MG Horde needs YOU to help it grow and prosper

Flywheel Mahoney kneeled at Varok Saurfang’s grave in Nagrand, a small, round rock clutched in her tiny hand. Through gritted teeth, the goblin spoke resolutely and with purpose.

“The Horde were decimated, broken, and betrayed by those we trusted. You stood alone against Sylvanas Windrunner, as powerful as she had become. Even when it seemed hopeless, you fought for what you believed in! A united Horde. A Horde with honor. [A shuddered pause.] Your death was not in vain, Saurfang.”

“We will pick up these broken pieces and rebuild the Horde, in honor of your memory. Hope cannot be killed, not this day. Down to our last breaths, we will fight to make the Horde strong again.”

Opening her palm, the goblin gazed upon the stone. It had been brought to this place from the beaches of Bladefist Bay. She had etched the symbol of the Horde onto it, and filled it with red pigment. Flywheel gently lay the stone upon the mound and rose to her feet.

In a way, the story of Saurfang’s sacrifice and the revolution of the Horde echoes the rebuilding of MG Horde. It is for this reason that I have chosen this war hero as inspiration for us all. It represents renewal and rebirth from a place of hopelessness. For years, MG Horde has struggled as our numbers dwindled, as others made jokes about us, and ridiculed our faction because we are an easy target. The metaphorical dog was so wounded, it couldn’t even bite the hand that beat it down. We will -never- go back there.

We do not have one leader, but many. Strong, capable, and resilient players and guild masters each leading their own armies. And to those that have no guild, you are our mercenaries, our paid soliders for whatever price you set. MG Horde needs you all. We will rebuild.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, or who you are or were in a previous life. Leave your baggage at the door. None of it matters. Escape the drama. We accept you. We NEED you. Fight for us.

What are the key indicators that MG Horde is making progress?

  • We hope to increase the amount of walk-up RP around the Valley of Honor, and slowly extend it from the Wyvern’s Tail. Not just at peak hours, but spreading to other times too.
    This thread is an ideal place to share your experiences of RP on MG Horde. Let us know what you think, and how we can improve.

  • Increased advertizing from Horde guilds, making themselves more available and easier to find. This should include more banners and interaction in RP hubs, as well as more forum threads.
    🔖 Comprehensive Guide to Moon Guard Horde Guilds
    [H-RP Monthly Event] The Horde Guild Expo

  • Support and encouragement for new Horde guilds from larger, more established guilds. We need fresh blood, desperately.
    [New discord announcement coming soon. Watch this space.]

  • A welcoming and friendly atmosphere for newcomers. This includes the revamped “New to MG Horde” discord, and network contacts from many guilds to help new players find their feet. Link below:

  • A maintained list (thanks Jab’Trah) of the many Horde discords, chat channels, and other useful resources.
    MG Channel/Discord Server Listing Thread

  • More public RP events. This is the plan. We are stretched pretty thin at the moment, but if you see more MG Horde events popping up, come along and support them.
    (This may be out of date. We’ll work on it.)
    Official 2020 Moon Guard Alliance (& a couple H.) & Cross-Faction Events Calendar

  • We need more written guides to help newcomers to MG Horde. A kind of a guidebook to learn about RP etiquette, general atmosphere. I have started compiling some racial guides, but we need something a bit more basic. Work in progress (WIP!)
    Horde roleplay: a lore guide for beginners

This is a new direction for MG Horde. I’ve come to realise that my previous thread “LF Alliance to re-roll to Horde” has become outdated. MG Horde now has the capacity and character to stand on its own. MG Horde doesn’t need a splint anymore; it needs to support itself. MG Horde is a small, tight-knit, high quality, low drama community that is looking to grow. To maybe one day return to its former glory.

If you pledge to this worthwhile cause, to fight for MG Horde, please leave your name below.


I pledge my blade for this!


“I hear de call.” -D3 Witch Doctor.

But yeah, I started a few guys here to offer aid, and have fun. Already joined a real chill Guild.


All for more bodies and activity Horde side.


For the most part, here’s hoping.


If I do a switch with an alt, I would obviously fall under the “Alliance to re-roll category.” One of my friends who I roleplay the most with has said he will make the switch with me if I re-roll Horde. I have currently -a lot- of time on my hands (more than I’d like honestly!) and with the XP boost, it’s a great time to try something new. I’ve always been on daily even prior to all of this so my activity won’t dwindle down to nothing regardless. I was wandering through Org on my Horde alt (I have a 120 H) and as someone who often do walk-up RP, I noticed the numbers are obviously quite different between Horde and Alliance. However, I am not a shy person so I am more than happy to initiate when I am in character.

