[N-RP] Cleansing the Blight | Tue 11/30 5:30 PM | Legion Dalaran: The Portrait Room

Event 7
Details Link
Time 5:30 PM ST
Date Tuesday, Nov 11th
What Trial
Who Advocates for Faction Peace
Where The Portrait Room, Legion Dalaran

Looking for Dungeon Masters/Event Hosts!
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The lands we stride scream.

Fields, forests, and entire towns drown under corrosive waves of everburning green. The archetypical herald of spring, foliage, grass, and trees twisted into a mockery of all things natural and life-giving. The magnum opus of apothecaries labouring under the Banshee’s infection, the Blight was put to its full, horrific use during the Fourth War. From Lor’danel, to Kul Tiras, even Lordaeron wasn’t spared this compound’s acrid maw. It melts the flesh of enemy and ally indiscriminately, and plagues the land for generations to come.

Seeking to mend the wounds wrought by the Fourth War, a coalition of peace-advocates between the Kaldorei and the Horde embark to scour any lingering reserves of Blight they can find. Investigating, searching, raiding, and neutralizing. The bell tolls on the Blight and its apostles, while Azeroth and her children cry for cleansing.

Can we champion their pleas?


Thanks for reading!  

What is Helping Hands?

This is an event series centered on a coalition of peace-advocates seeking to build relations between the Kaldorei and the Horde by resolving actions that both parties agreed to address. This event series has both peaceful and combat events, though, initially, the combat will largely be RP-PvE. The first chapter is concerning finding and eliminating lingering stores of Blight scattered across Azeroth.

Sample of Possible Events
(Not final/confirmed, example-only)
  • Raiding a warehouse containing Blight stores.
  • Manufacturing anti-Blight equipment and gear.
  • Cleansing Blight-infected lands.
  • Investigating and interrupting supply lines for Blight manufacturers.
  • Rebuilding a Blight-destroyed village.
  • Mourning soldiers killed by Blight.

Each chapter will have about 4-5 events and focus on one of the agreed-upon items. Events will typically be held once every 2-3 weeks, typically starting at 5:30 PM WrA (EST) Time. I expect each event to last 3 hours. There will be week and weekend events. If this is successful, we will move on to our next chapter!

Help Wanted: DMs Needed!

We are seeking storyrunners, dungeon masters, and/or event hosts to help improve our event series!

We are especially interested in Horde (OOC)-main DMs, though any help is appreciated! Primarily, we are looking for dedicated people. People we can count on showing up to almost every event and actively contributing to planning.

Expectations would be to anchor players of your faction to WrA, help plan story arcs, help plan individual events, run booths or sub-activities at non-combat events, potentially plan individual events, and potentially DM combat-oriented events.

Experience is preferred, but not necessarily required, so long as we can count on your showing up! Just let us know how much you have, and we can find a place for you!


Target Audience

This event series is aimed towards Alliance, Horde, and neutral groups and individuals. Really, anyone who is interested in pursuing healing the wound between the residents of Teldrassil and the Horde, those who want to see progress made towards lasting peace.

Combat System (WIP)


IC Background

In recent conversations with the Horde, the kaldorei demanded action as reparation for the War of Thorns and Burning of Teldrassil. Many Horde-affiliate groups offered aid, so the Kaldorei gathered among themselves to deliberate. Though they rejected direct assistance, they produced a list of actions they’d like to see resolved. They met with the Horde in the shadows of the Nighthold and agreed on which they’d address: destroying Blight stores, manufacturing medical supplies, rescuing souls from the Maw, and restoring arid lands. They decided to start with destroying Blight stores.


IC Conflict?

Due to the sensitive nature of this group, I acknowledge that IC conflict, up to and including attempted physical violence, is a reasonable response from some characters. My philosophy is to let the story be told. Thus, I will not explicitly ask players withhold their characters from reacting as that character might deem appropriate, even if the reaction is, on the whole, inappropriate (within reason).

Of course, I fully hope that there is some tension between characters! Working to resolve the distrust will be a large part of the event series! However, I would be remiss if I allowed excessive conflict to derail multiple events. The event series caters towards the specified target audience, and it won’t be fun for them if every event just turns into a brawl between belligerents.

With that said, if you are bringing a character that you believe will have an exceptionally poor reaction to the opposing faction or peace-building activities, I do ask that you contact me OOCly prior to the event, so we can discuss. I’m not against it, because it makes sense, feels natural for the story world, and could make for interesting story! However, I would like to OOCly coordinate prior, for maintaining the flow and scheduling of the series.

Please understand that the DM(s) of any event maintain OOC control over any combat RP. They are empowered with the ability to power-game for the purpose of roleplaying the prompt, IC removal of belligerents from the discussions. That is to say, for this event, they can take action to remove belligerents without needing to “attempt” or roll. They will automatically succeed on removing belligerent characters. If the guards are ignored, I will instruct attendees to ignore belligerent characters. Again, this is for the sake of maintaining the purpose of the event, so please respect that.

Of course, OOC aggression or other belligerent OOC behavior will not be tolerated, and such players will be promptly ignored.

Previous Threads

For reference!

Helping Hands (C0E1) - Name the Requests
Helping Hands (C0E2) - Confirm the Requests
Peace Summit

Shaha lor'ma! Thanks!

I hope you can make it! :smiley: Please let me know if you have any questions!


Will be there and will bring as many guildies as possible. Also willing to DM an event or two.

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Woo! Excited to have you!

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Going to give this a bump because this looks amazing!

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Feel free to check out the Discord! We’re working on getting everything together in there!


This looks pretty darn cool, I’ll second Sswatchto here. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.


This sounds absolutely AMAZING! It fits PERFECTLY into the lore/story of my main; so much so that this morning I re-subbed, transferred my guild (my personal-RP guild) and my main to WrA.

Really looking forward to this!

P.S. which roleplay profile add-on are you all using?


I added this to the LFRP Community calendar. I may also be able to attend and help out in an elevated roll, perhaps.


Same thing I’ve said before! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

TRP3 is the standard!

Thank you! I appreciate that!

And this too! Just let me know if you’re interested! :smiley:

The heroes gather before the silver light of the moonwell. They bring with them rations, medical supplies, protective equipment, and all knowledge they could dredge up regarding the shadowy workings of the acolytes of the Blight. They ready themselves, in body and spirit, for the weeks to come. They would be descending into decrepit corridors and acrid vaults, seeking out the most volatile, corrosive compound known to Azeroth, and those wicked enough to wield it. Will it be enough?

Hey guys! This will be Session Zero. We wanted to have our first session this week, but decided to delay until June 11th as to not overlap with the rerelease of Burning Crusade. However, we’re eager to get going, and a few groups have already expressed interested in contributing! So, instead we’re doing a preparation event, wherein we’ll be getting together everything we need for the upcoming campaign.

Bring Blight-resistant equipment - like suits and face masks! Bring intelligence you’ve gathered on the Blight and those who use it! Bring food rations and medical supplies! Whatever you think might be useful.

If time allows, we’ll go through a practice run of the combat system, but it should be a chill event to set the stage.

This is still being actively developed! We’re examining ideas and story threads from our participants, considering if and how we can work them into the plot! If you want to drop suggestions or ideas, feel free to join our Discord! We can’t make them all happen, but we’d love to hear them!

Also, we’re still looking for DMs/Storyrunners to help support the initiative! Both big tasks and small tasks, we could use some additional Helping hands on deck!

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As people step through the streets of their town, Horde and Alliance alike would find the following scroll posted on their local Hero’s Call boards. Additionally, other parties that have directly expressed interest would find a scroll case delivered to their home.

Preparations (Session 0) will be this upcoming Friday, June 4th! I’m excited to have everyone there! We’re still looking for DMs and Storyrunners, so please let me know if there is any interest!

Session 1 will be the next Friday, June 11th! An OOC poster will be posted after Session 0, and an IC flyer will be sent out in the week leading up to the event!

Hope to see you all there :smiley:


Were his heart still beating, it would skip, as Gulgalogos comes across the windblown scroll. He knows what he must do, but he is uncertain of how he will be received. It is his desperate wish not to cause the Kaldorei gathered for this most noble purpose any further pain by his mere presence, but the information that he might provide regarding the development and deployment of the blight, of which he has intimate knowledge as the once exalted protégé of Master Apothecary Faranell, could be of invaluable assistance in its eradication. He would have to take faith in what he understands to be the Calling of the Tree–an opportunity to atone publicly (an atonement that will never ever end, though it has always already ended with the Grace of the Tree)–and will respond to the consequence with as much grace, humility, compassion and strength as he is able.

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((Great post! Thanks for sharing, awesome to see characters getting involved :smiley: ))

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On the reverse side of a slightly tattered and water-stained scroll, the following note has been inscribed and left outside the residence of Lyastei Starbreeze. Although the ink appears somewhat crude, as if made of only partially milled herbs, it is heavily scented with ritual incense and the hand that penned it is clearly a masterful scribe:

Entreaty to Priestess Starbreeze,

I present myself before you this eve as a former member of the Forsaken Royal Apothecary Society and protégé of Master Apothecary Faranell himself. I possess intimate personal knowledge of the development and deployment of the blight over the past six and a half years and substantial scholarly knowledge of its evolution from the antecedent plague, spanning the entirety of its dark history. My theoretical research concerning the blight’s fundamental underpinnings was directly responsible for the development of the modern strain of blight deployed during the Fourth War.

