Hunter Beta Issues Update

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Since the beginning of beta, we’ve seen a lot of bug reports around the Hunter class in particular, and we’ve been working diligently over the past weeks to shore up some of the issues that players have been reporting to us. We felt that it would be helpful to post an update on our progress as well as to clear up some confusion around issues that were reported that are behaving consistently with the Reference client and are not considered to be actual bugs.

The following issues are behaving as expected and are considered to be “Not a Bug” (we’ll be updating the Not A Bug list with these issues as well):

  • Hunter “dead zone” is working as expected and is consistent with the Reference Client
  • A wolf pet’s Howl buff is consumed by anything that causes damage, even if it does not benefit from the buff
  • A Hunter pet’s Bite and Claw ability damage will not change in the tooltip based on the happiness of the pet. The tooltip will always display the damage as if the pet were Content (yellow). This is consistent with the Reference client
    • Note: This was reported several times to us based on 1.2 patch notes which seem to have been misunderstood. The intent here is simply that damage displayed is what the pet would deal if it were Content, not what it deals based on its current happiness level.
  • Traps can sometimes not be triggered if a player moves over them very quickly (i.e. a Warrior’s Charge ability). This behavior is consistent with the Reference client.
  • Auto Shot does not make a sound when cast during the animation of Hunter’s Mark and certain other abilities
  • Scatter Shot, Wyvern Sting, and Freezing Trap share diminishing returns
  • A Hunter’s Frost Trap ground effect will break players out of stealth

The following reported issues are either confirmed fixed in recent builds, or we have upcoming fixes currently in testing:

  • Crocolisk pets cause noticeable server lag when summoned
  • Beast lore does not display the targeted creatures armor in the tooltip
  • Feign death does not immediately drop the Hunter from combat in a Battleground
  • Feign Death does not cause the Hunter’s health and mana bar to zero out as if the Hunter was dead
  • Feign Death does not kill the hunter if they stay feigned the entire duration
  • Hunters are performing a WalkBackwards animation while strafing left during Auto Shot
  • Hunters have the ability to tame pets 2 levels higher than the Hunter’s level
  • Hunter Pets do not auto-cast Dash or Dive when engaging their target
  • The Bonus Armor from Thick Hide is dropping off of Hunter pets shortly after talenting into it
  • Sending Hunter pets into combat with a special ability such as Bite does not also trigger your pet to begin attacking
  • Multiple instances of Hunter’s Mark can be applied to a target
  • Hunters are unable to cancel the animation associated with placing a trap by moving
  • Explosive Trap and Frost Trap place the hunter into combat each time they apply their associated effects or deal damage
  • Enemies will ignore collision when in combat with a player
    • Note: This isn’t hunter specific and was a global issue. This did affect Hunter pets so we listed it here
  • Pets do not display a “ding” visual when leveling up
  • Activating a Night Elf Hunter’s Shadowmeld racial ability at the same time that the Eyes of the Beast cast completes will give the player control over pet movement without snapping to the Pet’s point of view
  • Ranged attacks cannot be blocked
  • Training pets may cause your client to become unresponsive
  • The spell animation for flare is significantly different than the animation used in 1.12

Please note that this list is not comprehensive. There have been many other issues that affect hunters that have been fixed recently, and we are still hard at work fixing other bugs.

The following issues have been confirmed as bugs and are still Known Issues as of our current Beta build:

  • Hunter pets that died while the hunter was in a battleground are resurrected in an unhappy state when the battleground ends
  • Auto Shot does not animate or display a missile when it fires immediately after Aimed Shot
  • Aspect of the Pack will sometimes attempt to apply itself to mounted party members
  • When a Quiver or Ammo Pouch is equipped, the tooltip for Aimed Shot incorrectly reflects an attack speed bonus from the Quiver or Ammo Pouch that it does not actually receive
  • When taming a pet that teaches the Hunter a new Beast Training ability, the chat message does not report the ability’s rank
  • The Hunter’s quiver may occasionally appear in the Hunter’s hand instead of the Hunter’s equipped weapon

We hope to have fixes in place for these issues before launch, but please note that we can never guarantee when or if any known issue will be fixed.

Thank you all for your reports on the WoW Classic Beta so far!

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Thanks for the update and information, much appreciated :slight_smile: love seeing posts like this and hope to see more in the future.:heart:


Thanks for the update <3


Doesn’t seem like blizzard is aware that melee attacks reset the timer for their ranged auto shot. The fact this is not listed as a bug or soon to be fixed is a very bad sign. This is an extremely important fix that takes precedence over everything on this list. Its disturbing that they are somehow unaware of this or ignoring the issue.