I don’t know if there is a specific community for Nightborne or Zandalari/troll RP. If there is one, I’d love to be pointed in that direction… Rumakari perhaps? If not, perhaps consider starting one myself. I am not sure exactly what sort of challenge that would be or even where to start, but I am quite fond of those races and cultures. Additionally I was helping run a H guild on Argent Dawn (EU) who did RP-PvP. Not sure if here is an interest for that on MG-H?

Whew, lots of rambling. Not sure if this is even the right place. If not, apologizes!

Not sure why it won’t let me switch characters, but Olivia/Delicia are my A-mains if that matters somehow.


Lok’tar ogar!

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Hiya Maisyn!
Nightborne and Zandalari/troll RP are definitely places where we can improve. Rumakari is MG-Horde based and it is small, and I’m not sure if it is still active. There is also Darkspear Revolutionaries which may be the same group of people. Link here:

There is a Shal’dorei discord which I recommend joining. Although it is not based on MG Horde, conversing with other nightborne players will help you build your network and give you some ideas to work with on home soil.

I thoroughly applaud your approach of “if it doesn’t exist, I’ll create it myself.” We need more people like you! The world is your oyster on MG Horde. We will support you, in whatever you want to make here.

There is definitely interest for RP-PvP. As not many guilds are doing this, there is ‘potential’ in the market, so to speak.


Signs name on contract. Count me in!

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If we die, we die screaming and bloodied upon the field of battle.

Hit me up on Discord @ Yokumba#2000 and we shall have words.

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There’s some great things happening, and even more genuinely great people on this side. Horde MG has surprised me. The community might be small, but it’s fantastic and a lot of good/fun to be had.

Flywheel and other members in the discord are more than willing to answer questions, concerns, and lend a helping hand.

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Yep! There is a Shal’dorei community Discord that encompasses all RP servers. We have discussed head canons and accepted some fan canons even (but it is not heavily enforced and you do not have to recognize any of it). Majority of the RPers in it are WRA and MG, with some Argent Dawners in the mix.

We await nightborne guilds and adverts for Moon Guard (I would do it myself but I won’t do it alone, but would help and boost up any nightborne specific RP guilds on Moon Guard should any pop up).

Come give us a look and see how you’d fit.

I’m in! I’m a new RPer but I have a few MG toons (high and low level) fleshed out enough to try getting out and interacting. I’m still nervous but I’m making an effort to get out and talk to people. Looking forward to the guild expo! Glad that the Unified Horde discord exists, just joined that too and there are some really nice folks there.


I’m down with the idea, but I’m not 100% sure if I want to level and gear another character right now, especially with me not being able to transfer gold and mats reliably. Gotta get the tokens somehow. But if you guys have any neutral events I’d be down. I got 99 potions of tongues and a want to use them.

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Most horde guilds won’t rp with other horde members that aren’t the same race as they are. I’d be really surprised if they’d rp with alliance for anything story related lol.

At different times on the server we’ve had cross faction warlock organization as well as druids from both sides collaborating. All Horde and Alliance races represented. It also functions with both sides coming together for RP-PVP campaigns and story lines which has happened quite frequently. So I disagree with your perception, Titor. Work on this project benefits all on Moon Guard.


Given that such Horde guilds are often in competition for members, it would actually be more logical to behave in the exact opposite manner in which you described.

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So let me see if I’m following.

You said:

“Most horde guilds won’t rp with other horde members that aren’t the same race as they are.”

And also:

“I am planning to move my horde characters to alliance. Why? One thing-- extremely rampant RP race isolation on horde.”

Clearly you appear to be against racial segregation when it comes to roleplaying.

But then in a different post you said:

“I would be up for serious gnome rp.”



Points to the current Cross Faction server campaign that’s currently going on in Pandaria

Yep, us Horde are totally not interacting amongst ourselves or the Alliance…


My guildmate Gavoz and I spent today’s RP time welcoming a nightborne and a vulpera who were new to Hordeside (i.e. in the last 2 days). We had a chat IC about our aspirations for retirement and the use of nicknames instead of big long ones (she likes to be called “Io”). Really lovely folks and neat character concepts. I would love to see more of this!

Screenshot below: