Layering: The problem Nobo...Everybody saw coming

What’s their stream?

There are multiple ones and they’re typically in the top 10. Hop over to twitch and find them. I don’t remember that guys name but it was some gnome mage with the pig tail hair farming them. Had over 700g on him.

Figure out the name and let me know and I’ll check it out today

Yesterday guildmates, general chat, trade chat. They were all full of people asking for invites to change layers.

It’s now become a general population meta. How disappointing.

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Feels that way. I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and they really were earning back some goodwill, but these exploits are too far and they won’t do anything about it.

I’m not a giant streamer advocate but I thought Tipsout did a very good job of communicating concern about how layering would be implemented and expressed clear concern about the consequences. Unfortunately the problems identified were not addressed and the problem has become even worse than anticipated.


I’m not. It’s a pretty cut and dry exploit. It’s definitely actionable by Blizzard. Whether or not they actually take action against those exploiting it is another story.

I sit there and wait and tag unique mobs the moment they spawn with a nifty little target/moonfire macro. Works like a charm.

/tar (unique mob)
/cast moonfire

Git gud.

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Imagine thinking layering wasn’t going to be abused. It only required having a braincell to know it was going to screw with things. Blizzard shills will always shill


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I never asked for layering, I don’t think anyone did. The launch chaos would of only been temporary, but having people already at the gold cap is permanent!

“Lesser of two evils” my butt Blizzard! This is far worse then not being able to do any quests in the first week, we got players with every single bank slot full of arcane crystals thanks to this!

I’ll get right on that.

Yup, people complained for months. Unfortunately no one ever offered a legitimate alternative. No, queues are not an alternative. No, they aren’t going to release 10 times as many servers and then merge them down the road.

I have defended layering many times. Not because I like it, no one does, but because there is no alternative. It is a necessary evil.

You tell to watch a stream but don’t tell me a specific name. I did find someone from that guild but he streams like 20 hours a day. Watched some of it but not sure where specifically they are layer abusing.

Unfortunately streaming is a live feed activity. You cannot skip though real life like you can in YouTube to find what you’re looking for. All I can say is just hunker down and watch.

You certainly can watch past videos.

YOU can. Go for it.

You told me to watch their streams. I looked at past videos but not watching 20 hours worth.

Streamers wear the pants in this relationship. Blizz cowers in fear of upsetting them. Quite sad.

The internet sarcasm is strong with this one.

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