Layering: The problem Nobo...Everybody saw coming

If only someone would have warned us…

I mean, this thing just caught Blizzard off guard unaware. Cut them some slack. Nobody could have possibly predicted that a guy would have thousands of gold worth of arcane crystals. Nobody could have predicted streamers hopping layers skinning dozens of devilsarus.

Who would have thought people would be hopping layers to kill rares and mine nodes? When I heard reports that people have arena grandmaster in 2 days or less with over a hundred gold, I was shocked.

Maybe now that the community is outraged at this totally unforseen and unpredictable problem, MAYBE NOW, Blizzard will do something about this horrificly game destroying system…


Maybe all the community feedback will…continue to be ignored.


If I had a dollar for every time someone called me a “doomsdayer” or “conspiracy theorist” for pointing out the blatantly obvious issues with layering…


There was a good video I saw on YT a bit before release about problems of the modern MMO where the guy mentions how companies don’t understand their communities, how they don’t listen and when they do listen it’s usually 80 steps too far. That part wasn’t the main focus but it was mentioned as a key drive to modern day stuff.

He’s right. They don’t understand.


Yawn. 0/10. Next.

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It is tragic going back and reading those threads and others.

“It’s only beta”

“Blizzard will put in fixes”

“It won’t be able to be used that way”

Literally tragic.


Wow what an original thread

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If I had a dollar for everytime a player has hopped layers to exploit minerals or rare spawns…


I get to shove it in the faces of these Blizzdrones and say, “I told you so!”

I would have preferred to have been wrong though. Sometimes I really hate being right.


Blizzard has explicitly stated that layering will be turned off during “phase 2”. This is not permanent.


How do you not see the problem when a guy has thousands of gold worth or arcane crystals while most the playerbase is still in the 30s?

How do you not see the problem when a person can farm “rare elites” for “rare materials” dozens of times in a short period of time saturating the market with “rare” materials and destroying “rare” items made by leatherworkers or tailors?

It is almost as if some of you people are TRYING to kill the game.


We all saw the problems. Disabling layering wasn’t the answer though. They needed to put more strict limitations on layer swapping, and include a “return to default layer” feature.

But when I suggested it… nooooooo… that would make grouping too hard.

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Hopping layers to farm exp/gold/mats is an issue. I imagine the worst offenders will likely see a ban hammer. Seems like a pretty obvious exploit to me.

However, after seeing how long these queues have been I have to say layering is still a better solution. Imagine how long they’d be without layering. You could say just have 5x as many realms, but then you’ll end up with a bunch of dead realms.

Layering wasn’t implemented perfectly, but it’s still a decent solution. Let’s just hope things will settle down enough by phase 2 to remove it without crazy queue times coming back.

Nobody has stated the obvious yet, so here goes…

Blizzard is just a small indie game development company, so you can’t expect them to jump on this stuff immediately and fix things.

They have all those AAA game franchises, but WoW is on the decline. Then they let those 800 people go after having their most profitable year ever. Plus, this whole Classic thing is pretty much just a side project that Chad was working on along with a couple of interns.

Give them time, some extra ramen noodles, and decent coffee, and I’m sure they’ll get this whole layering mess worked out, maybe by the end of this weekend when Chad will have time to work on it.

/moo :cow:


Everybody is abusing layering. If you are inside the game you are seeing people ask for invites to layer hop and you can’t blame them. Would you rather sit there for an extra 5 hours and wait for brokentooth to spawn or click accept invite and get him immediately?

There are too many people who know how to do it and no way for blizzard to police the entire community on this. EVERYBODY has exploited it to some degree.

The only solution is to totally remove it or make it impossible to do what people are doing.

This little idea that people have that you can’t help but have layering is complete and utter NONSENSE. Private servers were able to sustain 10-20k players, I am sure blizzard can also.

Why should I care if one person has tons of mats I’m not even going to use with my character’s professions? What kind of benefit does their gold count give them over me in a PvE scenario? If they are going to abuse a system, they should be reported. If no one has reported them, then that’s the problem. The offender won’t be able to mooch off of this loophole forever, BECAUSE LAYERING ISN’T GOING TO BE PERMANENT.

And the game isn’t “killed” for me. I don’t care what other people do with their gold.

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Stopped reading after that. You don’t care. That is the point. You are selfish and would rather have your own little experience just as you want it than the game to be stable and as it is supposed to be. You are not a Classic WoW fan. You are a retail player that trickled over to see what the fuss is about. You are not the target audience. You are the reason WoW was destroyed.


Yet you clicked on this thread knowing exactly what you were going into just to make a snarky comment like you’re relevant lol.

Yea, I can blame them. Just like we can blame anyone wanting to buy gold, or any one running speed hacks, or anyone else doing unsavory things in the game.

The reason you’re waiting 5 hours for Brokentooth is because your SUPPOSED TO WAIT 5 HOURS FOR BROKENTOOTH (or whatever his spawn time is).

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Restraint, patience. I know neither of these are popular today, but it doesn’t make them any less necessary.


If you believe that SS, I have a bridge to sell you

You can watch members of APES farm them on twitch if you want, but I have the feeling you won’t because you don’t want to acknowledge you were wrong about layering.

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