Layering problem solved

I think I have a good solution to layering. Hear me out…

What if in layering all rare mobs, minerals/herbs, and chests were shared among the layers.

This would allow for multiple game worlds and free flowing questing. No quest demands you to get any of those things. All the “layers” could simply share the spawn of these particular things and when someone on one layer looted a mine/herb it would despawn just as if they got it on that layer.

If this is possible from a technical standpoint I see no reason why this doesn’t solve the problem entirely. The worst this solution brings is seeing a rare or a mine despawn in front of you (which already happens with layering in the game anyway).

The system is supposed to last only a few weeks. This means most people will have a hard time finding herbs/mines/chests/rares but nothing else.

What is wrong with this solution? It seems solid to me…but maybe I am missing something?

This fixes…

  • STV chest exploit
  • Un goro devilaur exploit
  • Mining and herb exploit
  • Rare mob farming exploit for things like tidal charm

TLDR: Possible solution to layering issue is to cause all layers to share minerals/herbs/rares/chest spawns. if a player on one layer loots a chest - it despawns on all layers. Same for killing rare mobs.

then how would people level mining or herbalism during the starter zone rush before going to the level 10+ zones?
I’d quite prefer to hit 300 in my professions before I hit level 60, or maybe even 50

There are no mines or herbs in the starting zones.

Goldshire, Brill, Razor Hill, etc are where the spawns begin.

If the biggest issue is slower leveling of professions I think the fix is still a good solution.

excuse me; by starter zone, I meant all of durotar, mulgore, teldrassil, tirisfal glades, elywnn forest, and dun morough
not just the level 1-4 parts

I think it still stands. Your going to have a tough go at it anyway. There being 3-4 less spawns of a mine or herb to get is not that big an issue. Do you really think slower leveling of herbalism pales in comparison to someone getting STV arena grandmaster day 1?

theres a better solution but I’m not gonna bother mentioning it ITT; I’ve done it enough times already

S u want 9k people to share the resources of 3k people, yeah right.


Fixes the node “exploits” but creates too much scarcity. Also does not address PvP dodging.

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While the idea appreciated, you still have nodes despawning in front of you because someone else on a different layer got to it. It gives a weird ghost vibe and also kinda disappointing that you don’t even get to see that person to interact (or kill them).


“I was running across an open field to the peacebloom and it simply disappeared when I was 20yds away”?


I still giggle over this one.


Invite me!! I need to layer!! hehe

Sorry… carry on

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Oh look another thread from someone who does not understand economics and/or layering so gets the problem wrong.

Must be a day that ends in ‘y’.


How in the world is this an improvement? Starving literally thousands of players of tradeskill and game resources so that a handful of people can’t exploit a treasure chest and get some extra alterac cheese?

The only thing that I have seen someone “exploit” that actually benefited is the STV chest, which is legit I concede that. I don’t think damaging the normal play experience for thousands of players is a logical trade off for that one situation.

The alternative is better? To dump 5 servers worth of resources into a few people’s pockets?

I want to thank you for your service in solving this problem. Perhaps we can move on to other topics now!

Those few people probably won’t hit 60 if they’re layer hopping than leveling. As the forums suggests, everyone will be min/maxing leveling asap to get to 60 and they’ll be AoE farming dungeons and get valuable BoEs instead.

Two negative side effects:

  1. Can still dodge pvp
  2. Lower amount of herbs/mines

These two are tolerable compared to leaving it as it is or modifying it in another way.

The exploitability of layers is grossly exaggerated. In the time it takes ExploiterSteve to jump in and out of layers fishing for iron ore nodes he could have just rode a littler further down the road and gotten another one.

However, even if it were true that ExploiterSteve was going to make a mint abusing layering… I still don’t care. You are talking about taking mats out of my pocket so that Steve will have less in his. I’m not ok with that.

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Or they could just gate the chest until P2, that is when it was introduced in retail vanilla.

Multiply devilsaur respawn time by the number of layers.

Respawn mine/herb nodes by the number of layers just high level nodes)

45% drop rate on a 8hr respawn time. This isn’t going to break the game. the whole “exploiting” thing is overblwon. Layer hopping isn’t going to be the problem, it’s having multiple servers worth of resources to farm. Beta is a bad gauge of layering because they aren’t testing it there at the moment. Live wont have dead layers, so hopping layers will likely just put you in the area with other people farming.

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The fact that someone upvoted your comment makes me want to give up.

People on these forums are retailers I swear.