Best parts of Layering

Let’s talk about the BEST parts about Layering and why this system is great, I’ll start;

When layering is live, I won’t invite you into a group out in the world while killing a rares because we’ll phase into a new layer and the rare will vanish:

When layering is live, I will log out and back in to farm nodes in the same spot again and again to make myself rich ( you can look forward to cheap black lotuses in the coming days of live by yours truly :slight_smile: ):

When layering is live, I will see mobs disappear and re-appear all the time, very immersive classic experience just like vanilla was:

Your turn, what are YOU looking forward to when Classic is live with Layering in the game :slight_smile: .

Only positive comments in this thread please and thank you.


I will ask world chat for invites to different layers when I need to escape PVP situations and/or waiting for a spawn. It’ll make questing out in the open world SO much easier.


When layering is live I won’t have to see the same people in the questing areas, they’ll be randomly shuffled around with each log out or group invites so I don’t have to remember who I quested with, it just won’t matter. :slight_smile:


Parking my hunter at certain pet mob spawns and relogging in order to see and tame him.

Parking alts at node spawns and then just cycle through logging into them to get resources.

Parking toons at spawn points for purple lotus and devilsaur

Relog to avoid pvp activities that I don’t feel like playing


I imagine griefers have a totally different list of what they can use layering for.

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If I’m seeing this a week before launch, I’ll be concerned. There’s still time to work these things out and that’s what they’re doing (in theory).

I can use layering to find those limited green items that vendors sell.


Oh that’s a good one, I’ll definitely try that out when Classic goes live.

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Layering wont destroy the economy. Two black lotus at a time, serves 3k population. To keep the economy stable with 12k players, you need 8 black lotus.

So all youre doing with the layer swap farming, is supplying the public with the correct amount of mats needed to sustain a higher playerbase.

LOL your post fails.

Farm them, hoard them and only sell a few at a time.
With more players that will drive the price up even higher.


Who said about destroying the economy silly, I said I’ll make myself rich by easily farming these nodes and denying you the node in multiple layers. I’m just glad all the gold will flow to me. Now please, keep this positive :slight_smile:

You will see me phase right on the node and vanish just as fast as I appeared. It’ll be good fun don’t you worry.


It’s a poor attempt at a troll by an unknowledgeable person.

Not even to mention the fact that you’ll never get two black lotus at the exact same node.

Black Lotus spawn points are well known.

How can you say “never” ?


You have far less than 1/28 chance to get two spawns at the same node. 1, there are 28 spawns per continent, 2, they are on a long timed spawn.

Good luck :wink: trolls are gonna troll.

Oh god, i love the positivity my friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Layering is truly a blessing, and i can’t believe those people who just look to complain about everything…even layering, out of all things in Classic!! It’s truly encompassing the spirit of Vanilla, bringing all the people together like this! Anyways :kissing_heart:

Let me tell you what i will truly enjoy just like back when i fell in love with WoW!! :blush:

I can’t wait to join in at launch, and then see the chat full of friendly & very frequent reminders from my new community, that there is always a layer out there that needs to be explored together, to make sure those boars and wolves never stand a chance in any of the layers! For the Alliance!

The community is going to look out for eachother, and treat everyone of our new thousands upon thousands of server family members SO WELL, by inviting those in need over to their layers for killing highly wanted mobs, for gathering, for lending a hand in escaping filthy horde trying to lay their hands you…

And once that’s done, we’ll say “aww thx for the inv <3 see you in P2!”, and we’ll think about eachother as we keep questing in the same zones, sharing our positive auras even if we can’t be there in person :pray: But we’ll still see eachother talking sometimes, which is always such a nice thing to see!

It will be wonderful!! I can’t wait to feel right at home with my new nine thousand friends, all of which i’ll totally get to see each time i play through all of the leveling areas! And the surprises await with so many Azeroths out there… wow, the Bronze Dragonflight really did an amazing job this time!

And then later on, at P2, if i ever missed someone during my journey, I’ll get to see all the new lovely faces as we hang out in high level areas together!
Hakuna Matata! Everything is perfect with layering, that’s all i know =) :rainbow::sunny:


I’m so glad there are so many people supporting the layering system, I hope we get to keep it forever.

I know people boast about having that vanilla experience, but lets be honest, this will ONLY improve the game in the long run. :slight_smile:

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And when phase 2 kicks in and you get all these new friends you never saw before it will almost feel like a server merge. But it’s not…it’s “layering” so you have no worries.


I love it. I feel like my long winded attempt to articulate the issues multiple times is for not. You have compiled a sufficient list of reasons for why sharding 2.0 is a horrific idea…oh wait…a “great idea” wink

My turn…

When layering is live, I won’t have to worry about ganks. When I see a bunch of the enemy faction coming I can just spam my friend to invite me out of my shard and vanish away like a rogue.

When layering is live, I won’t have to worry about winning named mob tags for quests. I can just shard hop to a layer that has the npc I need.

When layering is live, I won’t have to worry about having enough gold for an epic mount or that awesome boe epic. I will be so filthy rich from shard hopping rich thorium and black lotus spawns I will have everything I want!


LOL…this is turning into a “how to best use layering to become a classic wow millionaire”.

*bookmarking this for the future.


Dibs on the goblin vendor in Hillsbrad and Duskwood
Those layers are MINE