Instead of giving void elves natural hair, consider adding half elves instead

Adding natural themes to void elves harms the theme of the race, and can ruin the immersion of others that does not want to use them by those around them that does use the themes.

Instead I propose adding a new race to fulfill the themes presented via high elves through half elves.

The future of the qual’dorei is mingling with humans and having human/elf children which I dub as half elves. They in appearance should had shared charectistics of both races, but not full on of either.

I think their stances and poses might benefit from arabian martial arts, which is displayed as both in strength and lithe, which would suit the race.

I also recommend the race to be led by Arator as well.

I think a story to honor the past with the half elves could have great potential as well as a story on how they could live without the need (not canon as far as I know, but is an idea) of the sunwell, thus enabling them to fight in the front lines.

What do you guys think?


If it’ll stop em from cannibalizing Void Elves and stop em from taking all our customization passes I support it wholeheartedly…


Soon the only difference between Void Elves and Blood Elves will just be the eye color options.

At this point Blizz should just go straight to the copy/paste and get it over with. Blood Elves feel ruined to me.


High elfs already are in the game. They are in the horde.

At least you have lore, a capital and many settlements throughout Azeroth. Velfs have nothing.


I’m not against Half Elves but adding them as another race seems so redundant.
We’ve got 2 human models and 1 High/Blood elf model on the alliance already.


Who would want to play 1/2 a character?


or we could just send all the elves to teldrassil and burn it again. All of azeroth’s problems have been mostly from elves. we don’t want another baby sylvanas running around or azshara.

Burn this with fire.


This is how I feel. There’s so much nonsense in this game right now that I could deal with. But ruining my race, and making me feel like my characters are constantly being taken out back and mugged for their options and given to the new teacher’s favorite really sucks.


Alternatively, neutral High Elves. And let all the homogenization occur therein.

Agreed. Adding smaller ears to elves is kind of a half-elf option already.

/waves to fellow blue dragon player


Based only on your opinion. But adding hair colours to the Void Elves isn’t going to harm the race in any way. You still have your Void Elves, and people will have the option to play as a High Elf.

Blizzard did specify it felt pretty pointless adding another race that uses the same model when there is already 2 groups on both factions, where adding the customisations is a better way to go to give everyone the opportunity to play the fantasy they want to live out.

I’m going to stop you right there. This is entirely false.

All we know is that it is Vareesa and Alleria Windrunners that had sexual oncourse with humans, and therefore, having children with them. When Ellisande was confronted by the Quel’dorei, the Sin’dorei and the Kael’dorei, the only group of High Elves there was the Silver Covernant, lead by Vareesa Windrunner. And who was the one who mingled with the humans for Ellesande to come out with that comment?


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I think we have enough elves. We need new and fresh races like Sourak and Sithrak.

There’s already a half elf feature you play a blood elf and pick one of the shirt ear options. Hopefully void elves get that feature when they get some decent hair color.

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If natural stuff is automatically incompatible with the “theme of the race” then why are void elves allowed to be monks when mistweavers heal using nature magic? Because it’s obviously actually not incompatible at all; envious haters are just looking for some sort of lore excuse for their butthurt.

Void elves were obviously added so we could play characters that look like blood elves but on Alliance, so adding more customization options is better than making people pay for race changes again.



I will not pay Blizzard $500 for race changes on all my void elves.

As the only reason they would go to the trouble of adding that would be to collect money from race changes. Stop whining, get with the program. The time to complain was when they added void elves. This was all obviously foreseeable and predictable. The high elf lovers were not going to go away nor were these demands.

Oh come on, this is pathetic. Grow up. I mean this is hysterics. They’re not robbing you. Anymore than they robbed you when they took your models as void elves.

YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EXCLUSIVITY TO A SPECIES AND THEIR LOOKS. I mean this is crying about other people getting a right to something. This is childish. If other people having something diminishes your enjoyment of having it too, you never cared for the thing itself but for the sense of exclusivity it brought you.


If people talking about not wanting to lose their unique look is crying, what were Helfers doing that resulted in this?

Everyone has the right to post what they want to see. And if people feel cheapened by these changes, they do. It does feel like from the start they should have done enough to please all sides. They could have fulfilled requests and kept things unique enough.

I hope for instance the hair colors for instance are the normal hair shades but just a level of shade off.

Right now with Velves having our skin tones and if they get our hair colors, there’s not enough distinction except for those that decide to still stay voidy. Or when they use their racial.


I was all in favor of High Elves getting their own unique model and customizations separate from the blood and void elves. At least that way, blood elves would have stayed mostly unique. But this was the compromise - so deal with it.