelf elfs.

I don’t necro threads for one, and with factions being less constrained I think adding dalaran to the mix is the best choice to add more layers of story.

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Yeah, I am being rude here but I am tired of elves, if we have to have elves Fal’dorei would be something different. But the more I think about it, this is just a helf thread. :rage:

How about something different, Arakkoa. Leave the models the same with females and males having the same “body” options but let players choose between the winged and none winged versions.


this is not a high elf thread. Void elves and blood elves through cross faction play already covers that.

In hindsight I agree Half Elves would have been a better route instead of giving VEs a second visually distinct set of options that infringes on BEs but I don’t see how giving Alliance another Thalassian Elf helps now

Basically I feel like a lot of why Half Elves would have been better in terms of not infringing on BEs and hijacking VEs is just in hindsight not entirely much to be done now

Half Elves should be customization options for humans, I really don’t think we should be using whole race slots for something like this at this point.

Ogres, Arakkoa, Naga, Furbolg, use a race slot for something unique. Things like this should be customization options.


If the Alliance wasn’t so saturated with Humans (Worgen, Human, big Humans), I’d be very behind this idea.

Not against it either, however. But Elves have that with short ears.

read this part of the post please.

This idea would work as a customization option for humans rather than a separate race


Nah, it is helf. Half elves are options that would be better left as new customizations for all elf races and Demon Hunters.

Instead of rehashing current races, it would be beneficial to see something different while adding better customizations to what we already have.

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Does this mean adding portions from other races to your half elf?

Like troll aspects or orc ones?

And is this version of half elves meant to be like Pandaren effectively neutral?

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