I come before you now in genuine remorse, penitence and hopes of offering some small measure of atonement, entirely for the sake of those whom I have injured. It is my sincere hope that you will accept my knowledge and/or personal assistance in fulfilling your laudable and righteous goal of eradicating the blight from Azeroth and healing the lands that it, in no small part by my own hand, has wounded.

I offer no pretense for who and what I am, and I make no excuse for my unjustifiable war-crimes over more than half a decade of service to Sylvanas Windrunner, including during and after the Burning of Teldrassil. Were it not for the miraculous vision of and from the Torched Tree, I would no doubt still serve her in darkness.

If my presence is considered too disruptive to your purposes at this time, I will respectfully withdraw and bother you no more unless called upon.

I took coming across your open invitation as a sign of Calling from the Tree and thus humbly present myself to this gathering as one with insight and willingness to help rather than hinder—though the latter IS my ignoble history.

I cannot undo what I have done in service to the Dark Lady any more than I can of the years prior as an interrogator of the Scarlet Crusade. And should, at later time, this council or any other decide that I should stand for public accounting for these crimes, I would submit myself freely, attesting to and conceding all true charges so long as doing so would bring at least some measure of comfort and peace to surviving victims and cause them no further injury.

But for now, I hope that you will grant me the opportunity to share with you what I know concerning the blight and offer what assistance I can in helping to right some portion of the wrongs that I am responsible for perpetrating against this world and your people in particular. I ask to do this not as a self-interested means of assuaging personal guilt, for I could labor for eternity and still not make the slightest difference in this regard, but rather as humble service to the Tree in whose Grace I am able to set this guilt aside even as I am condemned.

By the Light of Teldrassil’s Shadow,


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“-By the Light of Teldrassil’s Shadow, Gulagos.”

Etoiriel looks over the letter at Lyastei, who was reclining on one of the silvery-cushioned sofas as she listens. Lyastei tightens her lips, then pops her attention in the shal’dorei’s direction.

“At leasht it’s not hate mail this time.”

“He signed it By the Light of Teldrassil’s Shadow”, Etoiriel tosses the letter onto the coffee table and hops next to the priestess, bouncing her about. “Shadow’s don’t give off light.”

Lyastei stabilizes herself by bracing against the back. She huffs in Etoiriel’s direction. “It’s a poetic shentiment. That of hope from the ashes, as it were.” She pauses, then tacks on, “The next besht metaphor would be mulch, and… Well, it just doesn’t have that same music in it.”

“It’s still a silly thing.” Etoiriel scoffs, leaning sideways on the couch. She snatches the letter, then reads over it again. “What’s this Scarlet Crusade?”

“Another silly thing. A group of humans who thought other paladins weren’t going far enough to rid Lordaeron of the undead. The Horde conshider them extremists and zealots.”

“Everyone outside Suramar thinks everyone else is an extremist and zealot. It’s always about enemies.” Etoiriel hums. “Lordaeron is that human kingdom… South of Quel’thalas?”

“Twice fallen, but yes.” Lyastei answers with a nod. “Its people call themselves the Forsaken now.”

“Oh! It’s the Undercity! So this guy…” She flops the letter around. “Was a Scarlet trying to take that kingdom from the undead, then he became an undead and probably fought the Scarlets?”

Lyastei nods, ears flicking as she listens to the crisp flap of the paper.

“Uhg… He needs to make up his mind. I know, I know undeath does things to people, but, on my heart, that’s just indecisive.”

The priestess hums once, not paying too much of mind now. She yearned for eyes to read the document herself. Can’t adequately mull over the offer with Etoiriel babbling on.

The silence lingers, if only for a few moments, before Etoiriel springs up again. “You know what would fix this? We could-”

“Should I give this Forsaken any trusht?” Lyastei cuts Etoiriel off, before another tangent could be started.

“As the goblins say, duh.”

“He was an apothecary. If… Could he be here to sabotage the campaign?”

“Little Lya, you know better.”

Lyastei shakes her head. Etoiriel meant well, and the agitation gave her a moment to think. Right… If he was going to work against them, he wouldn’t announce a suspect loyalty.

“What you ought be more concerned about is his presence causing a disruption.” Etoriel continues. “How many armed kaldorei are going to be there? If he’s an apothecary that made the stuff you’re trying to purge - the stuff that’s really agitated the sensibilities of so many - then… Could his just being there create a rift?”

