Layering - Only phase close to a party

Saw this mentioned before about phasing when joining a party on a different layer and becoming trapped with mob respawns on the next layer if you were in an area that you were clearing slowly.

Fix: the first phasing of the player when moving layers should only occur when in close proximity to the party you joined.

This will help alleviate some layer farmers and help save your butt if you are in a dangerous area that you cleared when you phase if that area wasn’t cleared on the layer you are joining.

Basically, when you can see your party by distance is when you should phase.


Alternate solution: Only change layers when in a city or Inn.


This is also a decent approach.

Alternate alternative, only change layer while loading or flight paths.

Need an easier way to group with friends shoved in different layers.

Inns or towns is good, but still a bit time consuming. Limiting the swapping only to when in a party when near a party is a middle ground option that doesn’t require a lot of traveling to and from towns and allows the space between the player and the group to remain consistent until with the group.

If what the dev say during the streamer interviews holds true. Guilds and friends should favor the same layer by default. It’s the random groupings that will make a difference

When you see someone questing and you are looking to group you are already in the same layer. No worries there.

It’s the zone general chat grouping that will encounter layering issues the most.

I can see that now “lfg to kill this rare, meet at the inn to join group/layer”

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Actually good idea if people you invite have to be within a 20 yard radius.

Still doesn’t fix the potential node farming problem though. But if instancing is limited to the starter zones, the node farming layering might have a limited impact on the overall game.

I think exploiting layering for farming won’t have much of an economic impact at all, in the early stages or the long run. People more than likely won’t be making mules as their first toon on the server and will be busy leveling and getting their main professions up. Not to mention who will have the gold to splurge on all those mats right away - you need a healthy working population in order for the economy to kick in like it will once the general pop gets to 60.

By the time layering gets removed in the first few weeks (I personally think we will see it a week or two max), only the hardcore levelers will have made it to 60 and that would be very few and far-between. They probably won’t have the gold required to make farming mats worthwhile on an epic mount.

There’s so much to do before farming anything can become a viable source of income and in the first few months there will be too many people competing for nodes for their own professions to try to make any kind of money with mat farming. That’s important to remember.

And if some folks do make their herbalists and miners right off the bat - by the time the layers collapse they wouldn’t have amassed much and will just more than likely have those mats sit in the bank waiting for people to get spending cash to buy them - there’s little point.

I think exploit farming is being overblown, tbh. We are talking about everyone starting from square 1 on fresh servers. Most won’t have enough cash for abilities, let alone cash to buy mats to level their profs.

They had a bank in Vanilla.

But let’s assume they handle node exploits. What are your thoughts on people dodging pvp encounters?

Unsure if you read the part where I talk about mats collecting dust in banks or how everyone else actually leveling professions will be out and about collecting those nodes since everyone will be leveling from ground 0 again.

But, yeah, everyone will be leveling up at the same time. In order for farming to be viable - you need to have the mats available to farm which you won’t thanks to everyone leveling and keeping those mats to level their professions AND you need to have an established healthy economy that will buy mats which nobody will have for a few months since everyone will be needing every spare piece of copper they have to save for epic mounts, class quests, etc.

You need a clear space to farm which won’t happen for a while (so not enough mats to hoard) and you need people with money to spend which won’t happen for a while.

The problem is self-correcting by means of a fresh population.

They can’t. Already tested in beta.

So when people log out or join a new party, they will be placed back in the same layer with the ganker?

“Exploit farming is being overblown” lol

There was a reason why vanilla had very persistent (and apparently successful) Chinese gold sellers. Gold scarcity in classic will have the same effect and consequences.

We are talking about layering in the first few weeks of a brand new server with all of the reasons i mentioned hoarding will be next to impossible thanks to an overabundance of players looking to level professions for themselves and needing whatever nodes they can find.

It would behoove you to read what I wrote instead of ignoring it and cherry picking a single phrase.

But I suppose you’d be left with no way to make a remark since I already countered it in my post.

OK then. On your way.

Whatever layer they came from. When in PvP combat, being invited to another group on another layer won’t phase you until you leave PvP combat - so until you or the other guy are dead. This is to prevent dodging PvP combat.

Right so after the lvl 60 scum bag drops you for the 5th time, you just change layers to avoid him.

Why in the HELL are we talking about how to make this sharding 2.0 better? Get it out of the game!


You could, but not during PvP combat. You can also logout or hearth or do any number of things to avoid PvP combat. Plus we are talking about the first few weeks of the game with everyone still leveling. You’ll get ganked but the real gank-fests don’t happen until raiding a tier is done and 60’s get bored.

Doubt it will be a problem in the first few weeks.

Because we removed sharding 1.0 from the game and got a better version. It’s obviously not going anywhere - so we should voice any opinions and thoughts on how to improve it to minimize it’s presence.

Right - back in the day when you were getting ganked, you either logged for the night, went to another area, or called your buddies. Now the best option is to log in and out until you avoid the problem.

You can get a good rogue killing people the first week of the game. You will also get groups of people trying to shut down opposing factions zones in the first week. Taking this out of the game is huge.

Want a solution? Lock people into their layers until they merge them.

The first few weeks is when players make/need the most gold because that’s when the differences can be the largest. Everything is relative. If you’re playing a level 60 and farming nodes on a pvp realm while everyone else is much lower level than you are, guess who gets the most herb/ore to sell at high prices. Have you even played WoW?

I’m not sure I like any version of layering, honestly.

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The fact that people don’t have money to spend, which I explained and again you’re not reading just goes right over your head.

I explained how trying to sell mats to people to corner a market when people will be saving every piece of copper and skipping out on buying abilities tells me that IF anyone can possibly farm enough mats with an entire server farming them they won’t be selling since everyone is broke.

A) Nobody will have the cash to buy mats that folks can’t -
B) Farming will be difficult with so many players spread across the world leveling and gathering mats for their own professions because they will be too poor to -
C) Unable to spend money to buy mats to speed-level a profession or to help level a profession since mats will be scarce due to B. Until we get a -
D) A viable economy won’t settle into place until a large portion of the population is 60 and has petty cash to spend.

Feel free to ignore everything I’ve posted in this thread along with these quick points and fire back like I already haven’t explained this multiple times!

Pretend like nobody has ever done this before on a brand new server and we don’t have the past 15 years of new servers to use as a metric to how things operate in the first few MONTHS of a new server while layering will only be here a few WEEKS.

Ignore all of that and pop off, my guy! You have the floor.