A possible fix for layering?!

Here is a reddit post on the topic…

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It definitely seems as if this could work. Anybody have a meaningful critique or should we push this blizzards way?

Lol yeah go ahead and bring this to Ion’s desk

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Woops my bad. Used the wrong wording, left myself open to critique.

We do know, however, that Ian reads the forums.

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Is definitely open to changing their infrastructure of a TEMPORARY system this close to release.

Sucks to see people putting in all of this work for what is guaranteed to be absolutely no end result.

We still don’t have the full info on how layering will work, maybe they have this or a better idea.

Just stop with this layering crap. Classic is classic, you do it as it’s always been. Capped servers with queues. You don’t open more servers you just wait out the tourist wave. Bam, solved. Pay me blizz

And what exactly will you do with those servers that will remain with a low pop once tourist leave?.

It would work okay to do this, I just don’t see Blizzard doing it because we’re only 2 months out and they’re already in beta testing mode.

Blizzard’s never been known for being quick about things. The version of layering they have I would guess is the version we’re stuck with unless it’s a smaller tweak to it.

If every single server is full at launch and another half of the population is waiting on queues, there prob won’t be any low pop 6 months later, maybe med pop at worst

That sounds like a great idea. People love waiting.

Oops my bad. Didn’t mean to try to be helpful. I am truly sorry.

Maybe the system is great, but whatever they have going in Beta doesn’t work.


You are right. I wish Blizzard would actually talk more about it. The majority of the community is interested in the issue and hates layering in general. Streamers are silent about it for some reason.

[citation needed]

Also: Layering is a wonderful solution for Phase 1, no other solution works as well.

They are artificially testing the scaling of this methodology on the beta and people are overreacting.

The majority of the community isn’t in the beta btw.

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I apologize for making a claim that is literally impossible to prove. Although the forums are full of posts everyday on layering, the views on said post average in the thousands and hundreds, and the replies usually in the hundreds, I understand that on the Blizzard forums I need to have much more evidence than mere common sense or sound reasoning based on observation.

I hope you will take it easy on me for this mistake.

  1. Layer zones 1-25

  2. Offer servers with no-layering

  3. Lock the layers until they merge them

  4. The OP is still better than what we see on Beta.

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I didn’t know you worked at Blizzard and knew everything about layering and what exactly they are doing with it. I was under the impression that Blizzard only released a few minutes worth of details on layering over a month ago and has been silent since.

Forgive me, I had no idea.

Just curious why you are surprised they are testing in their test environment.

Once again, the solution is static layers. You pick a layer (Darkspear-1, Darkspear-2, Darkspear-3) on character creation and it functions exactly like a server. You can’t swap layers and the system won’t ever place you in another layer. This removes the CRZ/sharding aspects of layering and ALL of the exploits while keeping the option to merge layers intact.