Lyastei nibbles on her finger as she listens, then her brow knits together. With a nod of confidence, and assurance resound in her voice, she speaks. “Get the quill.”

Etoiriel flicks her wrist, and a quill of crystalline feathers shoots over to the table. A piece of paper materializes under it. The shal’dorei swirls her hand, puppeting the quill through telepathic intent.

"Mister Gulgagos,

Your sentiments for redemption resonate within my heart. I believe we have all had our darkest nights, and deserve the opportunity to emerge into radiant coexistence with our fellow peoples. I am excited to have your expertise available. It and he who wields it will certainly prove a more than invaluable asset for our cause.

My only ask is that you keep your former loyalties close to your chest. While I would not ask you to lie should someone pose a reasonable question, I request that you simply not broadcast your having worked with the Royal Apothecary Society, due to it potential for escalating tension amongst the group.

Thank you again for your kind offer, and I look forward for our meeting in person.

Zin-al Elune,
Lyastei Starbreeze
Priestess of Elune

Dictated: Lyastei Starbreeze
Penned: Etoiriel Vianadreaux"


((I’ll link to UcU to see if those lingering corpse might be interested.

I could see a sceptic who might think you actually want to use it for nefarious reasons. Like Cersei in GoT.))


A fresh, roughly shaped parchment arrives at the doorstep of Lyastei Starbreeze.

Priestess Starbreeze,

Your generosity of character is profoundly humbling, especially seeing as you have every reason to doubt mine. I would gladly respect your obvious wisdom with regard to this matter and will follow your lead during this and any future gatherings. I would, however, like to be certain that you are the beneficiary of all that I know concerning the blight and it would be quite difficult to convey this information without also revealing my association to it. Might there be a way for us to meet together prior to the gathering so that I can share with you all that I know and so that you might also ask of me anything that would be best said in private confidence?

By Teldrassil’s Grace,


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Nos noticed the new parchment on the Horde advertisement board and was curious enough to read it. Generic as it appeared to him, by the end of it his memory was jogged about things he heard which might be related to this. Now, he is interested enough to venture out to the suffocating wooded haven of unappealing flora.

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“Priestess Starbreeze.” Etoriel starts from the top.

Lyastei giggles into her hand, turning away to mask her proud grin.

“Your generosity of character is profoundly humbling.” The shal’dorei continues. She stops and pouts. “You’re going to break his heart when he actually meets you.”

“You have far too many self-proclaimed titlesh to lecture anyone on humility.

“It’s not about humility. I’m a philanthropist-extraordinaire.” Etoiriel brushes her fingers through her silvery hair, careful to avoid the crown that framed it all. “So, I have every right to lecture on generosity.”

“Are you shaying I’m not generous?”

“You have certainly taken much from me without returning.”

Lyastei scoffs. “I like to fancy myself as an outlet for your philanthropic urgesh.”

“You could try to fancy a few other things too.” Etoiriel rolls her eyes, then focuses on the letter. She snorts. “He also makes mention of your obvious wisdom.”

“Far pasht time someone recognized it.”

“He’s going to be so disappointed.”

Lyastei leans over and opts to put the throw in throw pillow. She lobs it in the general direction of Etoiriel’s voice, but it sails past without so much as pretending to make contact. Lyastei snatches her glass of wine from the table and sips from it. A coaster darts into its trajectory, catching it before she sat the glass on the table’s surface.

Etoiriel skims the rest. “He wants to meet up, with some discretion given the sensitive nature of his former studies. Prior to your meeting.”

“Oh! That’d be lovely.” Lyastei smiles, facing forward. However, within a moment, she taps her fingers to her lips, knitting her brow together in thought.

Etoiriel folds the letter in half once, then again. She swirls her hand, and a bell rings in a distant room. Within a minute, a man - draped in formal garb - materializes with a few, arcane sparks.

“Cilfere, will you please fetch Lya’s schedule for her?”

“That’s not-” Lyastei attempts to protest, but the butler was too fast.

“Of course, right away.” He disappears in the reverse of his appearance.

“I know my schedule.” Lyastei groans. “It’s full. I’d have to… maybe I could shneak a few minutes prior to the congregation.”

“Can your schedule really be full if you can keep it all in your head?”

“It’s a shkill that comes with my obvious wishdom. I wouldn’t expect you to know.”

Unfortunately for Lyastei, the ranger was far more accurate with her throw pillow.

((Hey! I’ll reach out over Discord to schedule. Like the RP suggested, I’m going to be busy until Friday, but we’ll see what we can do!))

((Great post! It’ll be fun to see him!))

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Wooboy! If that actually turns out to be the case, Gulgalogos is about to become one seriously unwitting Qyburn!