Warlock here, but since we have pets too it seems relevant to ask:

There are some bugs that don’t show up on this list, and could use some clarification:

  • There’s still a delay before pet commands actually execute, roughly 400 ms. This is much longer than typical ping.
  • Pets and masters are still sharing threat in some capacity. This is particularly noticeable when running away from mobs that are attacking your pet; when they should leash, they instead switch attention to the master, who may have done nothing to gain any threat whatsoever.


It’s been reported many times that Charge doesn’t auto cast either. Has this been fixed since last stress test? I tested it over 100 times and Moccus, my boar, didn’t cast Charge automatically once.


Thank you for the increased level of feedback over the last few days to help assuage some fears with the beta build! It’s greatly appreciated.

Suggestion: at the “not a bug” section, add a link and summary of the WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List Hunter specific findings (to help those who may not look to all available resources - I know the text is there already).

Edit: My post was unclear haha. I know the text is there, but a link to the not a bug list should be added as it’s the more centralized source (possibly more likely to be updated in the remaining time on this forum with incorrect bug reports that may affect Hunters but may not be Hunter specific). Sorry - it has been a long day, and my iPad and I are not always in agreement. . . I edited the body to add more clarity unless my iPad and I are still in disagreement over my post haha.

P.S. Death to virtual keyboards, autocorrect, and predictive text! :rage:Long live the physical keyboards! :heart_eyes:


I’m not surprised by the scatter shot/trap DR, it’s not a tactic I remember using in vanilla


Have you guys looked into the issue of melee attacks resetting auto shot swing timer? Is that a bug or is it working as intended?


I tested this 2 days ago after a recent patch. Its fixed. I wanted to know if it was finally working. It was fixed in the same patch they made pets properly use dash and dive.

Its legit. They are supposed to have separate DR. But it was bugged in 1.12… And they were accidentally all on the same DR for the small time period 1.12 was live. But this project is “warts and all” so Hunters are literally stuck with a bug here.

Many are and will be absolutely livid, as you can imagine.


Excellent thank you x


I originally thought the same thing, but there is a data reference point from October 3rd, 2006 10:24 AM PST. I’m unsure of whether Wyvern Sting shared diminishing returns with the Freezing Trap and Scatter Shot.


Q u o t e:
Polymorph and Dragon’s Breath are on the same Diminishing Returns timer just like Scatter Shot and Freeze Trap ;).

Not anymore (in both cases).

I believe this is actually a bug, but I’m unsure if this was ever actually resolved or not. I didn’t find another mention of Frost Trap breaking stealth in my searches, however.

Poster: Tetsumi at 8/4/2006 11:31:33 AM PDT
Subject: [BUG] Frost Trap Aura
I had assumed this was WAI; however, given the following I must add it to the list.

Hortus: Likewise as I understand most non-damage area of effect abilities (such as earthbind totem) should not break stealth.

Hunter’s frost traps’ slowing effect breaks stealth since 1.11. This was a new change that I had passed off as just another stealth nerf, but if that is not the case it seems that now would be the time to get it looked at. A confirmation one way or the other at least would be appreciated.

Reproduction: Hunter lays frost trap. Someone else triggers the frost trap. Stealthed rogue walks through the effect area and becomes unstealthed in addition to slowed.

I apologize if this has already been addressed.

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Poster: Hortus at 8/4/2006 3:50:14 PM PDT
Subject: Re: [BUG] Frost Trap Aura

Hi Tetsumi,

We are aware of the issue with frost trap and are looking into it.

Is Scatter Shot really a long Mez?

Can you guys look into auto shot swing timer getting reset when doing melee attacks/abiltiies. (Happens on the same target and on 2 different targets) From looking through old vanilla videos that didnt seem to be the case.

Also probably related (but probably intended) is potions resetting all swing timers.

Any word on pet command delay? Since Legion pet ai is broken or atleast worse than before, same issue happens on beta.

Thank you for the great post on hunter issues!


Was anyone ever able to confirm if the feed pet “bug” is still present?

Clicking feed pet during a revive pet cast and then clicking the food at the very end of the cast should consume the food but not actually feed the pet. A GM explained to me that it was intended and had something to do with the revive pet animation having priority over the feed pet animation.


Where this may have popped up during patch 1.12 originally, it was not the ultimate outcome. As a pvp’er, many times you would scatter to bait a trinket so you could instantly FD-Trap the player and get distance. DR was not an issue. This is incorrect and should be addressed before the pvp patches.


so if you move really fast you wont ever trigger a trap that’s good to know for melee with 10-20 yrd hits.


Mine would cast it non stop out of combat


Sounds like your remembering a different expansion… pvp trinkets do not break disorients. They don’t break freezing traps either for that matter